ATTENTION BNI READERS! Muslim stealth jihadists plan to hijack this year’s 9/11 Anniversary of the Muslim terrorist attacks on our nation with a ‘MILLION MUSLIM MARCH’ in Washington DC to demand special treatment for Muslims

Please note, the organizer of this 9/11 circus above claims there are 7 million muslims in the United States. That is a typical muslim lie. There are no more than 2.3 – 2.5 million, even though it feels like there are a lot more.

anm7c6e8a7bb91184c3I first posted this story in February, 2013, but now that the event is drawing near, time to post it again. 
What better way to commemorate the anniversary of September 11th in Washington DC than to see the streets and lawns of our nation’s capitol littered with Muslims lifting their asses to Allah and praying for America to become part of the new Islamic Caliphate spreading throughout the Middle East and Europe? September 11th is the one day of the year when Muslims are better NOT seen and NOT heard.


We stopped their plan for a Million Muslim March on July 4, 2011 by flooding our representatives with angry letters of protest. We need to do that again. If you don’t know your Representatives contact information, you can find it here: U.S. Congressional Representatives


From the American Muslim Political Action Committee (AMPAC)

Assalam Alaikum Brothers and Sisters,

We at AMPAC (American Political Action Committee) are planning an historic event for 9.11.13 where one million Muslims will march to Washington D.C. and demand that our civil rights be protected by our government.


We are demanding that laws be enacted protecting our (Islamic) 1st amendment . We are asking President Obama to fulfill his promise from his first campaign for Presidency of a transparent government.

Lastly we are asking for the release of the 9/11 commission report to the American people. On 9.11.01 our country was forever changed by the horrific events in New York. The entire country was victimized by the acts done on that day. Muslim and Non Muslim alike were traumatized but we as Muslims continue 12 years later to be victimized by being made the villains.


To this day every media outlet and anti Islamic organization has committed slanderous and libel statements against us as Muslims and our religion of Islam. Yet our Government either sits idly by and does nothing to protect our freedoms or it exacerbates the problem with its constant war on terrorism in Islamic countries, congressional hearings on Islam in America, and its changes to the NDAA law.


These lies told to the American population has made it impossible for us to do true Dawa (proselytizing for Islam). Why do we have to defend our religion while doing Dawa? Why can’t we just share the perfection of the Quran and the beauty of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SWS)?


It is time for us as Muslims in America to stop being defensive and start being proactive by using our right to vote and our freedom of assemble and let our voices be heard by our country and the world. Stand with us help us fight the injustices being committed against us.


Help us to wake the American citizen up to the truth and together Muslim and Non Muslim can take our country back to its true Democracy which is “For the people by the people”. Our Prophet in his final message told us: “Whoever sees an injustice should set it right by means of his hand; if not, by his tongue; if not, then by his heart and that is considered to be the weakest of faith.” And more to the point “If my nation are afraid to say to the oppressor, ‘O oppressor!’, then there is no hope in them.”

Sincerely your Brothers and Sisters in Islam



imagesMuslims tried organizing a Million Muslim March (see flyer below) in Washington DC for July 4, 2011 on the 10th Anniversary of 9/11, but the huge protest against this outrageous attempt to hijack this somber day, forced the DC police to deny the march a permit. We must protest this charade again. So please pass the above information on to all your contacts, friends and family, and your representatives in Congress. U.S. Congressional Representatives



In this video are the Muslim scum behind this event. The audio is a bit hard to hear for half of it, but please watch it all.

Here is another video re: MD Rabbi Alam and Chris Isa Hodge, the organizers of the Million Muslim March to the White House on 9-11-2013. Excerpt from one of their online audio conversations, and petitions they have signed.

Apparently the “Rabbi” has a bit of a stalking problem in Missouri:



Tom Trento of The United West interviews MD ‘Rabbi’ Alam, the Muslim who is behind Million Muslim March in Washington DC on 9/11/13

Watch Tom expose Alam’s big fat lies starting at 13:00


136 comments on “ATTENTION BNI READERS! Muslim stealth jihadists plan to hijack this year’s 9/11 Anniversary of the Muslim terrorist attacks on our nation with a ‘MILLION MUSLIM MARCH’ in Washington DC to demand special treatment for Muslims

    • Thanks to your stool-pigeon Obama, it already is – but it will be taken down one fine day and ALL you Moslems will be forced back to the Arabian Peninsula, or even Somalia (as one of my acquaintances has suggested)!!!!

      We defeated you at Poitiers in 732, Constantinople in 717-18, at Wien (Vienna) in 1529 and 1683, at Tripoli and Tunis at the beginning of the 19th century – and we will do so AGAIN AND AGAIN!!!! You don’t realise how much enough of us PROUD Westerners are waking up and will shortly ensure your filthy arses are sent packing back to dar al-Islam – which will be FAR SMALLER than you nowadays boast!!!!

      DEATH TO ISLAM!!!!!

    • Long live DOGS, PIGS, APES, WOMEN and ALL non-Moslems (everything and everybody Moslems hate!!!!): now, forever and unto ages of ALL ages, world without end, AMEN!!!!

  1. Yes oppress the Muslim Americans. Deny them the right to protest! Kill them! Conspire against them. LOL you mouthy white trash have already lost the battle. You sound as roaches scurrying for other hateful like minds. Listen carefully. We aren’t scared of you bigots at all. We are marching on Washington. If we aren’t allowed to we will file and lawsuit with full support and financial backing of Muslims around the world and we will win in court. It is a violation of constitutional and civil rights to deny a permit based on religion . Understand that and know the outcome.

    • Precisely why ALL Western Constitutions have to be amended or temporarily overridden in order to ensure ALL Moslems who haven’t openly and publicly renounced Islam before a certain date be rounded up, disenfranchised as necessary, and DEPORTED OUT OF THE WEST FOREVER!!!!

      There’s NO such thing as a Moslem-Westerner!!! So we have seen in Bosnia-Hercegóvina, in Albania, in Slavic Makedónija (Macedonia), in Spain and everywhere else in Europe!!!! We keep on seeing that (especially once we get past your taqiyya, kitman, muruna and tawriya!!!!) every single day that passes onwards: be it in Egypt, Pakistan, Canada, the USA, Germany or anywhere else in the entire world!!!! One can be a Westerner IF AND ONLY IF one’s NOT a Moslem!!!!

      Equally so, any and all Moslems ‘ipso facto’ can NEVER be anything but Moslems – unless they openly renounce and denounce Islam as the monstrous and utterly- Satanic, bestial EVIL that it is!!!!

      DEATH TO ISLAM – and ALL other totalitarianism, period!!!!!

  2. To Dimwit that falsely claimed to be ‘Truth’,

    9/11 was an evil act of Mass Murder launched by ‘Jihad Muslims’ all members of ‘Satan’s Legions’ and that has been proven as fact.

    You are a liar and an absolute idiot with nothing between the ears but sawdust. Your inferior thinking is typical of all 7th century mentality Muslims; you revere ‘Pedophile Muhammad’ an evil man. You have no honour and are not worth a damn you are a low life creature.

  3. 9/11 was an inside job co-sponsored by the US Government. The CIA handled a lot of the organization of it and the Jewish Mossad assisted in carrying out. Why did no Jewish employees show up to work on 09/11/01? Why did the Jewish owner of three WTC buildings admit that he pulled a demolition of the buildings? Why does a third of America believe 9/11 was an inside job??? Because it was an inside job. I’m sorry if you hate muslims or went to war in Iraq and Afghanistan and came back tainted and lost your sense of reality. That is unfortunate.

  4. Muslims have already hijacked October 3, the Day of German Unity, our National Holiday commemorating the reunification of Germany. They made it “The Day of the Open Mosque”. That’s already impudent enough, but what they are trying to do to you Americans is so much worse. It goes to show that their disrespect for us Westerners just does not know any boundaries.

  5. 9/11/13 Wednesday ! muslims had better hide on that day , they owe America a debt , their effort will see a bitter outcome if they are so gutty as to try our mind on that day . There is no Redemption for muslims on that day of all their days of plotting .

  6. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Even as I write this, I’m worried that saying what I did XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX will result in me being charged for some sort of bullshot crime labeled as “hate”. The worst part is knowing that Muslims living here are daily threatening attacks and violence on innocent (non muslims) people of North America, yet nothing is done about it. What the hell is going on? Treason and hatred of America is daily by the same people who came here for the rights and freedoms.

    People, it’s time for action against those who are infringing on our freedoms and rights.

  7. whatever happened to DEMOCRACY GO TO HELL I thought that pigslam was against democracy…love the smell of napalm in the morning

  8. These people are utterly obscene. I don’t think there is actually a word low enough to describe them. Marching on 911 for equal rights when no minority living in a Muslim dominated hell hole gets any rights let alone equal, is obscene and disgusting. Muslims are responsible for 90% of the worlds religious crimes – wikiislam – so these people crying victim is stomach churning.
    I believe people will see this filthy display as exactly what it is. Keep pushing, you demonic pigs, you’re forcing more and more people to open their eyes.

  9. Dear BNI:

    MD Rabb Alam- narcissist, arrogrant, twister-of-truth and delusional. Does this apologist for islamic supremacism really believe his political motivated cult will continue to spread without having millions of decent human being doing everything they can to prevent this? Counter marches, lawsuits, protests, netwworking… the American people will not stand silent while this Alam peddles his bullshit.

    Alam forgets it wasn’t just Americans who died on 9/11. Many other nations lost their citizens in these attacks. Canadians, British, Australian, New Zealanders- and other nationalities will have their citizens and governments up-in-arms over such a disrespectful and vile act as an attempted march on D.C.

    The ENTIRE world stood beside America in our gried and the ENTIRE world reacted with horror over the vile brutality of the 9/11 attacks. The ENITIRE world that is EXCEPT the islamic world. Alam, your fellow muslims rejoiced over dead American children. Your fellow muslims passed out candy celebrating that human being flung themselves out of skyscraper windows to avoid being incinerated. Your fellow muslims danced in the streets with joy over workers at the Pentagon being buried alive and crushed by rubble.

    Dancing in the fucking streets showing what savages you really are. Ironic- if your cult members would dance for any other reason… sharia law enforcers would have likely stoned them to death.

    Yes, the ENTIRE world stood with us except for the MUSLIM WORLD. Try to march on DC on 9/11 and the ENTIRE world will once again acknowledge America’s pain and the violence that had been inflicted upon us by your islamic supremacist ideology. March on DC and expose yourself to the world- as a cult of death and destruction.

    Alam- continue your attempt to defame and disrespect American dead- Americans slaughtered by the thousands by your co-religious; and you will see Americans standing up for their rights and doing everthing legally they possibly can to counter your obscene agenda.

    Keep in mind… there are how many followers of the child-rapist murderer moHAMmed in America? However, many your cult may claim Alam… there are 300 MILLION; lets mention that again… 300 M-I-L-L-I-O-N Americans who are not worshippers of your cult of death and oppression. You are outnumbered. Stop your lies and just stay at home with your belief that ham sandwiches are evil.

    • Arjay, it doesn’t matter. They know for the next 4 years they have free rein to do whatever they please and no one will stop them. Watch how much the immigration numbers from muslim countries rise every year. We are being flooded with them, but the country as a whole hasn’t noticed yet because we are a big country. What do you think the Obama REgime has ordered over a billion rounds of ammunition for? Don’t be surprised to see the Nation of Islam goons, and maybe even the UN blue hats armed on our streets soon. Not to mention US troops. Many will refuse but there will be enough left who will follow orders and won’t hesitate to fire on us.

  10. Steve S.

    You have tabled an excellent idea. But I would like to see all of the other creeds marching together united as one against Islam. Every creed displaying their ‘Belief System’ Banners all saying in addition… “No Islam! No Sharia Law! No Mosques! and No Politicians that accept and tolerate Islam. They don’t need to travel to one location; they can march legally by approval or illegally with out approval in their home territory on one ‘Freedom March Day’ every year in Spring or Autumn.

  11. To Rabbit Alam,
    ‘Dunce Hat’ Blasphemous Candidate dreaming in fantasy land for the United States Senate, 2016…

    We don’t care about your broken English; there was a time in my youth when I was not very good at English. Good communication skills involves years of hard work. What we do care about is ‘Wrong Dangerous Ideas’ which are focused on the destruction of ‘Freedom of Speech’ and ‘Freedom of Choice.’ You have made it clear in absolute terms that you believe in Pedophile Muhammad, the Qur’an, Hadiths and Sharia Law. Your ‘Dark Anti-Freedom Belief System’ is completely focused on the violent destruction of all unbelievers and the enslavement and sexual abuse of all kafir women including little girls. You are the enemy, a very real dangerous enemy capable of supporting cruelty, rape and murder of all infidels when you and your Jihad Muslim comrades gain a majority foothold in the ‘Free World.’

    We ‘Freedom Fighters’ ‘Warriors Against Islam’ are not going to let ‘Jihad Muslims’ ‘Islamize our Nations.’ You will be stopped! And every person, every politician that chooses to accept and tolerate Islam will face charges of ‘High Treason’ against God, decency, children, humanity and the ‘Free World.’ A Reckoning is coming around the globe in every ‘Western Country’ the rising tide of Islam will be turned back by ‘Freedom Fighters’ in every country… Global D-Day begins on September 11th 2024; people in every country are fed up with coward traitorous politicians that have failed to shut down the evil demands of Islam. Because your Islamic Belief System as instructed by the Koran, Hadiths and Sharia Law is completely one hundred percent focused on the destruction of freedom; we ‘Warriors Against Islam’ do not recognise your demands for rights in our ‘Free World.’

    Our Freedom society is founded upon one very strong sound keystone foundation, an absolute house rule; and that rule is zero tolerance towards all persons that teach, encourage and support ideas and belief systems that are anti-freedom which are focused on creation of ‘Totalitarian Governments.’

    I don’t hate you because I think of you as being a ‘Wild Dog’ and I don’t hate ‘Wild Dogs’ but I will fight to the death against all ‘Wild Dogs’ that threaten my right to live free; and I will fight ‘Wild Dogs’ be they ‘Jihad Warriors’ or ‘Marxist Fanatics’ or ‘Others’ that are focused on the destruction of my right to live free in peace.

    There are some idiot infidels around; they are the ones that accept and tolerate Islam and Marxism and are blindly obsessed with naïve beliefs in false knowledge conspiracy theories, like that ‘Tin Hat’ General that you so fondly quoted that has no real sense of reality. But one thing is clear… fortunately idiot infidels are a minority and ‘Freedom of Speech’ quickly identifies these fools and their idiotic ideas and dumps them into the garbage bin as crackpots where they belong.

    Rabbit Alam you are an absolute idiot because you believe in Islam. Every ‘True Muslim’ that believes in Pedophile Muhammad, the Qur’an, Hadiths, Sharia Law and all of those dim-witted Muslim Clerics are idiots and because of their naïve stupidity are dangerous enemies of the ‘Free World;’ and for this reason shall be stopped! Opposition against you shall continue until you reject Islam and submit to the will of ‘Freedom.’

    A tyrant can never ever beat a freedom fighter in an academic fight because the very foundations of ‘Totalitarian Thinking’ are founded upon lack of complete logic. I doubt that you are smart enough to understand this hard reality and because you lack that ability to understand it does mean that you are definitely ignorant and are therefore absolutely stupid.

    You should know I shall never recognise or serve any Muslim or Marxist politician; they all crawl, using deceit, like a worm into government seats; I shall always oppose such insidious treasonous anti-freedom enemies of the state.

    Rabbit Alam if you want to be smart you must join other ex-Muslims and dump Islam; but you not that smart which is why you will always be an ignorant idiot and an enemy of the state. Opposition against you shall continue until you reject Islam and submit to the will of ‘Freedom.’

  12. Before you do anything please run the video of this Link bellow.


    Listen Ladies and Gentlemen; I am so tired to all these non-scene. I am not your enemy and as well as you are not my enemy. For a very short moment let’s forget about me and focus on this very small video of a Retired Major General of United States Army. A white man, served in the U.S. Army for 32 years and if you don’t respect him or even you don’t want to acknowledge him, fine to me, by all means. However, I may have broken English and you may think I am ignorant, that would be wrong. First of all, I am not an idiot and I am not a stupid, at the same time, I do not want to call anyone as stupid or idiot. May be after a judgment on my own, after a fact, if someone denies the facts, I simply call them idiot and stupid and I don’t waste my time except the first time. Anyhow, no one is coming and telling you to accept the facts and just be on my side. I do not need anyone to my side except those brave and wise men like this United States retired Major General.

    Dear fellow Citizens: I am so socked and stunned. Please watch this video of United States Ret. Major Gen. This Retired Major Gen. (U.S. Army) is asking few sets of questions. #1 Who is behind 9/11 attack? #2. If our Government is involved with this 9/11 then what else they can do? Sorry, this is MD Rabbi Alam and this is not my questions. I am just putting in paper what he just said. Don’t hate me. I am not the one to be blamed for. Simply I am the messenger of the video only.

    MD Alam,
    Candidate, United States Senate, 2016
    Founder, AMPAC
    February 6, 2013

    • Sorry, ‘Rabbi’, but you do not have standing here to post videos, especially videos of a dried up old general who is a conspiracy theorist, apparently suffering from Alzheimers, who buys into the phony 9/11 truther propaganda that has been disproven by scientists and engineers countless times over the past 10 years.

      You are a liar and and idiot as the above video demonstrates. I cannot believe you were allowed to serve in our US military. If you are able to get a permit for your disgraceful Muslim march in Washington DC on 9/11, you will be met by tens of thousands of outraged ‘real’ Americans.

      I will use my website to personally make sure you are never elected to Congress in 2016, or any other time.

    • MD. I am a 22 year Army veteran and NCO. In my years of service, I have seen plenty of buffoonery from the enlisted ranks, and both NCO and officer corps. Being a retired Major General (O-8) does not confer immunity from crackpot theories, or any other manner of buffoonery. In fact, with many officers, as they climb their carreer progression ladder, many seem to lose touch with the the nuts and bolts of the real world so to speak. That is what NCO’s are for. We’re the backbone of the Army. We get things done. All it means is this general traded his ACH (helmet) for a tinfoil hat. Kevlar for Reynold’s Wrap, and it doesn’t matter anyway because we already know there are far too many political generals and admirals who put their loyalty to the criminally, Constitutionally-unqualified usurper in the White House ahead of their duly sworn oath to defend that Constitution. Do you really expect us to believe this “truther” of a retired general?

      Make no mistake, we do view you as the enemy. 9/11 was not a “government, inside job” Nor was it a “Zionist plot” or Mossad. Muslims did it, pure and simple, and when word of it spread to the muslim world, thousands danced in the streets. If you are a muslim, then you are a supremacist, period! Rest asssured we will protest your planned event, and we damned sure will challenge your political aspirations to insure that another office seeker will never again be sworn in on the quran.

    • Mr. MD Rabbi Alam,

      At this point in time it is not possible to trust you. I have seen you lie repeatedly following the example of Prophet Mohammed. Your tactics of taqiyya are so weak that it is pathetic. If you want to go home to Bangladesh that has already fallen to Islam hundreds of years ago, be my guest. If you want to stay in the land of the kuffar you need to understand that Sharia has no power here. You are in America now Sir, you can leave the sickness of Islam today. I would suggest becoming an apostate in Kansas, as SB 79 has passed, and SHARIA is ILLEGAL there…… as you know. That means APOSTATES cannot be killed for leaving Islam, so its time to check out and join the civilized man.

      You would make a better Non-Muslim than a Muslim because you suck at lying.

      As a Muslim yourself, you must certainly know that you cannot even trust your own brothers and sisters in Islam.

      Sahih Muslim 032,6303 According to Mohammed, someone who strives to promote harmony amongst the FAITHFUL (Muslims) and says or conveys good things is not a liar. Ibn Shihab said that he had heard only three exceptions to the rules GOVERNING FALSE STATEMENTS: lies are permissible in war, to reconcile differences between the FAITHFUL (lying to other Muslims), and to reconcile a husband and wife through the manipulation or twisting of words.

      Sahih Bukhari 3,49,857 Mohammed: “A man who brings peace to the people by making up good words or by saying nice things, though untrue, does not LIE.”

      If you trust Mohammed, you are either ignorant of who he really is and was, or you are a sick person.

      I am neither scared of Muslims, nor do I hate Muslims. I see you as the biggest victims of Mohammed, and as a person who is not yet in the grave, I would suggest removing your head from your ass, and saving your children from the sickness of Islam.

      The best Muslim is an EX-Muslim…..

      STEP BACK FOR ONE MINUTE – Even if…… that is a BIG if…… 911 were an inside job……. Mohammed is still the sickest bastard that ever walked the earth.

      He married a 6 year old girl, and ENCOURAGED others to feel free to do the same. He was a rapist, and encouraged others to do the same. He owned, sold, and traded slaves and encouraged others to do the same. He called black people “raisin heads” on multiple occasions.

      You really want to continue to defend and lie for this man? Well, just carry on with your Bullshit, but you have really gone over the top if you think there will be no resistance…..

      It is just getting started LUNCH BOX. Lets get it on………

      • BRAVISSIMI to all three of you: Ms. BNI, Randy and “Causing ‘Fitna'”!!!!!

        I just love the way each and every one of you has “brushed off” that Mr. (neither a “rabbi”, nor a doctor, nor anything except a small-time follower of that supreme psychopath and MONSTER Mohammed!!) Alam – each of you has had something individual to tell that wretch!!!!

        I’ll simply add that – simply by the very act of supremacism Islam REQUIRES – Moslems automatically bring down the hatred of non-Moslems upon themselves every bit as logically as “the sun rises in the east and sets in the west”!!! Why should they be surprised about it?? There’s absolutely NO logic whatsoever in Islam!!!! ZERO – ZILCH – NÓLJ – ÑICHJEVÓ – NISHTA – NULLA – NULLE – NULL – NADA!!!!!

        Just because that GENOCIDE, MURDERER, THIEF, RAPIST, LIAR, PÆDOPHILE and FALSE “prophet” Mohammed (curses, maledictions, sicknesses and all evil be upon him now, forever and unto all ages of ALL ages!!!) said something does NOT make it so!!!! In fact, Mohammed’s “message”, “law” (Shari’a), “allah” and everything else runs CONTRARY to everything in Judaism, Christianity, paganism, Buddhism and ALL OTHER MAJOR belief-systems of this entire earth!!!!!

        All the more reason for each and every last single one of us PROUD, BLESSED and – yes, ENLIGHTENED – “infidels” can celebrate the gifts of God Almighty – Yahweh (YHWH) – and, while seeing them for what they are (fleeting and fallen), still enjoy them for what they are and be grateful to Yahweh for what they actually are while toiling on His Behalf and for Him, knowingly or unknowingly!!! Also, all the more reason for us “infidels” to say, write, think, publish and believe:

        DEATH TO ISLAM!!!!!

  13. MD ALAM is running all over the internet posting this link and comment to all the articles regarding his Million Muslim “TRUTHER” March he is planning. After signing a White House petition asking the US Gov. to recognize ISRAEL as the author of the 911 attacks, I find it strange that he still can’t just come out and say what he believes……. I guess the taqiyya is just a game for him? See below.

    Dear fellow Citizens: I am so socked and stunned. Please watch this video of United States Ret. Major Gen. This Retired Major Gen. (U.S. Army) is asking few sets of questions. Among them #1. Who is behind 9/11 attack? #2. If our Government is involved with this 9/11 then what else they can do? – Sorry, This is MD Rabbi Alam and this is not my questions. I am just putting in paper what he just said. Don’t hate me. I am not the one be blamed. Simply I am the messenger of the video only.

    MD Alam,
    Candidate, United States Senate, 2016.
    Founder, AMPAC
    Feb 5, 2013

  14. LOL. I wonder what the old “MD Rabbi” would say if we had a “One Million Jew March” or the “One Million Catholic March?”

    I suggest the One Million Jew March because we all know how so many Muslims froth at the mouth whenever Jews are mentioned. US has the largest populatoin of Jews outside of Israel, the only other large concentration of Jews in the entire world. Should the Jews have a large open air service on the grounds of the Capitol, with the opening of the Torah scroll, chanting in Hebrew, and have an entire worship service on the Sabbath or some worship service on some major Jewish holiday. Surely the “Rabbi” doesn’t object to this.

    If we had a One Million Catholic March, we would most certainly have a huge open air Mass.

    Or just a generic Million Christian March. The US has millions of Christians. Christians of all denominations would have a giant prayer rally on the White House lawn or on the Capitol gounds or in front of the Lincoln Memorial. How about that?

    We may not have a Million Hindus, but we might want to have a large Hindu march, to commemorate all Hindus in the United States and abroad. We might be able to get a hundred thousand. Would the good “Rabbi” object to this? Hindus have rights too. Hindus can worship and pray to their various gods in total freedom in front of the Capitol or the White House.

    Or a Buddhist March? We might be able to get about 50 thousand Buddhists to march down Pennsylvania avenue. There might be a couple million Buddhists in the USA.

    Why is it, of all the worlds religoins, only Islam sees the need or has the chutspuh to have such large demonstrations in public? The utter gall, hypocrisy, and utter impudence of Muslims and Islam becomes glaring when you consider that no other major religious group in the US or anywhere else in the world seems to have any need or desire to hold such giant rallies to promote its religion. Even Fundamentalist Christians, an aggresive missionary branch of Christianity don’t generally have large rallies such as this. Even the Billy Graham crusades held in large auditoriums and public arenas all over the world, only held or supported between ten thousand to maybe a hundred thousand. But they never held the Crusades out in the street on public thoroughfares!

  15. MD Rabbit Alam,

    What does the MD stand for? Is it an acronym for ‘Major Dysentery’ in the brain?’ Do you believe that Muhammad is the last and greatest of the Prophets? Do you believe that the Qur’an is the perfect word of Allah as given by instruction to Muhammad? Do you believe that the Hadiths are essential guides for all Muslims? Do you believe in Sharia Law? Do you believe that the American Constitution should be eliminated and replaced by Sharia Law? Do you believe that America should be Islamized and that all Americans should submit to Islam? Do you believe that all unbelievers should pay the Jizya Tax? Do you believe that all Non-Muslims should have no rights? Do you believe that Slavery of infidels is right? Do you believe that Muslim men should marry little girls to protect the girls’ virginity? If your answer to all of these questions is “No,” then you are not a Muslim and should stop calling yourself a Muslim. And you should join forces with all of the ex-Muslims that now reject Islam. If you don’t know who they are I suggest you read their books.

    But of course we know that you answered “Yes” to all of these questions because you said in your comments, “I am Islamic in my moral actions and I struggle for my own desires.” What moral desires? Do you mean those “Immoral Sura’s” in the Qur’an that says do not make friends with infidels, Jews and Christians? In other words you must always reject them with immoral prejudice even though most are good people. Do you mean those immoral texts in the Qur’an that instructs all Muslims to kill kafir/infidels/unbelievers/non-Muslims? Do you mean those immoral evil cruel vicious sura’s that say cut of hands and feet of thieves? Do you mean those immoral texts in the Qur’an that says it’s okay to own a slave girl? Do you mean those Racist Qur’an texts that suggest ‘Blacks are inferior to Whites?

    I am a ‘God Loyal Person’ but the God I follow is a God of Love, of Peace and of Non-Violence. The God in the Koran is a ‘God of War’ and that is easily proven by all of the violent cruel texts in the Qur’an; and it is easily proven by the ‘Jihad Texts’ in the Qur’an which as a Muslim you are duty bound to obey.

    You said you are not a ‘Conservative Muslim.’ The word conservative means that a person favours the preservation of established customs, values, etc, and that they oppose innovation. That means that ‘True Muslims’ are ‘Conservative Muslims’ and are obedient of the Qur’an, Hadiths and Sharia Law. The very nature of Islam is the synonymous character of Muhammad which is dark, cruel, immoral and violent. Islam is anti-freedom and completely totalitarian and by its cruel violent nature is a completely immoral belief system. If you are not a ‘Conservative Muslim’ that means you are not a ‘True Muslim’ and are guilty of ‘Blasphemy.’

    Why are you that are clearly guilty of ‘Blasphemy’ organising a march? Any Muslim that supports you is an accomplice in blasphemy.

    So get this straight the Qur’an says quite clearly you are not allowed to be ‘Peace Loving’ until all infidels are conquered, converted to Islam or destroyed. If you choose the path of peace then you are a false Muslim and are an enemy of Islam. If you choose the path of violence then you are living true to the Jihad instructions in the Qur’an.

    Whatever you claim as a ‘True Muslim’ you are therefore a fool, a liar and an enemy of God, decency, children, humanity and the ‘Free World.’ There is only one Islam, there is no such thing as a ‘Moderate Islam’ and there is no such thing as a ‘Radical Islam.’ The very nature of Islam is dark and oppressive and violent way past the point of radical attitude. There is only one Islam and the day of reckoning is coming when Islam will be banned from the West by whatever degree of force is necessary. Every Muslim that truly wants to live in peace in the Western World needs to convert to another belief system and become an ex-Muslim. Those Muslims that choose to continue being a Muslim are ‘Jihad Muslims’ because the Qur’an commands all Muslims to be committed to Jihad against Infidels- this is Islamic Law. Therefore you are also an Islamist. If you deny that you are a Jihadist or an Islamist you are a traitor to Islam and are therefore guilty of ‘Blasphemy,’ and the penalty for your crime under Islamic Sharia Law for Blasphemy is death.

    You are a fool and a liar and need to wake up! Get smart dump Islam or be dumb and stay with Islam. I can judge you very easily by what you believe; your ‘Islamic Belief System’ tells me how you think and how you will behave. Become an ex-Muslim and it will be harder for people to judge you.

    We that reject Islam, ‘Freedom Fighters’ ‘Warriors Against Islam’ shall not ever submit to the evil doctrines of Anti-Freedom Islam. Those Muslims like you that have planned ‘Insidious Marches’ only convince all infidels to fight back harder. We are at war with Islam because Islam is at war with us as instructed by your Qur’an a false knowledge book which is not perfect in any way; just as Pedophile Muhammad was not perfect.

    As a ‘Freedom Warrior’ I have more respect for a ‘Jihad Warrior’ that fights openly as my enemy than for all of those Muslims that lie by pretending to be peaceful; which really means that they are cowards, guilty of blasphemy and are enemies of both Islam and the ‘Free World.’ I have no respect for ‘Fence Sitters’ that refuse to choose a side; they are the common enemy of both sides.

    To all Muslims reading this get rid of that superior attitude in which you teach and think that you are better than kafir; the opposite is true. ‘Freedom loving people that reject tyranny are far better than ‘Muslim Dictators’ that want to Islamize the World. Muslims get smart refuse to march; every time you march resistance against Islam will increase. Infidels shall never submit to evil Islam!

    And finally to Rabbit Alam I quote the Qur’an Sura 4:75 Al-Nisa (Women) this text was recorded in the Qur’an for those Muslim men that choose to behave like ‘women’ afraid to fight. You said that you “deny being a part of anyway, any shapes of violence.” This means that you are a traitor to Islam or you are a liar. The Jihad text says clearly…

    “Let those then fight in the cause of Allah who would sell the present life for the Hereafter. And whoso fights in the cause of Allah, be he slain or be he victorious, we shall soon give him a great reward.”

    Sura 25: 53 Al-Furqan “So obey not the disbelievers and fight against them by means of the Qur’an a great fight.”

    Sura 2:192 Al-Baqarah (The Cow) “And kill them wherever you meet them…

    The Qur’an does not teach non-violence it teaches the essential use of ‘Jihad Violence’ against all unbelievers. So ‘Rabbit Alam’ if you are a ‘True Muslim’ you are willing to be violent against all infidels and your claim that you are peaceful is a lie. There is no such thing as good apple Muslims and bad apple Muslims. All Muslims that believe in Muhammad, the Qur’an, Hadiths and Sharia Law are all bad apples.

  16. Well last year I faxed for 18,000 minutes one month and followed it up with 28,000 the next. I received several phone calls from the House of Rep. in Washington liking what I was sending them, a few hated it. They are the mohommedists. So it looks like we have a new congress and it is getting past time to fax anew.
    Folks it isn’t that the politicians don’t read, they just need to read the same examples again and again, that we post on BNI. That gets to them.

  17. ‘Peace loving Muslims’ is an oxy-moron. Ain’t no such critter. The aim of this cult is to proselytize the entire world, by conversion or violence. It is apparent with all too frequent examples, both in Israel & other nations.

    Muslims whine, whine whine about not being accepted. Wonder why? When they move into neighborhoods they turn them into no-go ghettos where even law enforcement doesn’t want to go. They intimidate by force, abuse the welfare system, abuse the school systems by demanding HALAH foo & censuring established holidays. They mock & terrorize those who do not accept their dress or customs in countries when they migrate to like a Biblical plague. Don’t tell me that Muslims don’t advocate & practice vilence & intimidation. One sees it on the news channles with sickening frequency. I would remind the ‘Rabbi’, one meaning which is student of the Torah, that all it takes to spoil a bushel of apples (his own example) is one rotten one. And believe me, in a ton of Muslim apples there are very few ‘good’ ones. And, knowing the meaning of Jihad, I would definitely question those few. Jihad does not have the pretty little garden party meaning you would like us to think it does. Not by a long shot.

    Muslims are infiltrating the cultured civilized nations of the world where they abuse & take advantage of all the rights & privileges, but contribute almost nothing. It’s their way or the highway. They want jobs, if they get one at all, to accomodate THEIR rules: no alcohol or dogs in a cab, no pork product in a line where the clerck is a Muslim, get rid of Hallowe’en in schools, substitute Eid for Veterans’ Day (obscene), to name just a few. Gee! Why in the world would anybody EVER resent theze gracious people. And I didn’t even mention the ‘honor’ murders by vicious ignorant family members, all because a young woman wanted to dress the way her friends do, date a young man, wear make-up, or not be forced to marry some wacko relative.

    Since you claim the name ‘Rabbi’ you need to know that among the definitions are ‘teacher’ & ‘student of the Torah’. You might consider a name change, as I don’t think you qualify for either definition.


  18. md r a. you are not a God fearing person. If you were, you would not be worshipping the lunartic moon god allah in your evil cult of islam. allah is not the True God but a fake made up monster demon, created by mohamad the pedophile, mysoginist, lying, savage leader of your cult. Shame on you for comparing yourself to God fearing and God loving real men and women of the US. I pray that God fearing people will all bring their dogs, bacon strips, pet pigs and so on, for a wonderful walk in the park on the day that you attempt to hijack the memorial efforts of Americans to honor their dear ones lost on the day that cowardly muslims of islam attacked innocent Americans. Cowardly and evil muslims of islam, are known by their terrorist actions such as 9/11, and all of the other over 20,000+ cowardly attacks on innocent men and women that have been done in the name of your lunartic moon god allah since 9/11. No r a all muslims are the same sick members of a sick and evil cult called islam. Nothing you can say will help us to agree with you on any thing about muslims. Your suicide bombing actions and atrocities done to women, child brides and so on, speak louder than your taqiyya words.

  19. 65% of Moslems want a global caliphate and Sharia law. 35% are cultural Moslems who don’t practise.
    This guy RTR is a real jihadist.
    Rabbi Alam is creating his own watered down Islam à la carte by pick and choose.
    Jihad is the highest deed in Islam. Alam is a deviationist, rather than a true Moslem like RTR who is a sleeper terrorist.

  20. MD ALAM
    i refuse to use the word rabbi as that is an extremely offensive term for a Muslim such as yourself to use. to call yourself a Muslim American is truly an oxymoron because your allegiance is not to this country.PERIOD you call your koran and prophet beautiful yet your faith denigrates women and encourages violence on non-Muslims and Jews. Why should you be demanding anything? you’ve signed a petition to limit free speech because you don’t like that americans have the right to insult everyone and anyone we choose to. since you don’t seem to be happy with our laws then suggest that you and your ilk leave. you cannot understand freedom it is anathema to you. and your koran

  21. MD Alam, the stated goals of islam are to be the only religion under allah. That is antithetical to the manner of Life of America and freedom loving peoples everywhere. Islam has stated that it is perfect as it was founded in the middle of the 7th Century. There are many supposed “facts” that are now proven wrong. But that is not the worst of it.
    Islam has NO respect nor tolerance for anything nor anyone who is not islamic. Further, the factions of islam TODAY are at war with each other, or there would not be the strife in Nigeria, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran, just to name a few of the places currently inflamed with internal strife.
    By your statement, “I am islamic in my moral actions,,,” I have to ask, “Moral by what standards?” The standards of Surah 8:12? I am a Believer, IN THE CREATOR GOD, but not the god of islam. Therefore, by all the teachings of Islam, AND of the aHadith, I am condemned to have my neck smited, and my fingertips cut off?
    You and your cohorts choose to boast of your exploits on 9/11. To your faith, to your beliefs, this is a day of your supposed “victory” over “The Great Satan”, as your people call it. Those of your ideology sang and danced in the streets of every muslim nation on earth, that day, rejoicing in the horror people of your belief had perpetrated on the American people. This is the moral standard to which you subscribe?
    You wish your personal “jihad” ??? Then go within yourself, and see if the “faith” you subscribe to teaches you love, or hatred,,, And then try to find the word, “LOVE” in the Qur’an – Love of Self, and Love of G-D, and Love of fellow humankind.

    Ishaq:327 – “Allah said, ‘A prophet must slaughter before collecting captives. A slaughtered enemy is driven from the land. Muhammad, you craved the desires of this world, its goods and the ransom captives would bring. But Allah desires killing them to manifest the religion.'”

    And if that is not enough, please ponder this, as well:

    Ishaq:326 – “Allah said, ‘No Prophet before Muhammad took booty from his enemy nor prisoners for ransom.’ Muhammad said, ‘I was made victorious with terror. The earth was made a place for me to clean. I was given the most powerful words. Booty was made lawful for me. I was given the power to intercede. These five privileges were awarded to no prophet before me.'”

    And then, I contrast that with the Words of Jesus The Christ, in the Gospel of John, Chapter 13: 34 – “Love Ye One Another, Even as I have Loved You”.

    Read the Books, MD Alam. Choose you this day, whom ye shall serve. You cannot serve G-D and Allah / Mohammad. It is not possible.

  22. MD Alam and Chris Isa Hodge, the both of you really think you are fooling people eah? Why then did you host the Truth Jihad radio program for Dr. Kevin Barrett 2 days ago with special guests Mohammed Sultan and Mohammed El-Housiny? Sultan is the son of Salah Sultan who was deported from the USA, he is now a leading member of the Egytian Muslim Brotherhood and his views are the worst of the worst. Anyone with half a brain and GOOGLE can figure that one out. Sultan is a right hand man for Yusuf Al Qaradawi, a man who is so sick, words do not do justice. Then there is Mohammed El-Housiny, who was wounded crossing the Rafah border into Egypt while helping George Galloway take large bags of cash to HAMAS the terror organization. They even took 2 Egyptian Police as captives during that incident, and Housiny stated that he was ready to BLEED ALL HIS BLOOD. Sounds like a jihadist eah? MD Alam, you had Mohammed El-Housiny as your YOUTH COORDINATOR at MDPAAC… do you think a man who takes police as captives while aiding terror organizations should be working with kids or what? You even thanked him when he returned from GAZA in your little video. Why would you ask Sultan and Housiny to be guests on a show when you know they both aid terror organizations?

    Keep running your mouths, I love to listen……

    Signing that White House petition asking the US Gov. to recognize that Israel authored the 911 terror attacks was just simply awesome.

    Your not going to deny that you signed that are you MD Rabbi Alam? Signature #86

  23. MD Rabbi Alam – I am or was a CAIR brother in a leadership position until the FBI fingered me on false terrorism charges.

    I’ve seen your videos and heard your show on BTR and I do not like your Dawa. It makes me laugh that it took these infidel Kafirs to identify exactly who you are.

    You Brother Alam are an unnecessary distraction hampering the work you do not see going on behind the scenes. Our influence in DC at the highest levels of government is substantial. You and your stunts give infidels ammunition to attack us.

    I tell you this here for two reasons. 1. The Kaffir are too ignorant and fearful to stop us. 2. You understand my words to be true and I do not have the luxury to contact you directly.

    Maybe Allah has a plan for you but I think you do all this activity in a vain attempt to impress the FJP. You so want to be relevant that you disgust me.

    • Well well, Ishmail Royer. Tell us something, since you plead guilty to terrorism charges and got 20 years for it, how many times have you gotten butt-raped while working on that shit stain on your forehead, you know, while lifting your smelly ass in prayer? Poked in the pokey, so to speak?

      Know you this traitor, I hope you never see the light of day, I hope you rot and die in prison. Too bad the rest of CAIR didn’t go down with your sorry ass.

        • Very likely he does at the prison library. If not, then it is a good bet he does by proxy, someone on the outside posting for him. My guess is that he does at his prison’s library. He is a dangerous man. Islam is a fanatical religion no matter what liberals, RINO’s, and the misinformed say. Ishmail Royyer is a dirtbag. In Virginia he actively recruited jihadists to go into Afghanistan via Pakistan to fight our own forces there. You know Ibrahim Hooper is doing Royyer’s old job at CAIR, Communications Director, the national face of CAIR. Basically, their Minister of Propaganda.

          Nothing but pure evil.

          “Veni Vidi Deus Vicit!”

      • Give it time randy63ism, ” too bad the rest of CAIR didn’t go down with your sorry ass.” They will be forced to have their day, and it is not long in the waiting either. This current regime, under obama’s bin lyn’ refuses to acknowledge that they are very aware of all the fine underpinnings of CAIR, its purpose, its stated mission, while believing falsely, We the Patriots are not interested in their plans, or have the stomach to do what is needed, and or its involvement in the fine game of subversiveness/treason/un-American activities but wait for the confusion when the SHTF, all bets are off, they will have their comeuppence, guarentee it. I know of thing that are being done, even while this regime is refusing to prosecute these criminals, not all is federal in nature and they will inturn understand the average Patriot/veterans of internal Security Dept. Feds, State/Local are on to their ideas, will not let this stand much further, and for good reason, they might precieve their power is secured/assured under their thug, obama, but that too is a delusion they’ll have to contend with in due time. Regards.

        Semper Fi

  24. This is big lie and propaganda of Media. I am not a Jihadist or Islamist. However, I am Islamic in my moral actions and I struggle for my own desires. That does not make me Jihidist or Islamist. Does it? BTW, this is MD Rabbi Alam and I refuge to be such a Jihidist or a Islamist, Yet and Indeed, I am a God fearing True Muslim, like God fearing true Christian or God fearing true Jewish. So if you are not a God fearing person there is no way you can judge me and / or even you can understand me. At the same time I am not a Conservative Muslim and I deny being a part of anyway, any shapes of violence. So, if you are involved with any violence even in your mind or even just being a racist, don’t come and don’t judge all the peace loving Muslims and don’t mix-it-up with few bad apples with rest of the good apples.
    MD Rabbi Alam, Founder AMPAC

    • MD RAbbi Alam, you are a pig for using the word “Rabbi” as your name. For a few minutes I thought you were a Muslim asskissing Judenrat, of which there are many.

      I plan to do as much as I can (legally, of course) to see that your Million Muslim March never fouls the air of Washington DC on Sept. 11th, the day no Muslim should even show his face on the streets of America, let alone at our CAPITOL.

      I will make sure that every American who is able to comes out to drown out your America-hating jihadist festival with songs like God Bless America and any other means of peaceful protest against you.

      Seeing your asses in the air praying to Allah (for the conversion or killing of all us unbelievers) on the lawn in front of OUR US Capitol building made us sick to out stomachs when you did it the first time. You will not do this again unimpeded, I promise you. You Muslim thugs spit on America. You should not even be allowed to come here, let alone live here.

      I have spies in Kansas City where you are. I know what you’re up to. You and all your jihadist friends there.

      • First off Bonni, I believe this obuMBoy brown nosing POS has the name ‘Rabbi’ not the learned Jewish title Rabbi. Google shows spelling ‘Rabi’ as Arabic for ‘spring’, ‘springtime’, or ‘breeze’; no word on possible extensions of the last, to mean ‘windbag’ or ‘fart’. If a few JINOs think he’s a real Rabbi and vote for him because of that, well…There are also hundreds of instances of ‘Rabbi’ used as a surname.

        The initials ‘MD’ mean mohammed. Why doesn’t he spell that out? Your guess is as good as mine. I’m guessing this islamist doesn’t live in a predominately moslem area, where it might garner him votes. On the other hand, it looks like he might be a Medical Doctor, and he wouldn’t want to mislead anyone…

        Arabic ‘Alam’ means ‘flag’, ‘sign’, ‘world’ or ‘pain’, depending, I suppose, on spelling and context. I vote for the last one.

        Here is other info about this moslem infiltraitor. [sic]

        He didn’t get in as candidate, even with all the Bangladeshis behind him; he was #10! He’s in again for 2016!

        Now look at his education:

        Bachelor’s degree in Biology, National University [Bangladesh?] (1996)
        Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, National University [Bangladesh?] (1997)
        Master’s degree in Computer Information System, University of Phoenix (2007)
        Master’s degree in Mathematics Education, University of Missouri-Kansas City (2010)
        Teacher Certification, Secondary Mathematics (2010)

        Then look at his official Mo. Sec. State web page:

        “A Vetearn of Iraq War…Fighting for Crime 24/7”

        That, and other semi-literate pages about him, probably contributed by fellow Masters or Doctors, are pathetic; yet he was a teacher! Read his post again and see what an idiot he is, and a devout liar too, probably a card-carrying member of cair.

        Before that, he was, unfortunately, a member of the US Army for 5 or 6 years, rising to sergeant, and serving in Germany, and on active service in Iraq. [Can any readers confirm those details?]

        “Alam was assigned to Logistical Operations and Supply Chain Operations for Air Defense Artillery.”

        That’s scary, missiles and stuff? What was a mohammedan doing in that position, when his only oath is to allah, mo, and the umma? The ‘laws of man’ (US law) are worthless if they conflict with the sharia.

        So, MDRA you are anti everything good which the US stands for. You probably support MB, CAIR, ISNA, ICNA, MSA,…and all those other FIFTH COLUMN, anti-American organizations and fake terrorist-supporting ‘charities’, those exposed, and those yet to be exposed.

        FIRST, clean that Augean Stable called islam, stop your TOTALLY TRANSPARENT taqiyya about “God fearing true Christian or God fearing true Jewish [sic]”, stop DEMANDING: prayer breaks, prayer space, special ablutions, FBI investigation of every hangnail, and on and on. You are NOT making any friends among the 98% majority!

        Islam: The cult of submission.

    • MD ALAM: They say we are the product of our environment.

      You say you are not a ‘JIHADIST’ nor an ‘Islamist’.

      If we take a look at your close associations, you seem to greatly admire Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Hamas. This is confirmed by certain videos that can be viewed on line as well as some of your writings. You also support convicted self-proclaimed terrorist Al-Arian.

      As to being a God-fearing true muslim, just like a God-fearing true Christian, I beg to differ. This is what makes you so dangerous.

      Christianity’s ideal man is Jesus. Islam’s ideal man is Mohamed. Jesus spent his short modest life preaching love towards one another and to forgive one’s enemies. Mohamed spent his life accumulating wealth by raiding entire villages and caravans, enslaving women and children, mass-decapitating hundreds in one event alone, stealing other men’s wives as his own, ordering the torture and death of anybody who opposed him etc.

      Any muslim that venerates Mohamed as their ideal man is an ISLAMIST and must be feared.

      Therefore, my QUESTION to you: Do you consider Mohamed as YOUR IDEAL MAN?

    • On radical islam:

      Your cult openly spews venom, and hatred for the U.S. You are nothing more than a small time shill for the islamist movement. You are not that clever, you will trip up. America, and the world are awakening to the islamofascist designs of the brotherhood, and their ilk.

      Follow the link below to read what one ampac ass-clown has to say about America.

      More on alamadamadingdong:

      Take your dawah back to Khulna.

    • What a joke!!! What you really are saying is that anybody non-believing can’t judge a Moslem, because to Moslems only Moslems are truly God-fearing!!! You reject anybody and everybody else!!! Consequently, your talking about “God-fearing Christians”, “God-fearing Jews”, &c. is ALL ONE BIG OXYMORON (contradiction in terms)!!!!!

      Yes, we PROUD “infidels” recognise and REJECT your taqiyya and your kitman!!!!! Don’t try to do anything here or anywhere else: enough of us, thanks to Websites like this one or “The Religion of Peace” (with its direct links to the Qu’rân and the appropriate verses), know your tricks and REJECT your “Da’wa” (propaganda ‘missionary-ing’). You can go elsewhere already on that basis!!!!

      Furthermore, our Western society is based precisely on the thing you so HATE and REJECT ABOUT IT: that we are ALL EQUAL TO EACH OTHER, regardless of creed, skin-colour, ethnicity, &c.!!!! You Moslems are NOT superior to anybody else outside of dar al-Islam, REGARDLESS of what your PÆDOPHILIC (child-abusing), LYING, STEALING, RAPING, MURDERING and GENOCIDAL FALSE ‘prophet’ Mohammed – as the agent of SATAN HIMSELF (‘allah’) – has ever told you!!!! Our Society, OUR RULES!!!!

      To boot, (writing as a Christian) I’d FAR RATHER TRUST MANY an atheist, Jew, Buddhist, Shintoist, Taoist, Hindu, pagan or anybody else OTHER THAN a Moslem!!!! Enough of these other people are happy to blend in and work with us and we with them – and in a genuine spirit of trust, coöperation, friendliness and sometimes even love (the very word you Moslems have NO idea of!!!!!). We don’t go around murdering, raping, mutilating or otherwise hurting each other (aside from our criminals – whom we can and will deal with in our way, NOT that of Shari’a!!!). Before you evil Moslems came on the scene (especially when funded by the money you’ve extorted from us!!!!), the West was overall quite safe, quiet, happy and avoiding any and all troubles generally!!!

      Truly, you Moslems and your Communist allies have been THE GREATEST CURSE upon Mankind that has EVER EXISTED in the history of this earth!!!!! Also, we would NEVER trust either your “medical” or your “theological” credentials – you can pretend to be a ‘rabbi’ all you want, but since you’re NOT a Jew, you can NEVER BE ONE!!!!

      ALL MOSLEMS OUT OF THE WEST – and all “infidels” out of dar al-Islam

      DEATH TO ISLAM!!!!!

    • MD Rabbi Alam. The post you have responded to refers to “jihadists” — not to you personally. The word “jihadists” is plural and you are singular. So, perhaps you have misunderstood the post.

      You say you are neither jihadist nor Islamist. Good. The movement is not to stop non-jihadists and non-Islamists, but to stop those jihadists and Islamists who want to deny the 9/11 attacks were committed by enemies of America who cried “Allahu Akbar” as they died and killed all those poor innocent freedom-loving Americans.

      And I don’t know what media you attend to, but in my experience, it is simply not true that all media blames all Muslims for the 9/11 attacks. The truthers blame the Whitehouse. I’ve heard others blame an international Zionist conspiracy. Still others blame the Illuminati. The law enforcers who investigated say it was organized by bin Laden and carried out by men who believed Allah wanted them to kill Americans on behalf of Islam. But it is up to us, all of us, to decide what to think. You cannot force people to believe what you do. It doesn’t work. Nor can anyone convince you it isn’t true that everyone blames you as if you are bin Laden. It isn’t true but if you are convinced it is, there may be very little anyone can do to change your mind. But just because you say it doesn’t make it true. We know who to blame but many do not; many play right into the hands of a group of extremists who qualify as international criminals, members of international criminal organizations that want to destroy freedom, democracy and the secular rule of law in the west, control the world with shari’ah and brutalize all the rest of us. Maybe they want to brutalize and control you too, if you are not one of them. If that is so, then we are on the same side, neither jihadists or Islamists. So, join us!

      And who is stopping you from proselytizing for Islam? No one. You live in the most freedom loving nation of the world, where free speech is yours for living here. You can say what you want about your religion to whomsoever you please. And all those whom you so address can do the same. They can tell you they do not believe you are right in your belief. They can proselytize views that directly oppose yours. And if you respect freedom, you let them and you respect their difference. You accept that others enjoy views that are different from yours. You engage in debate but you do not try to force others to believe what you do.

      The addictions anonymous groups have a saying about convincing others. They say it works best by attraction not promotion. By marching on 9/11 and demanding your rights as Muslims be observed by all those who lost loved ones to jihadists who cried “Allahu Akbar” as they killed their loved ones on 9/11/01, you provoke.

      And you know you provoke. You intend to provoke. You are not that stupid, Sir, as to not know you provoke. But even if you do not know or intend to provoke, well, now you do know. So, stop it.

      I suggest you join us to oppose those jihadists and Islamists whom the post you objected to targets. Join us to request the government do a good risk assessment of the escalation of hostilities between Islamists and jihadists and those peace-loving Americans who have had enough of threats to their freedom. A good risk assessment will work with your organization to arrange a safe march on a day other than the 2013 — or any subsequent year — anniversary of the 9/11 attacks that killed so many innocent Americans.

      Please respect our grief. Please work with us to avoid further hostilities, further war. Please schedule your protest of Muslims rights on a day that does not compete with our need for ongoing grieving. Please, be God-loving. Please do not hate us so much that you cannot put your needs aside to accommodate others.

    • To: MD Rabbi Alam, Founder AMPAC:

      Where is your respect for our 3,000 murdered Americans? It is non-existent! You stomp on the graves of our 3,000 beloved Americans with your revolting Muslim VICTORY march on 9/11.

      Supremacist Muslims want a victory mosque honoring Islam where our cherished 3,000 were slaughtered without mercy by the followers of Islam. Muslims who obeyed the commands in the Koran to wage jihad and eager to claim their expected promised reward of 72 virgins in Islamic heaven.

      Muslim supremacists demand the right to rub salt in the wound of our pain, grief and tears with a 9/11 victory mosque.

      Americans will NEVER forget that thousands of INHUMAN Palestinian Authority Muslims celebrated with great joy and delight the terrible suffering and cruel mass slaughter of our 3,000 innocents; dancing in the streets, passing out sweets and firing into the air. Muslims that Americans are immorally forced to support with their taxes. And reward with a Muslim terror state in Israel bent on Jewish genocide.

      We will never forget that Muslims also celebrated in the streets in America and other countries.

      In Berlin, Germany, Turkish Muslims celebrated the 9/11 murder of innocents by sending up hundreds of bottle rockets into the air.

      We will also never forget that thousands of Palestinian Authority Muslims celebrate in the streets whenever a Muslim terrorist blows up amongst our cherished Israeli brothers and sisters.

      We will never forget the 7/7 cruel slaughter of our cherished British brothers and sisters.

    • rabi alam I am a former U S Marine my loyalty is to the God of Abraham , My loyalty and love is God and Country , Am a man of few words but this much wisdom I will share with you do not Desecrate 9/11 with your black flags of islam , We of the 99 and 9 V F W will be at Attention and Formation in our federal Capitol on that date along with the eyes of America . You will provoke no love for your muslims on that date , Where is your Wisdom

    • So which is it Rabbi, or good muslim? I have to wonder why it is you felt it important to tell us of your intentions, and left out the intentions of the JIHAD within your midst. Are you saying those of us who have READ, UNDERSTAND in PLAIN ENGLISH the concepts of the JIHAD, we are stupid, un-learned in the ways of islamist, even among your type, so peaceful and all of that? Come on rabbi, or muslim enough, which is it? I am going to allow you the opportunity to contact Bonni and ask her for my e-mail account for further discusions, will you take the chalange or not, got courage to converse a well gounded Patriots of his concerns? if so take the leap Rabbi, or muslim enough person. I am interested in finding a balance between your issues, in regards to the issue of JIHAD, PEACE, and understanding and where it is where the line is drawn between the truths of muslim enought crowds insist upon my slavery to their totalatarian concepts, your Jewish Torah, and our Christian Bible? Care for a discussion? Contact Bonni, I am giving her permission to foreward my account info, lets talk.

      Semper Fi

      • islam is not a race, you see there is no racism in islam, we muslims are all one, united by belief and under the banner of islam, islam teaches peace and respect,we muslims no matter black, white, mixed race, or whatever? we are all one. we muslims are not the murderers of children and woman, america the puppet of isreal has murdered innocent children and woman in iraq, afganistan and palistine. i dont believe the people of america is guilty but i do believe that the goverment is. you people have so much to say and swear our God when muslims take a stance peacefully and want to be heard on 9/11, but yet the americans kill our brothers and sisters in the middle east. we are not cowards, go on stepping on the toes of the muslims, one day we will have enough and when the muslim world hits back we shall see the outcome.

        • “you see there is no racism in islam”
          Yet mohammad (piss on him) called blacks “rasinheads”. And lets face it, you still traffic in black slaves today.
          “we muslims are not the murderers of children and woman”
          I’ve seen to many allh fuckbar assholes blow themselves up to believe that line of shit.
          “swear our godess when muslims take a stance peacefully and want to be heard on 9/11”
          FIFY and we’ve already “heard” from you fucks on 9/11. Twice.
          “when the muslim world hits back we shall see the outcome.”
          Threats of MORE terrorist attacks ?? Really ?? I hope that we get a leader with balls when you inbred tards do pop off. I pray that those unholy cities of mecca and medina are made to glow in the dark.

        • Abu, You completely missed the point of WildChild’s question. WildChild knows, as do the rest of us that islam isn’t a race. It was a response to “Rabbi” Alam’s absurd implication that being anti-muslim is racist, which is something you more than likely agree with and likely even said yourself. Face it, you muzturds love to call critics of islam racist, and you know it is a lie, It is muslims and their leftist, dhimmi useful idiots who throw in the deceptive race card obsfucation , but hey, we understand such talking points. After all it’s quite halal if it furthers the cause of that pork-infested ideology that we call “pigslam,” so STFU, you lying sack of pig balls! Follower of “muhammhock, porcine prophet of pigslam” and worshiper of the “big pig” in the sky, “pigallah.”

    • Hey how do you become a dr. All while being so stupid. That you believe in moderate evil! Do you only read part of the Quran? Fools in all fields.

  25. Thank you SIR for your service to this GREAT NATION, and I totally agree with you. 7 past crusades should have been warning enough!

  26. This is the only religion that codifies intolerance & bigotry in its current teachings…and they they want to know why they and are not liked. I’d like to give these whiney misogynistic hypocrites special treatment alright if I could.

  27. Just shared this on my FB page.

    BNI, thank you for all the time and effort you put into this blog. It is THE BEST!

      • Every time I’m trying to recruit another new person to spread the word about the counter jihad movement, yours is the first link I give them. I also tell them about Jihadwatch, Atlas Shrugs, Gates of Vienna, and The Religion of Peace, but you’re always first on the list. There are some good FB groups now, too. But your blog is still NUMBER ONE!

    • Better yet… we have the right to spit, sh*t and p*ss on the koran. Oh but wait! Didn’t osamba obama say he’d prosecute those who insult mohamMAD (mo is a madman) and desecrate the koran?

  28. When you Americans found out about the horrific things that were happening in nazi Germany, you also were suspicious of German immigrants living among you , weren’t you? That’ s a perfectly natural reaction. But how did these Germans deal with it, did they organize a march and DEMAND better treatment ? No, they just did their best to prove they were loyal Americans. Seems like muslims are not capable of learning from these Germans, they just admire the other ones too much.

    • Gut gesagt mein Herr!!! [Well said dear Sir!!!]

      I remember a case of one escaped German POW (prisoner of war) whose native territory got annexed by the Communists, so he felt he couldn’t EVER go back!!! He settled down to a life in hiding somewhere in the (apparently Western) USA for over 40 years. He even helped save some American lives hit by some sort of natural disaster; however, whenever he felt attention coming his way (e.g., via job promotions), he felt he had to relocate and hide again. This finally endangered his marriage – the one thing that finally forced him into confessing who he really was. His wife, who had come to believe that he was some sort of shady character with a criminal past, was surprised that he had nothing more serious against him – and that he had proven himself a loyal American all that time. [God Knows what became of that fellow – I don’t remember his name so can’t search. Thus, I can’t know if he was pardoned, or what kind of punishments he had to endure in consequence…]

      The point is that he proved himself FAR NOBLER than not only many official immigrants who came to proper way: NO MOSLEM can EVER hope to match, let alone excel, this kind of standard!!!

      • To make a couple of things clear: the gentleman referred to in the above story actually performed some real heroics in the wake of that disaster in question. He otherwise was an escapee from a POW camp in the USA during World War II.

        Mea culpa…

      • I finally found out his name: Georg Gärtner, who became Dennis Whiles.

        Yes, he was granted a residence permit after coming clean in 1985; then in 2009, he finally obtained American citizenship. If he’s still alive, he’s now 92!!

        Now, that’s the standard this fine gentleman set as “Hitler’s last POW in the USA” for how to be a real Westerner!!!

  29. i can not share much info ,but this much I will share there are 109 battle hardend veterns from 5 wars includeing the second from our state who are going to wasington we will mate with this date ! we be but a small voice in numbers but our actions will speak Loud and Clear ! Thank You for the timely heads up BNI , Any other state care to go camping with us You are Welcome bring your Federal and State Flag

  30. We must work together to ensure that the muslims, who were behind and supported the 9/11 atrocity, do not get to march on Washington or New York or any where to demand special rights to show their dominance over the infidel d’himmis that some in America are becoming. Not on my watch, never will this happen. This is exactly how the muslims show victory by invading and building mosques, such as at ground zero to show occupation and victory over their enemies. The muslims, by their evil cult of islam, have picked and made all free people who are not muslims their sworn enemies.Write and write every politician until this March on September 11 of 2013 is banned.

  31. We need to stop this, just like they stop Nazi rallies. On the other hand, maybe this is good because it will show more Americans what these pig-f*ckers real intentions are.

  32. That will no peace as long Islam exist ! That will no peace as long Islam exist ! That will no peace as long Islam exist ! That will no peace as long Islam exist ! That will no peace as long Islam exist ! That will no peace as long Islam exist ! That will no peace as long Islam exist ! That will no peace as long Islam exist ! That will no peace as long Islam exist ! That will no peace as long Islam exist ! That will no peace as long Islam exist ! That will no peace as long Islam exist !

  33. What injustice? The fact that their anti Christian, anti Jewish, anti human, and ,anti everything good and just , death Cult is being exposed for exactly what it is. We who know the Truth must continue to fight their lies and expose them.

  34. I am tired of listening to Muslims and idiot Americans claim that American Muslims are offended. THEY WERE NEVER HERE BEFORE! I didn’t grow up in New York the melting pot of America with a single Muslim neighbor, I never saw people in Burkas or wearing their underwear on their heads. There were no mosques around. I never heard the sick sound of Muslims trying to speak English, there were no calls to prayer, their were no halal food stores, EVER!
    We are a nation of Christians and Jews, United, living in peace for hundreds of years.
    Nothing about 9/11 has left my mind, not one shred of it. After such a horrific event on our soil, the human psyche needed a break from so much evil. I get that. It’s so much more pleasant to pursue happier times ahead than to carry a torch of anger for what happened that day and it’s wake (years and years of death, sadness and heart wrenching brokenness) but by doing that, we as Americans, (listening to the talking heads on TV and in Hollywood) have softened, have compromised, have ignored,
    the steady push for these Muslims to ENTER BY THE CAMEL LOAD, into our country.
    Any normal thinking person would suggest that no SANE person of the Muslim sect(an oxymoron) would be so dumb as to consider entering America in a post 9/11 world. Of course if you are SANE (which Muslims are not) than you would worry about ISLAMAPHOBIA. Why? Because Americans are angry, Americans are patriotic and Americans are armed people and would be naturally suspicious of Muslim people here on our own soil.
    Muslims refer to us as CAUCASIONS, yes, that is correct. Go into any Muslim store and they will refer to you or someone else who is white as a caucasion. It’s to make the distinguishment between them and us.
    I have said in the past that my ancestors came here to America in the early 1700’s and helped to settle lower Manhattan. I can go into the archives of the Brooklyn Eagle and find article about my family there. It’s the coolest thing on the planet to do on a day you have nothing to do BTW.
    While you are there, SEARCH the word Muslim or Islam, you come up with nothing except an advertisment for muslin material (fabric). Why? Because Muslims were not here. This is not their homeland and it never will be until they have been here in large numbers behaving nicely and expecting NOTHING for over a hundred years.

    Till then, SHUT UP YOU MUSLIMS and get to the back of the line, earn your respect and leave our national identitiy alone. You need to get with the west, not the other way around. We don’t need to accomodate you, you need to show America respect!

  35. Kenny ole boy, are a shit eating asslifter????? No hate intended bro. Just want to know if your genetics are of the hinged ass?

  36. Maybe we could have an ad campaign to ask for justice for all the muslims who CAN’T march to DC because they’ve had their feet amputated under sharia. I think you have a few pictures that could be used…

    • It will be no problem getting one million muslimes to march……..they don’t work!!
      What condition will the area they are marching through look like when they leave? What percent of these animals will be women? (marching behind the men of course)
      We should all go there with our dogs and join the march. Wonderful time for the gay and lesbian community to show solidarity as well. Don’t forget your cell phone and take lots of pictures!!!!

      • russel, the dog idea! I love it. AS I plan to do many more posts about this I will suggest that if we can’t shut this abomination down before it starts. we ALL should bring dogs to their demo. A few Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs would be a nice touch, too.

        • Bring BEER! Kentucky Bourbon! Tennessee, Scotch, or Irish Whiskey! California, Australian, or Italian Wine! Have a party around the Mohammedans. Grill some ribs, roast a few hogs, have a good ol’ barbecue. Bring separate, NEW grills for our Orthodox Jewish brothers and sisters so they can cook their Kosher foods on the grills, as well. Really piss off the Mohammedans!!

  37. Well said Bob, like you, i’ll fight to the DEATH for the sake of my Children and Grandchildren…U.S.A.-Ackbar, U.K.- Ackbar, “Bonnie”Scotland(where they have already made their own “Clan” Tartan)-Ackbar.!!! I still don’t know which Clan they Hail from,nor where in the Highlands they roamed,if we hated the English then during their attempted “Highland Clearences”,just imagine what it would have been like if one of the muzzies turned up shouting “ali ackbar”!!, now we ALL need to watch eachothers backs.

    • Chris my friend in ‘Bonni’ (hehe, couldn’t resist spelling it like that!) Scotland, It doesn’t surprise me a bit that muzzturds in Scotland came up with their own tartan. It does however, piss me off greatly. This doesn’t surprise me because the muzzturds over here make the absurd claim that various Native American tribes were muslims before Europeans arrived here. Some muslims even claim that Native Americans are Moors from North Africa. Muslims are cultural vampires. They steal the heritage of other cultures.

      Now as to what clan muslims hail from, it must be the Banu Quraysh, lol.

      • Robert The Bruce would be absolutely horrified. Those filthy rats have no right to a tartan. Sadly, I did read that Sharia law has made an inroad into Scotland’s government. BEWARE!

  38. and in the “not so funny news segment” tonight are the very people, the brothers from their hood, islam, demanding accounting from “their” ( funny thing is I was under the impression ‘sharia law’ was “their” government) government of their rights while actively participating in and financing of subversive activities in the overthrow of said government. Man talk about “who’s the islamophobe now” segment, to be announced later in this program…….

  39. [Sorry, OF, while I share your sentiments, I had to delete your comments. CAIR monitors this site very closely] –BNI

  40. Shame on you,Kenneth ! I’m not about to give up my homeland to any filthy baby raping, cousin breeding, mutton molesting, donkey diddling, wife beating, little boy raping, honor killing, head banging, marriage forcing, demanding, uncivilized,female mutilating, penis worshipping,ragheaded, Alley Snackbar shouting, Christian murdering, ragheaded muslim freak, wheather he’s in the white house or not !

    • Bob, well said! I didn’t say I was giving up. I just said I don’t think we’ll make it that far. Eight major, blue chip retailers are closing stores this year. First quarter jobless claims will top 10% and Obamacare is forcing thousands of people from full to part time work. Our military is cutting both breakfast for troops on 17 bases in Afghanistan for “logistical reasons” and cutting military health benefits for veterans. Obama has not yet accomplished the Cloward-Pivin plan, his handlers have demanded of him and we will add another trillion to the national debt before the end of the year. Our electrical grid is over burdened, under powered and extremely vulnerable to attack. We need four new gasoline refineries on each coast and in the middle of the country but haven’t built a new one in over 30 years. Vegetable, citrus and fruit production in the U.S. are all down and we get more of our food from foreign sources every day. State and federal takeover of water resources is almost complete and the livestock and dairy industries are being regulated out of business! One lynchpin incident is all that is needed to bring the whole house of cards down and the major cities will burn.
      I wake up every day wondering if today will be the day!

  41. Of course muslims want to hijack the most tragic and horrific Day of 9/11, the Day that Muslims celebrate worldwide as a VICTORY for Islam . They are hijacking that Day to rub Americas nose in the wound, and have the cheek to call it a day of DEMANDING justice and civil rights… Hang on, they have the same civil rights as every other American, but thats not good enough for them , they want SPECIAL rights, not equal! I hate these people! They are just doing this to GOAD Americans into retaliating. This is the Modus Operandi of all muslims, stirring riots and causing tensions.. Islam is the religion of Hijackers!!

    • Spot on aussiegirl.

      It’s a victory parade.

      Muslims are obsessed by symbols and just as the Ground Zero Mosque was a flag of kuffar annihilation planted right on the spot of the 3000 dead so this shows to a world-wide Muslim audience that el-kuffar is dancing to the islamic tune.

      In the interest of pluralism maybe ship a million Americans to Saudi to protest the blatant racism of them not being allowed into Mecca?

      • Shipping a million is the right idea, but it should be a million plus Muslims to Saudi Arabia. Return to Mecca with no return to the U.S! To show symbolism, celebrate the day of the mass Muslim deportation.

    • AG, islam is the cult of hijackers. (Hijacking airplanes, special days and so on is the way of the cult of the islam hijackers. The muslims only know how to steal and to hijack because they are inbred and have no original or creative thoughts. The monster mohamad even hi jacked, stole and bastardized his cult coran from the Torah and the Christian bible.) I like that new description of islam. With the ability to write, while we still have free speech, we can get the government to cancel these types of nasty efforts by the muslims to hijack our memorial days to honor the victims of islam in our country.

    • I do realize the time we are in, are at best, less then hopeful, we are bombarded daily with reminders of cowardice, fraud, deciets, half-truth, even our own individual morals are being called into question, we are, purposfuly being pulled into continued crises mode by our so-called leader of the cult, known as obots afterall, as you might realize and accept, we are in a spiritual battle at present time. So to other with such sentiments, oh yea of little faith, do you really think those of us who call ourselves Patriots are just going to ly down to these thugs demands and do nothing? really, do you! The girlymen area is to your left, get in the mommy boy line if so inclined, not going to happen to this Patriot “I don’t believe this Nation will last much longer” , NO FRICKEN way am I. along with the millions upon millions of my fellow warriors going to let this stand without a feirce fight, and by that I mean to tell you, TO THE DEATH if necessary, they asked for this fight, I didn’t nor anyone I know of, that being said, we all have a choice to make, live free or die trying. My knee’s are tired and weak from all the hills, valleys and mountians climbed in my career as a Marine, my soul aches for my fellow Country men/ladies, our Country and the world full of wickedness and vile persons of no “skin in the game” but, quit, is not in the program notes. Keep the faith Kenneth, it was not intended for you persay, it in fact putting others with such notions on Notice, we don’t and won’t accept cowardness in our midst. Fight damn it, never surrender, never submit, never, never, never say you’re sorry, its a sign of WEAKNESS.

      • Well said, Marine, Sir! FFS we have gotta fight. Otherwise, point our arses to Mecca and let our females become Muslim ‘booty’. NOT while I live and breathe…

      • If the free world doesn’t fight back, then the struggle endured on battle fields through out the ages, by our forefathers for our freedom has all been in vain.

        • Unless this primitive movement for the destruction of civilization is reframed and renamed reflecting what it really is, (a non religious, racist, political and most dangerously, a fanatical spear chucking gang), then as with the Nazis we will suffer needless encroachment before finally slamming down with a huge steel gauntlet.

      • You are so RIGHT ON. We are with you. we have started a group ” Patriots United Against Tyranny” we are ready to fight the good fight.
        To Stop injustice. When members of our government keep taking the 5th we know things are bad.

      • I am right there with you. Let it be known that there is a critical mass of patriotic Americans that are locked and loaded, ready to defend the United States Constitution (Even to the death). Muslims have always been a problem with the world and we intend to end that problem here in United States of America.

      • Semper Fi Marine. I will be right beside you and the rest of our Nations Patriots. My heart breaks at the thought of making war on fellow Americans………yet there in NOTHING I wont do to restore my Country.

    • I can’t believe you think this way.

      All you have to do is take 20 minutes of your time and write to your congress person and then transfer the post with your letter to your friends asking them to do the same.

      If everybody does this, Americans will win.

      Your attitude is the same as that of the Europeans years ago and look where that got them.

      • Susan – I wish. Here in the UK you could not even write that letter without being on the governments naughty list. You would be a racist, Islamophobe, right wing nutjob about to kill everyone and destroy society in their dellusional view.
        Powerful people are ushering in an age of Islam. You can see this with the geographic creation of a North African / Arabian / Eastern Med Caliphate (Arab spring nations) and the demographic infiltration of Western European nations.
        This will only be stopped when we reach a critical mass of Western European people who will no longer accept their own demise, if there are enough of us compared to muslims to defend ourselves – which will depend upon how long we wait for the inevitable cultural WW3.

    • I must wholeheartedly disagree, for the end of this Nation is commiserate with the end of mankind itself. No government may claim perfection; yet, this Nation, founded upon the principles of Freedom, is most closely aligned with those ideals conducive to the future prosperity and happiness of the human race. I will in fact go one farther, in suggesting to you that 1000 years of man’s future existence will serve to validate our way of life, for this Flag of our Nation shall still fly triumphant and proud over this land of ours; proclaiming that free men yet dwell within these borders where Divine Providence has lay it’s blessing. No Kenneth, we embody all that is good and well in this world. I am proud beyond measure, that I am blessed to be an American citizen. But this blessing demands a price and non-complacency; Eternal vigilance, Integrity, fairness, and tolerance within reason. This, however, should not be construed as suggesting diminished resolve in maintaining our freedom; nor, should anyone consider us weak in aspect. We are, indeed, slow to anger and very accepting people. But if you tread upon us, you had best tread lightly, for once you awaken the sleeping giant, you are done! Therefore, in as much as the Muslim faith appears contrary to our deeply entrenched ideals, I would surmise their chances of successfully indoctrinating the citizens of this Nation with their alternative views of man, and his place, shall fail miserably.
      In closing, please remember those honorable dead who gave that last full measure of devotion for the cause of freedom; for if no other reason exists why this Nation must not fail, then this alone should be enough. God Bless America!

    • You may be quite right as to the fate of this nation KS, but there ARE those of us who will NOT give in to or give up to a bunch of filthy stinking asslifters who want to go to OUR White House to lift their asses on 9/11 of this year, AND if they, the muslimes wish to lift their asses in memory of 9/11, they can damn well do it somewhere besides in the nation that they attacked, they have 57 Pislamic hell holes to choose from, they DO NOT have to show their arrogance and Islamo NAZI supremacy by lifting their filthy stinking asses on the White House lawn; and as for the so-called “Rabbi”; NOT only ishe NOT a real rabbi, he is a disgrace to Judaism, and he is a —-ing dhimmi trator as well a JINO!!

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