UK Muslim hate preacher Anjem Choudary wants his old party boy pictures scrubbed from the internet

anjem-choudary_1202923cBNI has posted these pictures before but now that The Sun has published these pictures of the radical Muslim hate preacher Anjem Choudary partying and boozing while in college at Southhampton University,  he wants these pictures removed from the Internet. Little does he know that folks don’t much care what radical preachers want.

Daily Caller (h/t Grant B)  Now busy founding extremist groups, calling for Sharia in America and refusing to condemn terrorist attacks, old Choudaray used to spend his days parting it up, and here is the proof:







39 comments on “UK Muslim hate preacher Anjem Choudary wants his old party boy pictures scrubbed from the internet

  1. ALL the religious “better than thou” upstanding, OH So abstaining muslims are liars and hypocrites, even terrorists like Mohammed Atta,who crashed planes, partied, enjoyed topless bars, used prostitutes, and porography in the United States while proclaiming themselves to be holy and pure followers of the stuid, hateful Queeran. Many of them have been found with Kiddie Porn. They are shameful human beings and need o be banned from our country.

  2. Let him suffer the consequences of the intolerance he preaches. Send him off to some hell-hole in Crapistan and let him live under Sharia there.

  3. Break out the whips. Time to lash this Savage till his blood runs fast. If you want to preach Sharia law, then you have to obide by it and take the punishment for violating it. Then hang the bastard for instigating murder of British soldiers. Why does the UK put up with this dirt bag? If Obama had a son he would want him to be just like Choudary.

  4. When you get an email from the inbred retard asking you nicely to take these pictures down from the website, you will give him my regards the won’t you.

  5. Old Chowderhead, New Chowderhead, in each phase of life, he’s detestable. At least the old Chowderhead had a little more humanity.

    The new one would do humanity a favor and tell everybody how his prophet thought sperm’s made in the back of a man’s chest and the sun sets in a pool of mud, and then drown in it. Profound thinking from the world’s most dangerous death and moron cult.

  6. I’m sorry; guess they forgot to tell this idiot that once something goes out over the Internet, it is basically ‘out there’ FOREVER!!! There is no ‘Calling it Back’!!!

  7. No surprises here. The monster was always a monster. Now he is a monster hiding behind the evil of islam. No surprises here, just normative taqiyya from the cult of islam.

  8. I cannot understand why the British Government is keeping this asshole around he lives on welfare and assaults and condemns them whle the British taxpayers are paying for this welfare brat Its a real sick joke to say the least

    • This able-bodied parasite earns almost $38,000 per year for not working, plus a free house and free medical care. .

  9. Im sure behind closed doors this hypocrite ass bandit still drinks, smokes joints and gets off on gay and kiddie porn. Play Mr Big Man Devoted Muzzie to the outside world but behind closed doors I have no doubt its different as with most hypocrites. Thats why the Libtards/Lefties “get” the Muzzies they are all the biggest “do as I say not as I doers”.

  10. So what! His past, of “sinful” partying, isn’t important. People do change, learn to discard unproductive, often unhealthy, habits. Not that partying is necessarily either, but it can be. Choudary is an ugly man for his hatefulness, but I don’t think he’s a hypocrite. I despise him (and islam, of course), and would love to see him totally banned from making any public pronouncements. If you or I similarly commented, we might get arrested for some type of hate crime. We’d certainly get death threats.

    I don’t think he should be trying to have “compromising” photos of his young past taken off site. He should use them as an example of “before and after”. Seems to me like a good teaching tool. However, if all content in reference to this pile of shit,
    past and current, were banned (should be outlawed), the UK would be better off. Well, maybe. If he were, by some “unfortunate accident”, to suddenly disappear, oh, now that would be something to party about.

  11. A person with a “set” should print these pictures, enlarge them, and carry posters of them everywhere he speaks, including outside his mosque. Stand on public property and make sure you have someone taking a video.

  12. BNI,why hasn’t this piece of shit been prosecuted for hate speech and the murder of Lee Rigby ? I thought the two “sons of shit ” that murdered Lee Rigby were from Choudary’s “little house on the Prairie ” ?? Also,does “son of Satan” Choudary ever receive ” hate mail ” like Pam Gellar and the rest of the ” Fighters of Liberty ” ?
    I wonder when Choudary was in college doing all of that drinking, did he ever do any small farms animals like most moslems men ? I hope I pissed off at least 500 million !!

  13. so who’s going to publically flog him? strip hiim naked and use a cat o” nine tails would be a good idea.

    • What a fat hairy horrific sight that would be! an old fashioned English PUBLIC flogging would be best where the local infidels could throw pork fat, bacon rashers and pigs blood on him..spit on him too…thats what would have happened in the good ole days when the English had balls.

  14. Old Ass-Jam Chardonnay doesn’t like the truth about his infidel lifestyle coming out. Too bad old boy you let them take pictures of you so live with it you hypocritical pedophile loving ass bandit.

  15. Right next to those pix of Obummah smoking a joint at Columbia. Or wherever he actually was when he was supposed to be at Columbia.

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