Home-wrecker Lauren Booth, Tony Blair’s sister-in-law turned obese Muslim convert, steps out with her new Muslim husband as wife #2

Strolling with her new husband, Muslim convert Lauren Booth looks as happy as a prize-winning sow at the county fair. Her broad smile, however, betrays a controversy which has seen her branded a home-wrecker. The 45-year-old bride married Sohale Ahmed in a Muslim ceremony earlier this year.

Lauren Booth with Sohale Ahmed
Lauren Booth with Sohale Ahmed

UK Daily Mail  He, though, is said to be still legally wed under British law to Faiza Ahmed, his wife of 16 years. Mrs Ahmed has accused Miss Booth of stealing her husband after being invited into their home as a guest and dishonouring her new religion with brash, flirty behaviour.

Outweighing her new husband by a lot, thankfully her body was totally concealed in a strange combination of Muslim garb and baglady chic.

Miss Booth and Mr Ahmed were seen stepping out together in Hampstead Garden Suburb, North London, where she lives in a £500,000 apartment with her two daughters.

Booth with her two daughters who have been forced to become Muslim slaves like their mother
Booth with her two daughters who have been forced to become Muslim slaves of Allah like their mother

Mr Ahmed’s first wife is now looking after their three sons in Texas after she left the family home in Greater Manchester to stay with her brother. The 37-year-old is separated from her husband, but says they have not divorced.

She said: ‘Lauren destroyed my home. You can’t just put  on a hijab and say you are a good Muslim woman – it’s about having boundaries with men, and love and respect for women.’ Mrs Ahmed claims her husband married Miss Booth in a secret nikah, or religious ceremony, which she only found out about in February when her husband called her to ask for a divorce. 

Faiza Ahmed is still legally married to Sohale Ahmed under British law
Faiza Ahmed is still legally married to Sohale Ahmed under British law

Islamic law states that Muslim men can marry four women. While a nikah is significant religiously, it is not recognised as legal marriage in Britain unless the couple have also registered at a UK Register Office. Miss Booth was formerly married to actor Craig Darby, with whom she had two daughters.

They divorced after he suffered brain injuries in a motorbike crash. 

In October 2010, she announced she was converting to Islam, saying she was drawn to the religion because of ‘an appreciation of Muslim culture, in particular that of Muslim women.’ Not to mention a close personal bond with the leader of Hamas.











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