SPAIN: Five Tunisian Muslim terrorists seized in Barcelona

Catalan police have arrested five Tunisian men in Barcelona for sharing over 400 videos on social networks of al-Qaeda leaders as well as footage of terrorist attacks and tutorials on bomb-making.


The Local (h/t IslamvsEurope) Operation Kartago led to the arrests of the five Muslims in the Barcelona neighbourhoods of Raval, Encants and La Mina in the early hours of Wednesday morning. The investigation began in 2012 when Spain’s national police force ascertained that the photos and videos being distributed online by the suspects were being approved and followed by a global jihadist movement.

Spain’s Interior Ministry is accusing the men of inciting Islamist terrorism and has pointed out that more arrests could take place if ongoing police searches in the Catalan capital find more extremist content being distributed online. So far more than 400 photos, videos and texts have been found, including footage of al-Qaeda leaders Bin Laden and Al-Zarqawi giving speeches, executions by firing squad, terrorist attacks, tutorials on bomb-making and muhajideen training.