Home-wrecker Lauren Booth, Tony Blair’s sister-in-law turned obese Muslim convert, steps out with her new Muslim husband as wife #2

Strolling with her new husband, Muslim convert Lauren Booth looks as happy as a prize-winning sow at the county fair. Her broad smile, however, betrays a controversy which has seen her branded a home-wrecker. The 45-year-old bride married Sohale Ahmed in a Muslim ceremony earlier this year.

Lauren Booth with Sohale Ahmed

Lauren Booth with Sohale Ahmed

UK Daily Mail  He, though, is said to be still legally wed under British law to Faiza Ahmed, his wife of 16 years. Mrs Ahmed has accused Miss Booth of stealing her husband after being invited into their home as a guest and dishonouring her new religion with brash, flirty behaviour.

Outweighing her new husband by a lot, thankfully her body was totally concealed in a strange combination of Muslim garb and baglady chic.

Miss Booth and Mr Ahmed were seen stepping out together in Hampstead Garden Suburb, North London, where she lives in a £500,000 apartment with her two daughters.

Booth with her two daughters who have been forced to become Muslim slaves like their mother

Booth with her two daughters who have been forced to become Muslim slaves of Allah like their mother

Mr Ahmed’s first wife is now looking after their three sons in Texas after she left the family home in Greater Manchester to stay with her brother. The 37-year-old is separated from her husband, but says they have not divorced.

She said: ‘Lauren destroyed my home. You can’t just put  on a hijab and say you are a good Muslim woman – it’s about having boundaries with men, and love and respect for women.’ Mrs Ahmed claims her husband married Miss Booth in a secret nikah, or religious ceremony, which she only found out about in February when her husband called her to ask for a divorce. 

Faiza Ahmed is still legally married to Sohale Ahmed under British law

Faiza Ahmed is still legally married to Sohale Ahmed under British law

Islamic law states that Muslim men can marry four women. While a nikah is significant religiously, it is not recognised as legal marriage in Britain unless the couple have also registered at a UK Register Office. Miss Booth was formerly married to actor Craig Darby, with whom she had two daughters.

They divorced after he suffered brain injuries in a motorbike crash. 

In October 2010, she announced she was converting to Islam, saying she was drawn to the religion because of ‘an appreciation of Muslim culture, in particular that of Muslim women.’ Not to mention a close personal bond with the leader of Hamas.











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86 comments on “Home-wrecker Lauren Booth, Tony Blair’s sister-in-law turned obese Muslim convert, steps out with her new Muslim husband as wife #2

  1. What a fantastic wig that stupid paki twat of an alleged bigamist has on , i can’t see the joins whatsoever , must have cost a fortune .She [booth] is an absolute nutcase just like her dad and half witted blair witch sister , who by the way , will be ultimately responsible for the islamification of this once Great Britain. And dont get me started about her gay husband Tony Blair . Bunch of ultimate hypocrites everyone of them .

    • whoever is writing RACIST and saying OFFENSIVE things about our quran and islam will be punished by ALLAH SWT IN SHA ALLAH,Carry on writing and behaving in this manner u evil deluded people.May Allah swt change u all.THERE is NO god but ALLAH and MOHAMMED is his messenger.Allah hu Akbar

  2. You guys are all seriously confused… 4% maybe 5% of the Global Muslim population turn bad and you think we’re all evil… Get you stats right people… I fully appreciate there are valid concerns. Genuinely, believe me or not, massive majority of Muslims are pissed with these idiots..issue is with individual idiots who think they represent Islam but they don’t…
    Again on stats 70% of child molestation cases are white people, rape figures are also heavily swayed to white people, does that mean all white people are child molesters and rapists?..does it heck… How stupid does that sound?

    Don’t judge the large majority by the idiotic minority that’s all I’m saying…

    • Riz, so let’s see, 5% of 1.5 billion = 75 million who are bad. We do have our stats right. Not all Muslims are terrorists but most of the terrorists in the world today are Muslims. And don’t forget, Muslim terrorists and non-terrorists all follow the same violent teachings of the quran.

      That’s all I’m saying. Now get lost. The leftists might buy your crap but there are no takers at this blog.

      • Before I read any official stats I put the most dangerous at say 10%, though I could see around me that I was being very nice, massively under quoting the danger presented by mozlems. Until I had an official figure, this was just my opinion.

        Then I read that the assessment by the CIA is 17% to 25%.
        I find this figure to be true, but it is only a part of the 80% true overall figure.
        I arrived at the conclusion of 80% hate us by living amongst refugees.
        If you read the stories of ex-mozlems such as Aayan Hirsi Ali, they will tell you the same thing – 8 out of 10 hate us.
        That translates to 80% want to get rid of us, & 17-25% within that, will ‘do the job’ for them.
        I’ve even had them say to me laughing – the ‘good’ side will win!
        Meaning Islam will defeat the west.

        It has me completely & utterly whacked as to why no one will listen to the ex mozlem. Also it seems that a mozlem only have to say ‘but I’M not like that! And they’re off the hook(?).

        It’s like letting Osama Bin Laden in by saying “Are you a naughty boy Bin Bin?
        Bin Bin says no I’m holy.
        Immigration say OK, next.

      • BNI should’ve added, Ross Kemp (& Gangs) did a show on Syria. There were multiple groups of mozlems fighting each other.
        There were Shia, Sunni, Salafist, maybe 1 or 2 others & a tiny group of moderate mozlems that wanted to set up govt.

        They’d already shot & bombed each other, that the neighbourhood lay now in ruin.

        When Ross Iemp interviews each group individually, they convince one totally that they are indeed the true victim.

        But Ross walks away after interviewing them all & speaks into the camera & acknowledges that nearly all the mozlems are the cause.

        There was one small group of modern mozlems that just wanted to set up the city. Their spokesperson was a really nice ordinary person – that should get rid of Islam. We’ve all met those.
        He stated that you can’t do anything w/ these people because they always put ‘the sect’ first, nothing will stop them.

        I couldn’t figure out why people keep saying that ‘its only a minority,’ & quoting these incredibly low percentages, 1%to 5%.
        How could this be that far apart. They sound to me like they’re closer to the figure for ‘the good’ mozlems.

        Then I realized that had Ross not gone & interviewed all sects, but jus one or two, his opinion many have been very different.

        When these people get to our gates their stories are true, enough to grant asylum, but the fact that they were part of the problem gets missed.

  3. Yes there’s nothing worse than a white western woman who was blessed from birth with total freedom, voluntarily choosing to become a slave. And worse still – forcing the same on her innocent children. The stupid things some women do when they “fall in love”.

  4. Insaallah she chose right path and she know better she research islam then she chose islam I think u have to read quran there must be every solution and all muslim are not bad and terrifying and muslim not a new releason adam also muslim after adamall prophet say last prophet comming jessus also sayinglast prophet comming no doubt MUHHAMAD ISTHE last prophet that s ALLAH saying who creator’s of universe you deny MUHHAMAD and islam that very sad in judgement day you soonly see when ALLAH decided sorry for poor English

  5. hahah look how miserable her daughters look in those rags, i bet they get bullied now at school, but she hasn’t thought of how they feel, but she is a typical white female convert, marries a muslim male and has to convert to spare him and his family “shame”, why dont muslim men ever convert to the females religion? hmmm? funny that?

    • Personally, I think you should find out what Islam is about before you start accusing Muslims. And I think the way you are speaking about her- especially as you don’t know her personally, but only through what the media portrays of her- is absolutely ridiculous, stupid and unintelligent. Please think before you speak. Thank you.

      • How come are you muzzies unable to get it through your heads that we already know why we hate Islam??? [MANY of us have already read enough of the Qu’rân to realise what a MONSTROUS book of HATE it actually is, such that it most certainly is SATANIC, NOT “divine” in its inspiration!!! And the Hadith and Sira are just as bad if not worse…]

        You seem so certain that your way is the ONLY way and then either try to mock or, worse yet, to silence opposition – the latter with the most violent means possible – without doing ANYTHING WHATSOEVER to prove why those of us who loathe it are supposedly “wrong”. Nope, no logic but the silence of the grave…

        With such unreasoning, hating, destructive and IRRATIONAL things – which you Moslems not only accept but embrace because you IDOLISE Mohammed as the “perfect man” (an oxymoron in itself, and especially with such a DEVIL as he!!!) – how is it that you’re surprised when we speak up against it????

      • Personally I think you should stop breathing! I know what Islam is about and I don’t want anything to do with it. You’re too stupid to understand your in a cult, not a religion. Read all the stories here about your so called religion! Twit!

        Oh, I don’t need to meet the whore to form an option of her. My opinion is validated as soon as I saw her wearing the rags! Child abuse making her children wear that crap too! Thank you.

  6. Never trust the Muslims- the west including Australia trusted them & invited them here. Now they show their gratitude by being violent, exploding bombs, preaching hatred and the like. SAD

    • You bet. Wherever they go, they create a shitstorm. They came marauding into India, our Hindu kings fought and kicked them out after 800 years of wars. They went to Egypt, Iran, Iraq and destroyed their ancient culture and tolerant religions. They came went through to Central Asia, destroyed their local Tengriist culture. Now they continue their menace acts of terror against Hindus, Christians, Atheists, Jews and everyone else who is not Islamic.

      It is time we all put our differences aside and unite to fight against this evil.

      • Muslim: A slave of Allah and a well wisher of humanity
        Dear, you have passed on comments that are baseless. You should read history of India written by your writers, they will tell you who Muslims are. Muslims came to India in 712 C.E. to liberate you people from polytheism. Briefly, it were Muslims under the headship of Maulana Rahmatullah Karanvi who drove away Christian missionaries from India in 1856. It were these Muslims who defeated/resisted the Britishers, French and others under Tipu Sultan, Saied Ahmad, Shah Ismail, Shakhul Hind, and others.
        Islam is not an evil. It is a panacea for the diseases world is suffering from. So, I request you to come near so that you become safe become from life-killing bacteria of polytheism and its issues in this world and hereafter.

      • To “R.”:

        NOTHING human is a “panacea” – and Islam, with its absolute HATRED for art, music, science, peaceful sports and medicine plus women (a full half of Mankind!!!!), dogs (Mankind’s BEST friend!!!), pigs and apes (both important friends to Man!!!), is ANYTHING BUT!!!! In fact, it’s the ANTI-“panacea”!!!

        Where does one find the greatest extremes of MISERY, DESTITUTION, WAR, DESTRUCTION and HATE??? It’s in the Moslem world (dar al-Islam)!!!!

        Your extremity of “monotheism” actually worships SATAN instead of the One TRUE God Yahweh (YHWH)!!!! Islam is so absolutely EVIL as to be beyond anything short of SATANIC in its MONSTROSITY!!!!

    • Your comments are beyond ignorant , if people would be less judgmental andstart looking at their own faults maybe you wouldn’t be filled with hate

    • Whoa whoa calm down there…
      Just because some extremist muslim groups come into your country and wrecking ball doesn’t mean ALL muslims cannot be trusted. Most of them are just minding their own business and worry over the bills instead of making bombs.

      • What are you talking about? Don’t bullshit us. We’ve read your so called holy book and your trying to say there are two types of muslims? What’s with that, you idiot! I am not submissive and I don’t accept any region that has a pedofile as its head banging worshiping idol. You are so deluded. You are sick! Your region is not of peace, it’s about male dominance and cruelty to animals, women, children and infedels.You are the most racist bunch of bastards in existence. Do not come to BNI with your bullshit! We’re not interested in your crap you talk. Piss off!

  7. Neither child looks very happy, but the girl on the left looks positively miserable. She’s probably already being physically (sexually) and mentally abused. What a sad life for any child. This woman needs a good flogging and to have her kids taken away where she can’t hurt them.

  8. Stupid fat white women must be doing something right. Minority men sure seem to like it, whatever it is. And, of course, both think they’ve hit the jackpot with each other. She gets a pc/mc minority fashion accoutrement and he gets a whitey. Like Samuel L. Jackson’s character in the movie Jackie Brown said about his stupid, druggie white live in, with a little grin on his face: “And, she be white too” …

  9. Gosh! She is kind of a big woman isn’t she! And that hijab she is wearing on her head makes her head look smaller than normal. Although it is possible her head really is that small. I think aussie106 and John have it about right!

  10. Is she a giant or is he a midget?? either way both are ugly and deserve each other..lol,, priceless comedy..she stole the booby prize

  11. She’s vile and it’s absolutely disgusting what she’s done to those kids. Is she going to marry them off the some geriatric Muslims sociopath when they turn 16? I can’t stand this woman. Satan’s whore!

  12. really fascinating picture …being curious if it is extreme stupidity..insanity..or head injury….the picture of the girls make me sad though

  13. what a stupid woman she gave no thought to the feelings of her children for they look as miserable as sin having to dress in those clothes and how does their father feel about his children being made to convert to this religion i do not think he will be too happy about it or does he not care about his daughters.

    • It said he had head trauma or something I think. Maybe he’s on life support? Coma? I don’t know. Regardless, he’d probably be an idiot for marrying fatty initially.

  14. A bowling pin with a stupid looking face on it. And like Englishmaninexile said, she will be dealt with at some point as will all the dhimmi bootlickers.

  15. Ever noticed how all muslim converts are always ugly? And how once they put that potato sack on they just get fatter and fatter? Her kids need some serious exercise too. In fact their mum is so badly morphed if they classified her she would probably be halfway between homo sapian and whale. No wonder fatty needs to befriend Hamas to boost her esteem.

    • It is a fact ,because there is a lack of understanding this religion.Lauren ,don’t forget from where you came british civilisation which doesn’t collide with Islam,read more Lauren don’t listen to muslims because they don’t read and analyse enough.

  16. Those poor children look miserable. What about the British father of those girls? Does he not have any rights? Or does he just have to stand by while his fat ugly pig whore ex-wife shacks up with another man (under British law, a man can have only one wife at a time, so Lauren Booth is really just the Muslim man’s whore) and brainwashes/forces his children into Islam?

  17. Lauren Booth divorced her husband after he sustained brain damage in a road accident. That tells you plenty about her. However, being a female voluntarily converting to Islam and looking like a bag lady would suggest she herself is suffering with brain damage of a different kind.

    Of course, Social Services will not deal with the fact that she has forcibly converted her children to Islam, a blatant case of child abuse. But British Social Services is dominated by the dhimmi Left who consider Muslims untouchable and above the laws that the rest of us must abide. Unfortunately, either of these girls could be whisked off to an Islamic country and married off to some dirty old man. Under Sharia law this would be legal, because Mohammed the Degenerate did it himself with a girl even younger than these two unfortunates.

  18. Muslim love their camels more than their wives…so he got a british camel.

    And the camel seems to have little piglets….a very odd species of camel indeed.

    And when are they getting FGM done ? Love to hear them squeal …………..and later they will come on TV and blame the jews for it all………….such a cute islamic family…as good as it gets !

  19. Maybe I can get the ex to convert to Judaism, she’s rather pretty! Hard to believe he left her for that mountain of human lard!

  20. Her little girls don’t look as happy as she does in that photo ! The one on the left looks like she is dreaming of an escape out of that garb.

  21. Home wrecker.

    Child abuser. It won’t last long. He’ll just go get a number three and four when she tries her Western liberated woman routine on this backward, stone-age pseudo-jihadist…unless he has them already in other ‘secret muta marriages’.

    Lauren, Shi’ites have LOTS of muta marriages. Where is your guy when he’s away all night?

  22. I spent time in Islam. I was a lib and a journalist/photographer at that time, 1990’s, I just thought, well, it’s another culture, and it was, everything was then, really backwards from Yugoslavia, Albania, Iran ( you couldnt visit, just look from Borders) to the depths of Greece. I also really bonded with muslim women, but it was in pity, never Conversion! I loved those women, young and old, they were so strong!
    In Kurdistan, one woman was really sad because her husband had taken a second wife, and she was actually- totally pissed off. Another young girl on the Black Sea, who had taken to talking to Westerners and was considered ‘problematic’ was betrothed to a scumbag at least 20 years older than herself. There was no escape for any of these women. But when the men left the home, they were really fun. Amazing actually.
    I lived in families. I went to weddings. In 1990 it was backwards as hell, but somehow you accepted it as ‘culture’. Being a photographer from the U.S it was fascinating. But I could never walk anywhere alone, I wasnt allowed , even as a guest, and trying to convince the spoiled boy children to take a walk with you was like pulling teeth. I was often trapped. Doing nothing.
    At first they fed me with the men, as a guest, until I asked otherwise to be fed with the women and children and I asked for head coverings as well.
    They asked me if maybe I needed ‘special foods’ , if their food was giving me problems, which YES, it was, but oh well.
    I had very beautiful times with these people. I saw a lot of things Western society would not deem acceptable.
    At the time I thought , they are they, and We are we and that’s ok.
    But Now we have a Problem. The THEY are infiltrating the WE, and going BACKWARDS in civilized living not acceptable in my scheme of life.

    • That cow has no money. She declared bankruptcy in 2011. She has been making what little money she has on the Islam propaganda circuit as a spokescow, and living on the dole, which is what almost all Muslims do. She has gotten huge, HUGE – needs to cut back on the hummus and lamb stew. LOL

  23. Faiza is beautiful, and now independent and FREE!

    As for Achmed, his marriage with Faiza was clearly “arranged” as he could never overcome his lustful memories and moments of passion with a herd of Camels…

    Now he has 10 herds of Camels rolled into one!!

    (Camels better looking though)…

    • Ironically she seems to be an example of a true moderate, fully Western integrated and disgusted with her husband’s behaviour and with fanatic converts . Dhimmi’s will hate her.

  24. He’ll probably be looked on in higher esteem in the muzzie world as he’s got himself a convert, and she’s the ex-prime Minister’s sister in Law, and i agree with the good LORD GABION, looks like he’s out of the Frying Pan and into the Fire there,but there’s no better place for the muzzie and a convert.

  25. Look what happened to Parisian girls who slept with their German masters in WW2,
    as soon as Paris was liberated heads were shaved and much tun was then had with tar and feathers.

  26. Gee … she did well to get him, she is probably a Genie in the Kitchen and a Whizz with food additives not to mention been a Vixen in the “Engine Room”

    A Socialist Leftist Loon on the last pathetic steps to oblivion ………is there no one who cares for these Children’s interests?

    When you Believe in NOTHING you CAN Believe in ANYTHING EVEN islam

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