Let me get this straight. Muslims hack a British soldier to death in the street but it’s mosques that are urged to install panic alarms and safe rooms?

imagesAnd guess from whom this advice is coming?  Terror-linked Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR (Council on Anti-American Islamic Relations) in the U.S. Excuse me? Shouldn’t this kind of advice be given to Christians who live near Muslims? After all it’s Muslims who keep slaughtering non-Muslims in Muslim and non-Muslim countries. As of today, 21,026 deadly Islamic terror attacks have been documented around the world just since 9/11/01.

UK Guardian  CAIR has discussed its revamped security regulations with the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) in light of the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby, 25, in Woolwich, south-east London, which it said had even provoked attacks in the United States. (Yes somebody sprayed paintballs on a mosque. Ewwwww, scary)


The security improvements encouraged by CAIR, America’s largest Muslim pressure and litigation jihad intimidation group, encourage the building of transparent fences around mosques, wire screens on windows, designated security officials, three-inch-thick doors, panic alarms and safe rooms.

Ibrahim Hooper, a spokesman for CAIR, said: “From the outside it definitely seems UK mosques are more at risk than anywhere, including the States. There have been a number of recent incidents targeting UK mosques, groups like the English Defence League marching on mosques and a spike in violent right-wing groups.” (The EDL protests the building of new mosques and creeping Islamization of their culture, they don’t vandalize mosques. Hooper is a filthy liar)


According to Tell Mama, the government-funded monitoring project that records anti-Muslim attacks, about 12 mosques have been targeted since Woolwich, including one in Grimsby where three petrol bombs were thrown. Counter-terrorism police are investigating whether an arson attack on a Somali community centre in Muswell Hill, north London, was in response to the killing of Rigby. The letters EDL were found freshly painted on the building’s walls, although the far-right group denies any involvement. Tensions have also been inflamed by Old Bailey hearings last week documenting a planned terrorist attack on an EDL demonstration that prosecutors say would have sparked a “tit-for-tat spiral of violence and terror” across the country.


Fiyaz Mughal, director of the conflict resolution charity Faith Matters, said too many mosques remained vulnerable to attack in the aftermath of Woolwich. Mughal said that, of the UK’s 1,500 mosques, 1,300 urgently needed to improve security. He added: “There are a significant number of mosques that don’t have CCTV, that don’t do an audit of their lighting around their building. (1,500 mosques in a country as small as England? That’s cause for non-Muslims to arm themselves and beef up security wherever they live)

Hooper said his group had recently contacted the FBI after a mosque in Georgia was vandalised with apparent reference to the murder of Rigby. The sign for the Islamic Centre of North Fulton was spray-painted with the phrase “London Justice”. (The vast majority of these minor graffiti incidents are never resolved because it is muslims themselves who do it to get pity and publicity)