UK Media double down on trying to link EDL with mosque arson

Now the media are calling the EDL “fanatics,” the same euphemism they use for Islamic terrorists. Funny how they never question whether or not it was related to insurance fraud because that would be “waaaycist,” even though Islam is not a race.

Please be aware that the rise in so-called anti-Muslim “attacks” referred to in the below video include someone calling a Muslim a “raghead” in the street or objecting to being forcefed halal food without being told. All a Muslim has to do is complain about something and it is categorized as an anti-Muslim “attack.”

From: UK Daily Mail

Is this retaliation for Lee Rigby’s murder? EDL “fanatics” gloat after Islamic centre is burned to the ground in suspected arson

The EDL denied responsibility. Leader Tommy Robinson said he would report any member found to be responsible.


An Islamic centre was burned to the ground in a suspected arson attack yesterday. Counter-terrorism police are investigating if the building was targeted by the English Defence League in retaliation for the Woolwich murder, after ‘EDL’ was sprayed in foot-high letters on the wall.

The far-Right group led a series of protests after serving soldier Lee Rigby was killed by two fanatical Muslim converts last month, and there has been a dramatic rise in the number of reported attacks on mosques since the outrage.

EDL leaders denied the group was behind the fire in Muswell Hill, north London, but supporters posted vile celebrations online, prompting fears of copycat attacks and increased racial tensions.

Flames ripped through the empty brick building, which was home to a Somali welfare association  and an after-school club, shortly after 3am. The ferocity of the blaze suggested that an accelerant such as petrol was used to fuel it. Two neighbouring properties were evacuated and a woman was treated for minor injuries and shock.

It is believed that one or more arsonists may have suffered serious injuries and hospitals have been asked to alert police about burns patients admitted in the hours after the attack.

Awwwww…..Muslims don’t feel safe in England anymore. Gee, well, neither do British soldiers who are afraid of getting beheaded by Muslims in the street.

And now we get to hear a group of Somali Muslim welfare queens whining.