Oh, Goodie! Muslims to become IDF target practice in Jerusalem

CAIRO: In a ‘Global March to Jerusalem,’ Muslim Brotherhood (flush with a few $billion from Obama) supporters rally in protest of the “Judaization” of Jerusalem, mentioned only once in the quran to note that Mohammed passed through it one time.


JPost  Global marches were planned for the Palestinian territories, Germany, Lebanon, Canada, the US, Tunisia and Malaysia, according to the report. “The marches aim to highlight the issue of Jerusalem – by which we point out the racism and Judaization practices of the occupying state against Jerusalem and Palestine,” Muslim Brotherhood spokesman Ahmed Aref said on Thursday.

Other IslamoNazi parties also participated in the rally. One protester said, “Today we say to Israel that we are here and one day we will liberate Jerusalem from the Jews.” “It is a message to Israel that Jerusalem is Arab land and it must become Arab territory again,” said another participant.