Sounding just like his Muslim constituents, British MP reveals while in Israel, he called a female Israeli soldier a “bloody Jew”

2349077637British member of Parliament, MP Patrick Mercer, didn’t realize he was secretly being filmed by a BBC Panorama hidden camera, when he described a security check in Israel to a BBC reporter posing as a lobbyist. Mercer alleges a female Israeli soldier stopped him and pushed a gun into his face, to whom he asked, “Who the f*ck are you?” “Well I’m a soldier,” she answered. “Are you? You don’t look like a soldier to me. You look like a bloody Jew, but er, I’ve no doubt if I’d come up with the wrong answer I’d have had my head blown off,” Mercer replied.

Guardian  Patrick Mercer, the MP for Newark, offered to produce a parliamentary report for an undercover journalist posing as a lobbyist who paid him thousands of pounds, it emerged on Thursday night.

The report, which aired on Thursday on the Panorama program on the British TV channel, was the result of a BBC joint investigation with the British newspaper the Telegraph into lobbying in British politics. It uncovered that Mercer was receiving payments from an interested party – a Fiji Islands lobbyist – to promote bills in parliament. Due to the report, Mercer resigned from the Conservative Party and stated he will not stand for reelection.