GERMANY: Muslim NO-GO areas where even the police are afraid to go

Unknown-1I know it sounds unbelievable. This IS Germany, after all. But political correctness and leftover WWII fear of persecuting a religious group has all but paralyzed their ability to deal with Muslims as they would any other ethnic group of thugs.

In this video, the PC media cannot even bring themselves to say “Muslim” immigrants. The closest they get is to call them Arabs, which is misleading considering that most Muslims in Germany are from Turkey.

In certain areas of Germany, residents refuse to go out of their houses at night alone because of Muslim immigrants who join gangs to terrorize native citizens.

They call them ‘Los Arabs’ and as their numbers grow, they become emboldened and often clash with non-Muslim residents, police, and journalists. Young Muslims claim they have no respect for working people who only earn about 1200 – 1300 Euros. They prefer to commit burglaries where they can make up to 20,000  30,000 Euros.

As we get closer to 2029, this video becomes more relevant than ever.