SYRIA: Belgian Terrorists behead a man using a dull knife (WARNING: Graphic Images)

Canadian blogger Blazing Cat Fur posted this gruesome beheading from Syria. What was shocking is that the language being spoken in the video is Flemish Dutch used by Belgians. Apparently they are complaining that the knife isn’t very good.

I guess they belong to the so-called ‘rebels’ whom Barack Hussein Obama is supporting and funding. I wonder if they met with John McCain when he was in Syria last week?

While we’re in the ‘WARNING: Graphic Images’ post, here’s another video of victims with their necks cut by the Free Syrian Army jihadists aka ‘rebels.’ Disregard the captions in which they blame the Assad government for the ‘massacre’. The ‘Free Syrian Army’ rebels had already released a pre-execution ‘confession’ video for 16 men which included those in the video below.

They must have used a dull knife here, too, as they weren’t able  to cut all the way through the spinal cords.


15 comments on “SYRIA: Belgian Terrorists behead a man using a dull knife (WARNING: Graphic Images)

  1. It is going to come to full out war with this ideology!
    The jihads love to show you how much barbarity they can perform for the camera.
    They are already condemned for their actions. It is just a matter of time before the current European political leaders are voted out and they will get what they want, war!

  2. The most disgusting part of this & all their hateful crimes, is that they shriek out “Allah is great” etc.. They believe Allah is God.. We all know that God does not like his name used in vain. God never condoned this kind of hell, especially in his name. If Europe starts removing muslims from the area, they really should drop them off in the middle of the ocean. This would ensure they never come back to terrorize anyone, anywhere. God bless Christians everywhere.

    • hi Jean Murphy,

      God give mercy to every one. But i always amazed why some Muslims kill Christians with their own reason.
      by any means, its not acceptable to behead human beings………..uffffffffffff

  3. Muslim and leftist murderous scumbags.

    I hope justice will soon fall upon them and get the punishment they deserve for all the harm they are doing to the world.

  4. I have a problem if the victims are civilians or soldiers. If they are hebz vermin or Iranian guards then I hope the knife is dull and the process slow. Remember Major William Buckley. May they all die in months long agony like that they inflicted him.

  5. One lot of barbaric savages with the help support blessing and friendship of two equally barbaric savages; Cameron and Obama.

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