SYRIA: Belgian Terrorists behead a man using a dull knife (WARNING: Graphic Images)

Canadian blogger Blazing Cat Fur posted this gruesome beheading from Syria. What was shocking is that the language being spoken in the video is Flemish Dutch used by Belgians. Apparently they are complaining that the knife isn’t very good.

I guess they belong to the so-called ‘rebels’ whom Barack Hussein Obama is supporting and funding. I wonder if they met with John McCain when he was in Syria last week?

While we’re in the ‘WARNING: Graphic Images’ post, here’s another video of victims with their necks cut by the Free Syrian Army jihadists aka ‘rebels.’ Disregard the captions in which they blame the Assad government for the ‘massacre’. The ‘Free Syrian Army’ rebels had already released a pre-execution ‘confession’ video for 16 men which included those in the video below.

They must have used a dull knife here, too, as they weren’t able  to cut all the way through the spinal cords.