UK: “QURAN IS RUBBISH” says graffiti outside nursery school

Watford’s MP has written to the Home office after anti-Muslim graffiti appeared outside a West Watford infant school. The words “Quran is rubbish” have been scrawled on the pavement near Chater School, in Harwoods Road. The slur makes reference to the central holy text of Islam. (Slur? Only because Muslims and Leftists have made truth the new hate speech)



Watford Observer  The act caused upset among some parents at the school with some contacting the town’s MP Richard Harrington, (photo below) who described the act as appalling. He said: “I just think it is appalling for ordinary Muslims and there is an excellent community in Watford.

“I have written to the minister (at the Home Office) as they are tracking patterns around the country. The authorities are looking at people who write the same stuff in the same style.” (You mean like Muslims who do this sort of thing to get attention?)

Mr ‘dhimmi douchebag’ Harrington commended Watford Borough Council for moving quickly to blur out the word Quran. He added: “I noticed it was spelt properly, which rules out some of the type of people who do this sort of thing.”