Syrian jihadist ‘rebels’ did this to a 15-year-old boy, yet Senator John McCain wants to send our military to help them

LiveLeak-dot-com-f49a778d660b-971455_379461112162233_1792616939_n.jpg.resizedSOHR activists in Aleppo have verified that al-Qaeda linked rebels detained, then slaughtered, a young teen last night for blaspheming the prophet Mohammed during an argument. The boy, Muhammad Qatta (photo above), seen at a protest earlier.

Live Leak (h/t golem bar) They later returned with the boy to the area, the child’s shirt was made to cover his head, his body had obvious marks from torture and beating. The rebels then publicly announced, and they spoke not in a Syrian accent but in a classical Arabic one, that apostasy and cursing the prophet is a terrible vice and that anyone who does so will face similar fate. 

They then shot the boy twice with a automatic rifle in front of the gathered crowd, a shot in the neck and a shot in the head, and then left in their car. The boy’s mother and father were among the crowd. 

Photo of child executed by islamist rebels in Aleppo
Photo of Muhammad Qatta executed by jihadist rebels in Aleppo

Rand Paul slams John McCain for offering to arm al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria.