CAIR jihahists whine: “Islamophobia is undermining religious tolerance for Islam”…indisputably, the most intolerant ‘religion’ on earth


LIES. LIES and more Muslim LIES. Playing the ‘victim’ card again, terror-linked CAIR teams up with its dhimmi Leftist accomplices to blame ‘Islamophobia’ for getting in the way of their efforts to impose a radical Islamist agenda on the West.

‘As usual, they don’t mention Muslim terrorism, beheadings, misogyny, anti-semitism, anti-Christianism, homophobia, forced child marriage/paedophilia, pro-sharia activism, relentless displays of Islamic supremacism, and an unwillingness to assimilate into non-Muslim countries that cause more and more people around the world to hate Islam and everything it represents. Not surprisingly, as the world is focused on the increasing proliferation of Islamic violence and terrorism, CAIR thugs step up their campaign of obfuscation to deflect attention away from Islamic civilization  jihad.