Gurgle…Gurgle…Australia leaves ‘asylum’ seekers bodies in the water after 55 drown off Christmas Island

AC72812-600x450Thirteen Muslim (no doubt) economic asylum seekers were confirmed dead and dozens missing after a suspected people-smuggling boat sank off Australia’s remote Christmas Island. Australian authorities have found no survivors in a search for a boat carrying 55 asylum seekers that capsized near Christmas Island.

All Voices  (h/t bonampak) A boat carrying up to 60 asylum welfare seekers has capsized in the Indian Ocean en route to Australia, with 13 people confirmed dead and no survivors found by the fourth day of searching, an official said on Sunday.


Speaking to reporters in Canberra, Mr Clare said about 55 people were earlier seen on the deck of the vessel in waters off Western Australia’s north coast. He said they were mostly adult men, but included a small number of women and children.

Up to 60 people are believed to have been aboard the boat, which was headed for Christmas Island where Australia operates a detention camp for asylum seekers, Australian Maritime Safety Authority spokeswoman Jo Meehan said. Their nationalities are unknown.

A navy ship was sent to intercept the boat, but was unable to find it on reaching the area early Thursday. The search then began. An air crew spotted the submerged hull and a body on Friday 120 kilometers (75 nautical miles) northwest of the island. The wreckage had apparently drifted there from the unknown scene where it capsized.

The most popular route to Australia for Muslim illegal aliens
The most popular route to Australia for Muslim illegal aliens

Since then, a total of 13 bodies, debris and life jackets had been spotted from search ships and aircraft, Clare said.

Boarder Protection Commander Read Adm. David Johnston said no bodies had been recovered. “The recovery of bodies is complex and time consuming, so all the surface vessels are continuing (the search) because it remains possible that there are survivors in the water,” he said. Since then a total of 13 bodies, debris and life jackets had been spotted from search ships and aircraft, Clare said.

Muslim Asylum Seekers from Iraq and Iran Tragically Lose Their Bid to Cash in on the Generous Welfare Benefits that Lured Them in After Australia's Labor Government Under Julia Gillard Struck Down Anti-Boat People Laws
Muslim Asylum Seekers from Iraq and Iran looking to
cash in on the generous welfare benefits that
lured them in after Australia’s Labor Government under
Julia Gillard struck down Anti-Boat People Laws

Because of Christmas Island’s close proximity to Indonesia it is the most popular destination for asylum seekers who pay people smugglers to take them by boat from Indonesian ports to Australia. Many of the asylum seekers come from Afghanistan, Iran and Sri Lanka. (Yet instead of asking for asylum in a MUSLIM country like Indonesia, they insist on going to Australia where they can live off the dole)

This is the second asylum seeker boat to capsize while on its way to Australia this year alone. In the previous sinking, a pregnant woman and a young boy died. Two boats capsized last year, and over 100 people were killed.



• This is all a result of the weakening of Australia’s border protection laws brought in by the Howard Govt and rolled back by the Labor/Greens coalition.

• Thank Godski, Gillard will be Gonski on Clean Up OZ Day 14/9, this will allowTony Abbott to move this country forward into a prosperous new beginning and excise the canker of the last five years of government incompetence. Tony Abbott will “Stop the Boats” and in doing so stop these needless deaths.

• I want to know what those children in adult bodies, like Sarah Hanson-Young have to say about this situation. She and the deluded gang of out of work lawyers who believe in an “Open Borders” policy have spent years not only encouraging but coaching these desperate people in the art of beating the Australian immigration system.

• There is a never ending queue of hundreds of millions of people (over a billion living in destitute poverty and under physical threat) who would “Come To Australia”, “The Land Of Plenty”, “The Golden Eldorado” if they could only get here, legally or not, even if it means crawling over the bodies of those who went before them and in this process change Australian society forever.

• The responsibility for this catastrophe should be laid directly at the feet of “The Greens Party”. Don’t try to hide behind your naïve ideology Greens. Step out into the clear light of day and justify your position.