MINNESOTASTAN: Call in the FBI and Homeland Security! Two broken windows in 3 weeks at a mosque

51ae89203a96b.preview-300Terror-linked CAIR (Council on Anti-American Islamic Relations) today called on state and national law enforcement authorities to investigate repeated (twice) vandalism targeting a mosque in that state as a possible bias-motivated hate crime. Local police say several churches have had broken windows but only the mosque is making a federal case out of it.

Southern Minn  Ali Farah, one of the leaders at the mosque, said they don’t understand why they’re being targeted. “People are wondering why our building is being vandalized. This is a worship place,” Ahmed said. The building is monitored by security cameras, but Ahmed said whoever is breaking the windows knows the layout of the building and is moving the cameras in order to obscure the acts. (Uh, oh, sounds like an inside job)

“We don’t know what we’re doing wrong. We’re not bothering anyone,” said Abdulkadir Sharifali, another one of the mosque leaders. The Owatonna Police Department has no leads in the case, said Capt. Eric Rethemeier, who noted that many property damage crimes can’t be cleared by police because often there aren’t any witnesses.

Olad Ahmed, who has lived in Owatonna since 1997, said members of the mosque don’t know why their place of worship is being targeted. Though no one was present when the vandalism took place, Farah said many are living in fear for what could happen next. “It’s really scary. We are fearing for our lives,” Farah said. “We don’t know what could happen next. Our people and our children pray here all the time.” (Oh, NOES! Better move back to Somalia right away)