UK: So, has the anti-Muslim backlash begun? London mosque destroyed by fire suspected to be arson

Of course, the big headline “The letters EDL were scrawled on a wall of the mosque” is what the media are running with, trying to make it a “racially” (even though Islam is NOT a race) motivated crime.  But I hope they are going to check members of the Muslim community because you can’t discount that they did it to themselves. Wouldn’t be the first time.

The UK media and police are always quick to blame the EDL. But when the EDL are exonerated, it hardly gets reported. cops-say-edl-not-linked-to-firebomb-vandalism-attacks-where-letters-EDL-were-spray-painted


UK Express (h/t EverWatchful) EDL leader Tommy Robinson said: “I don’t believe that an EDL supporter is behind this fire. I have always told supporters not to attack mosques or places of worship.”

Six fire engines were called to the Al-Rahma Islamic Centre, which is listed as a mosque, in north London at 3.14am this morning. One woman from a nearby property, in Muswell Hill, suffered shock and was treated at the scene, London Ambulance Service said.

Officers from the Counter Terrorism Unit are on the scene amid reports English Defence League (EDL) graffiti was discovered at the site. Around 35 firefighters tackled the flames which were brought under control by 4.40am, but the blaze caused the two-story building to partially collapse. There are fears the fire might have been started in retaliation for the savage killing of British soldier Lee Rigby in Woolwich last month.


Campaigners and members of the local community spoke of their devastation today and branded the fire an “attack against a peaceful community”. Ali Abu, 30, of the Somali charity BritSom, said: “We are all shocked by what has happened. We condemn this attack

Fiyaz Mughal, of Faith Matters, a group which monitors anti-Muslim hatred, said members of the local Muslim community would attend the Islamic centre, housed in the same building, to pray or participate in activities. “Bearing in mind this is close to Woolwich, bearing in mind that it houses Islamic activities, bearing in mind that they have found alleged EDL graffiti, there’s a strong likelihood that this could be an anti-Muslim incident.

“It is very concerning when we know that, online, there is a huge amount of anti-Muslim hate. We know that. When it moves into the physical world, it is extremely concerning.” A police spokesman said: “Specialist officers from the Met’s counter-terrorism command are leading the investigation into a fire which caused extensive damage to a community centre in Muswell Hill in the early hours today.”

UK Muslims makes threats online all the time and the police do nothing:




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  1. I live in the UK and I think the country is fucked when its home grown people are the gobshites i see on this page. You’re nothing but idiotic, racist, piece of shit morons and you make me ashamed to be British. You put pictures of poppys up to show youre patriotic and it brings shame to what those men died for. They fought so we dont have the freedom to travel and live happily but all you thick twats do is spout mindless lies. I am a proud Englishman and i accept anyone from any country but if it was up to me then i’d kick all of you racist twats out of the country because its that which holds us back

    • ‘George’- If you live in the UK, why are you posting from Australia? You are not an Englishman, proud or otherwise, most likely you are a muslim scumbag like we see on these pages everyday.

      BTW, your use of “proud” gives you away as a muslim POS who always claim to be “proud” muslims here.

      FYI: Islam is NOT a race.

    • so let me get this are proud to be British but you are willing to allow your country to be taken over by Muslims? Sounds to me like you are the fucking pits mate…we are not racist we are defending our own and when troglodytes like yourself start talking through your arse..we go lalalala so why not take your idiotic opinions and go live in the fucking Middle East with all the other assholes

  2. Here is saying, in part from a film.
    Would you invite a rat into your home, and prepare dinner for IT, or would you treat it with the contempt it deseves???
    In the UK we have been doing that for decades.
    It is to no surprise that the UK is infested, and our heritage, and way of life lies bleeding!!

  3. Well done boy ! Yes u all should learn from Burma kick off them back to desert or control their birth if possible only one child. Muslim like rat if not control will effect your life

  4. Mo Izzaterd: The muslims are not supposed to buy insurance because they consider it to be gambling. But whaddya wanna bet that they have found a wrinkle in shariah law to buy it anyhow and get someone else to pay for a nice shiny new terrorist training center.
    Otherwise, they wouldn’t have burned it.

  5. Remember that those immoral miscreants are capable of ‘desecrating’ (it’s not desecration because it’s a symbol of a false religion) their own filthy and unholy korans to hide weapons and put bombs in them, so it can be expected from them to torch their own mosque.

  6. Anyone check the local hospitals for cases of “badly burned muzzies” admitted approximately the same time that this mosque was burned, perhaps they scorched themselves in the attempt? And why don’t these mosques have cameras or at least post signs that the area is under surveillance…I’m sure CAIR won’t mind having a fund raiser for them!

  7. I think the savages did it to get insurance $$$$ This is who they are and what
    they are all about. Nasty , stinking, asslifting, murdering, raping filth of this earth.

    Death to all of them.

  8. Congratulations!!!…The muslims already did destroy and torch thousand of catolic churces!!!!!,…

  9. In Muslim countries, non-Muslims live in DAILY FEAR from non-stop violent Muslim attacks. Christian churches, Hindu and Budhhist temples are burnt to the ground. Huge numbers of non-Muslims are barbarically murdered by Muslims. Huge Islam-supporters, UK and other Western media don’t report the CONSTANT Muslim attacks.

    UK and European leaders work very closely with Muslim nations’ leaders. Our leaders have colonized our countries with many millions of Muslims perpetrating population replacement-ethnic cleansing of our people.

    Hard-working Brits and Europeans are unable to have more than one child because they are FORCED to finance Muslims and their HUGE families. FORCED to finance Muslim CONQUEST via demographics! This INJUSTICE MUST STOP!

    Prime Minister Cameron is determined to destroy PATRIOTIC, caring human rights activists, the EDL. Who exactly IS behind the mosque burning? Never forget this article:

    David Cameron Declares War on the EDL 24 March 2013
    Written by Paul Weston, Liberty GB

    Also read Paul Weston in Croydon: It’s Not Racist to Defend Your Country

    A powerful speech by a great leader! Paul Weston for Prime Minister!

    Join the EDL ! Join Liberty GB ! All Western nations are fighting for our freedom. We must unite and support each other! We must not go quietly into the night!
    NO Islamic conquest! NO SURRENDER, EVER!

  10. I sincerely doubt the EDL would scratch their name on the charred wall. These assholes did it themselves or some other left did it to discredit the EDL.

  11. Bullshit! No way the EDL done this. It’s a set up, probably by the Mudslimes themselves or their dhimmi lap dogs

  12. I think this is either a lone wolf attack, or a Muslim trying to frame EDL. The Somali community don’t give us any hassle in the UK to speak of, so if EDL members ignoring Tommy’s request not to attack Mosques had gone to work they would have picked a Mosque in the Pakistani or Bangladeshi communities.

    And if EDL became an action group with a policy of attacking Mosques they would publicly claim responsibility.

  13. they have been trying in the last few years to get public taxpayers money , so they can demolish the building and replace it with a mosque and muslim only community center , the media refuse to comment on that still ongoing process , nev(uk)

  14. Best news of the week so far, but watching the BBC reports is sickening as they try to vilify the EDL and pander muslim sympathy and why is anything islamic referred to as “vibrant”? Great to hear that at least theres one less islamic indoctrination centre.

      • BNI: Apparently it already has started, by the one-sided, biased, left-wing BBC. However.. I don’t watch BBC so I can’t/don’t want to see the pandering/appeasing/sympathy given to those who reject British culture and refuse to integrate with British culture. It makes me sick, just like the BBC as a whole does.

        Even the UAF/SWP/HNH have already blamed the EDL without any evidence what-so-ever, no doubt it was one of them, possibly keeping look-out for the one who did do it; for insurance purposes etc.. Not that they’ve got the brains to work that simple possibility out.

  15. It is EXTREMELY DOUBTFUL that this was done by an EDL person, as this would be damaging to the EDL. A genuine EDL person doesn’t want to do anything that would harm the EDL.

    It is part of Islamic WAR strategy for Muslims to ALWAYS play the victim, even though they are definitely NOT victims. It has been PROVEN that graffiti, and/or damage to mosques is frequently done by Muslims. Mega wealthy Saudi Arabia is more than happy to pay for a brand new mosque. Make infidels look guilty for something they haven’t done. It’s all part of the Muslim war against infidels.

  16. If people believe that the EDL torched the mosque they must be stupid. Why would the EDL torch a mosque and then leave their calling card ???????

    Members of the EDL are classed as soccer rowdies by the general public, but they are not stupid. They are the true patriots in the UK at this time.

    I would not put it past the islamic community to burn their own place down, get the insurance and build a far larger “Den on Iniquity” for the followers of a 7th century
    camel trader.

    • There just ordinary regular young working class men like you see in bars on a Saturday night anywhere in the States. Except they’ll yell their hearts out for Luton Town or Manchester United at the weekend, instead of the New York Yankees or the Boston Red Sox.

      • That was a very American thinking of you, englishmaninexile… 😉

        Except that if you get Red Sox fans and Yankees fans in the same bar, there’s likely to be a brawl… 😉

        • You probably wouldn’t be able to sit there having a quite glass of beer, if a load of Man United and Luton town fans turned up come to that either mate.

  17. I have asneaky suspicion this fire was caused by a muslim so they can play the victim and “give us sympathy” card. it has happened a few times in America. EDL? I don’t think so. Not their style.

    • Muslims have also burnt down their own business in Scandinavia, it became a preferred choice of insurance fraud by too many Muslim immigrants.

      They set fire to the business with people living above. They didn’t care and people have died (been murdered) so they could collect insurance on their pizzeria.

  18. Not that I’m sad about the destruction of Muslim BARRACKS, as Turkish prime minister Erdogan gleefully calls mosques, but the EDL is likely being framed here. Muslims themselves may have burned it and then scrawled EDL on the side. This possibility should be investigated with all due haste – by independent investigators, researchers, journalists and so on.

    Remember the Reichstag. It would be so easy to “fool” the fools of the mainstream media and idiots in political office. They would only be too willing to accept blindly that an EDL supporter did this.

  19. This “Mosque” (AKA Nazi Supremecist Centre for Jihad) – Lessons in Arabic!
    This “Mosque” (AKA Nazi Supremecist Centre for Jihad) Somali Community House!
    Get the Hell out of Britain and Go Back to Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Afghanistan, and very other Hell Hole you are determined to REPLICATE in your newfound WELFARE STATE, such as TONY BLIARS UK, or JULIA GILLARD’s ORSTRAYA… (Apologies, that is how the Wlesh Witch immigrant pronounces the name of this Once Great Nation the rest of us call Australia, or “Home”).

    But there is No Way this vermin will go back – Anjem Choudrey encourages them to take every advantage of the country that has given them “REFUGE” by living on MAX Welfare and the British Hard-Working taxpayer, whilst they “Plan their JIHAD” for the UK’s Takeover….

    Problem is a bit like those of us that remember “Musical Chairs”… When the Music Stops, One More Person loses their Seat…

    Well when there is NO BRITISH TAXPAYER LEFT CARRYing the VERMIN, then they are RIGHT BACK in the HELL HOLE They Came From….

    So Now that ALL CHRISTIANS, JEWS, PAGAN’s are DEAD through ALLAH (Satan)’s “DECIMATION and JUDGEMENT”…

    Until there is but One Last Standing….. SUCH IS THE DREAM OF ISLAM….

    Happy Days in the Life of a Muslim….

      • I think only the insurers (if any) will have to be involved with the Police, you can bet your bottom Dollar that if it was insured there would be a more indepth inquiry,you would really need somebody who works in the Office to leak information,……only saying like.

    • It could also have needed major costly renovations. Cheaper to torch it and insurers rebuild a new building.

  20. Move on folks, nothing to see here. Fires happen all the time in apartments, homes,
    restaurants, forests and what ever. I personally hope more take place in these moslem barraks!

  21. Payback is a bitch, ain’t it? And to think, this is but the beginning of it.


  22. As an Aussie Ex-Pat Brit and a financial member of the EDL and the BFP, I am comfortable in stating that there is No Way any member would be so stupid as to play into the hands of the Islamist’s so blatantly – this has all of the hallmarks of those neanderthal worshipers of satan we know as MUSLIMS’s!

    • Aussie, when you say BFP, are you referring to the British Freedom Party? The British Freedom Party NO longer exists! I was in the BFP, also and when Paul Weston started Liberty GB, I joined his party! Join!

      Please tell your friends, family and relatives about Liberty GB!

  23. gee ya think?how does one peacefully tell a muslim to piss off we don’t want anything to do with their child raping religion?

  24. This is excellent news. Finally the counter attack is beginning. We are at war with islamic civilization. This was an attack on one of their headquarters. Just as the RAF would bomb Wehrmacht or Luftwaffe HQ during WW II. Good luck to the EDL and their allies.

  25. Hmmm, no pics of the alleged EDL graffitt, where is it at? Or did the Muslims make it up. As we all know, the vast majority of fires set at mosques, Muslims owned businesses and Muslim residences are set by Muslims. If I was an insurance company, I would never sell a policy to a Muslim because Muslims are always setting fires to collect insurance.

    • I’d say the Mohammedans set it themselves.

      The picture I see looks like the fire was much too controlled for an outsider to have set it. Of course, I’m no fire investigator, so I can’t be sure. I can only go by what I can see and what I know of Mohammedanism.

      Of course, my saying this makes me a racist. Who’d have thought it? A racist black man who dislikes Mohammedanism? 😉

    • Happened here in NZ too where a local cafe run by Muslims suffered an explosion which sent some of the furniture flying across the road. Investigations showed that they had set off the explosions themselves for insurance purposes. They take us for fools. We need to stop confirming it and take a strong stand for what we believe in. One of our freedoms is the freedom to leave the country if it is not to their liking.

  26. I, too, would suspect they’d do it themselves — so they can whine and be, as usual, the pooooor victim!!! Always the victim! boooohoooo — but remember it’s OKAY for them to BURN Christian churces to the ground!!!

      • Right and I’m a christian I have to put more faith in God as time goes by and I see the anti christian hatred growing from these comunities I expect to have a church service attacked even where I live some day soon my mom experienced a hate stare from a muslim just because she was wearing a cross necklas and she didn’t think anything of wearing it to her its just a piece of jewelery she 79 years old for crying out loud she doesn’t deserve this kind of crappy treatement at her age shes gone through enough in her life and some young disrespectful muslim woman at a optical store gave her a hate stare this is just the beginning, I don’t hate these people but they really need to either fit in or leave, I don’t expect them to change their beliefs as this is a free country ( though many thousands are becoming christians and for that I’m glad) , but at least they could have the desency to respect our beliefs, If you read the koran as I have this is accually their beliefs what they are doing right now, the radicals so called are the koranic muslims, they are practising real Isiam so called peaceful muslims are not choosing to read or live by the koran they are more influenced by christianity & western culture.

        • Barb, the reality is they hate Jesus (represented by your mother’s cross). They have been taught to consider ‘infidels’ as inferior beings. But deep down, it is Jesus, and Jesus only, who gets under their skin and must be resisted. Your mother is reflecting her love for Him, and just as the Bible tells us, we will be hated by ‘the world’ because the world hated Him first. The Lord will bless your mother for her faithfulness.

    • Did you remember they did the same in Islamia with that child with down syndrome? But even if this happened in Islamia, they weren’t so lucky.
      Now they’re getting too cocky.

    • I agree..we have to get our country back but with our government pandering to them what can we do but protest? I for one do not want them here telling me what to do in my own country. I have no intention of hiding how I feel about Islam, what with UKip being a bunch of bigots and our so called leaders seemingly wanting this country to become an Islamic state, I think its time to send the extremists home and shut the borders to immigrants and get out of the EU

    • Who colonized other’s country and burnt mosques???
      Have you forgotten the crusades????
      Have you forgotten what you did Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and Egypt???
      Christians of EDL and Jews of JDL are the damned terrorists who burnt mosques. What if we burnt you synagogues and chruches???

      • black, the Crusades were the reaction to the Muslim plague infecting Europe. It is way past time for another Crusades to finish the job.

        Would you like a list of Churches that have been burned down by Muslims just in the past year? I don’t have room here.

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