BELGIUM: Sharia law without firing a shot or flying planes into buildings

imran320Recent reports say Brussels will have a Muslim majority by 2030, maybe sooner. There already is a Muslim political party – ‘Islam Party’ – that has won seats in Parliament from Muslim-majority areas. The stated goal of this party is: to create an Islamic state in Belgium based on Sharia law.

Church&State  Philip Claeys, a Member of the European Parliament for Flanders with the Vlaams Belang, a Flemish nationalist party that is opposed to multiculturalism and further Muslim immigration, said: “It is very worrying to see what is happening. We see people with an Islamic background forming their own political party and demanding the introduction of Sharia law and an Islamic state in Belgium. Until now Muslim people mainly supported Socialist parties and other leftist parties. But now they feel confident enough to establish their own party.”

Claeys said he believes it is a “big problem” when people who move to Belgium do not respect the separation of Mosque and State, or the equality of men and women and the rule of law. He said: “We should put a stop to this mass immigration of people coming from outside Europe, mainly Islamic countries, of people who cannot and will not adapt to our way of living in Western Europe.”

The parliamentary initiative is in response to Lhoucine Aït Jeddig and Redouane Ahrouch, both from the fledgling Islam Party, who in October 2012 won seats in two heavily Islamized municipalities of Brussels, Molenbeek-Saint-Jean and Anderlecht, respectively. 


During a post-election press conference in Brussels on October 25, the two councilors, who were officially sworn in on December 3, said they regard their election as key to the assertion of the Muslim community in Belgium.

Ahrouch said: “We are elected Islamists but above all we are Muslims. Islam is compatible with the laws of the Belgian people. As elected Muslims, we embrace the Koran and the tradition of the Prophet Mohammed. We believe Islam is a universal religion. Our presence on the town council will give us the opportunity to express ourselves,” said Ahrouch, who refuses to shake hands or make eye contact with females in public.


The Islam Party, which plans to field candidates in European-level elections in 2014, campaigned on three core issues: ensuring that halal [religiously permissible] meals are served in public school cafeterias, securing the official recognition of Muslim religious holidays, and pushing for a law that would legalize the wearing of Islamic headscarves in public spaces.

Ahrouch previously founded a political party called “Noor: Le Parti Islamique,” which promotes a 40-point program based on Sharia law. These points include, among other items: 7) abolishing interest payments [riba] in the Belgian banking sector; 10) redesigning the Belgian judiciary to comply with Islamic law; 11) restoring capital punishment; 12) prohibiting alcohol and cigarettes; 15) promoting teenage marriage; 16) segregating males and females in public spaces; 20) outlaw gambling and the lottery; and 39) creating an official Islamic alms fund [Zakat].

Ahrouch says that his ultimate goal — creating an Islamic state in Belgium based on Islamic Sharia law — has not changed.





























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  1. wildrover,

    Sorry you never were able to visit Australia; by your travel experience I believe you would have enjoyed the visit. I have the highest respect for every member of the Western World Military that stands true in opposition against ‘Totalitarian Regimes’ fighting for the right of people to live ‘Free.’

    I have no respect for any Muslim that reveres ‘Pedophile Muhammad’ and approves 7th Century Anti-Freedom Totalitarian Sharia Law.

    And I have nothing but contempt for every Politician and every person that accepts and tolerates Islamization of the Western World; being afraid to speak against Islam.

  2. Bni I could be wrong but “oh really” is probably monkey boy. Allen u r a cool individual. I was in the military & did two overseas tours for a total of 4 1/2 yrs . I travelled to 19 different countries. Never made it to your country however.

  3. BNI,

    The reponse was to the pen name ‘Oh really’ up above in comments list.

  4. OH really,

    You are clearly emotionally charged, your writing style tells me that you are oversensitive and over reactive. Your abusive response tells me that you do not have ‘Emotional Intelligence’ and that you are easily offended over the silliest of issues. I like your words ‘Key Board Warriors’ but in reality it has limited meaning because all writers on computer, in newspapers, magazines and books are key board warriors including the records of scientists and even Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics was recorded by ‘Record Warriors’; without such academic warriors civilization would never have evolved in technology to the station level we now hold. It will always be ‘Key Board Warriors’ that progressively help society evolve for better or worse.

    I don’t know what position you held in the military but if you were truly disciplined in thinking and behaviour you would know that a professional has no right to lose their cool and must be the eye of calm in a storm; this living process is called ‘Emotional Intelligence.’ A good communication skill starts with E.I.; a person that does not possess E.I. is usually a weaker communicator.

    Because I am not a religious person I don’t agree with ‘wildrover’s 12:37 am comments’ but for the purpose of this website it does not need response. Our agree to disagree on issues is called ‘Freedom of Speech’ and that is exactly what BNI is defending the right of every person to live ‘Free in Speech’ and ‘Free in Choice’ –in a ‘Free World’ we do not have to agree with each other but we do have to respect each others right to disagree and each others right to live in peace free from ‘Jihad Totalitarian Attack.’

    One thing all regular supporters of BNI do agree upon as a ‘United Front’ and that is that ‘Anti-Freedom Totalitarian Islam’ using ‘Geert Wilders’ words “is not compatible with the Western World, not now, not ever.” And that is the core reason for the existence of BNI reporting to oppose ‘Islamization of the Western World.’ This fight is not about hate, it is about ‘Liberty’ we are all fighting in own way to ‘Preserve and Protect ‘Freedom of Expression in Speech and Choice.’

    Beyond a shadow of doubt; Islam must not only be stopped, Islam must be closed down, and Islam must be banned in the West. Islam is and has always been a ‘Political Ideology Cult;’ Islam is not a religion and it is time for the world to wake up and recognise this ‘Hard Core Fact.’

    Because Islam is a cult it is not protected by the USA 1st Amendment and that is a fact that politicians need to learn.

    And Pamela Gellar like many writers and speakers against Islam is an excellent very professional ‘Warrior Against Islam.’ I suggest you focus on upgrading your education by reading more books tabling the ‘Dark Truth about Islam.’

  5. This ‘Prophesy News’ is disturbing but not surprising; Britain is at high risk to be next ruled by ‘Sharia Law.’ The ‘Fall of Europe’ will create a ‘High Risk’ of becoming the ‘Fall of Australia, America and Canada.’ Therefore we must all united fight hard to defend Europe, to protect and preserve Freedom not only in our own Nation but also in every Western Nation.

    It seems we have no choice but to organise and mobilise all ‘Freedom Fighters’ to unite together and march together at the exact time protesting against Islam on ‘D’ Day 11th September 2024. We need to work towards ‘Marketing’ this Global commitment for a ‘D’ Day March on 11th September 2024. From this day after ‘Global Marches’ must begin as annual events.

    The only way to defeat Islam is to expose it head-on by encouraging every ‘Jihad Muslim’ to march against us- the battle consequence is called ‘legalised self-defence;’ sadly we now have no choice but to recognise hard reality- to live ‘Free’ we must fight!

  6. Bni, I read the bible & pray to the God of the bible I am a Zionist, patriot & hard core right winger. I think you are awesome, I think Pamella Geller is awesome. I believe every mosque in USA needs to be shut dowm, islam outlawed, & all muslims deported from USA. This probably won’t happen. My question to you is is monkey boy a regular poster & why is he allowed to post derogatory comments to fans of you & Pam? Just wondering:)

    • wild, Monkey boy is new and probably won’t be here long. I allow a certain number of derogatory comments from imbeciles, just to let my readers know what the rest of the uninformed world is thinking. And BNI also has several attack dogs whom I like to throw red meat once in awhile.

    • Well I see it is quite OK for some of your key board warriors to use langauge and comment to whom ever they like yet, I am now being the subject of hurt feelings. My comments actually were on target especially about GOD WILL NOT BE MOCKED???

      That to me is exactly the same as ALLAH will not be mocked. Hmm seems like the rules are the idea tool of tyranny here. Actually I thought this would be a enlightened site since so many key board warriors are always thrusting their opinions out there. I do not believe many have actually been to East Asia, Middle East,Singapore ETC but are the first to talk shit!

      Myself have been up against these goons since 1980! Former military and now a contractor. I also do not believe any of you have a real clue.

      My apologies to you Westborro fanatics and really what a sad life to live on a piece of shit free site!

      Now fuck off ass holes! OH who is the whore Pam any ways?

  7. Ha Ha Ha these ass clowns ignore how many defeats that have been handed to them, Now I consider Islam and Sharia and all those who practice it and live the life style to be a threat to myself and to my family.

    I am a huge supporter of STAN YOUR GROUND.

  8. Hitler comming back to europe!!!!…and again the lefhtist will promove the great war, as did chamberlain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Our grand parents did fight, did dye for freedom, for democracy, Just 70 years, and the lefhists, do in the same to the world

  9. I always come back to the 28 Days Later graffiti: “The end is fucking nigh.” Only, it’s not. When the blinkering eyes of the West finally open Islam will be a dead memory. Do you think a sharia government can’t be overthrown? Of course there will be casualties but Islam won’t survive in the civilized world.

  10. Islam hs to be re classified, not as a religion but as a political construct in direct contrast to our Democratic principles, freedom of Speech, Equality of races and gender, in fact totally against the Charter of Human Rights thus making it ineligible to be considered as a political option in Western societies.. when that happens END OF PROBLEM

  11. One of Karl Popper’s most prescient comments was that any social movement creates an equal and opposite reaction. The Sharia party should expect resistance.

  12. Ancient Israel was punished by God when they strayed from there devotion to Him. He used hostile peoples to subjugate & humiliate them. Whether you can see this or accept this—this is exactly what is happening in europe & soon coming to the USA. It is recorded in the Old Testament for our warnings. God will not be mocked.

  13. The sad thing about this is that a lot of people have no idea what Islam is, so, they believe that we’re just out to attack minorities due to the political climate. Well, in most cases, that’s just plain wrong.

    Islam is a serious threat because of what it is, it doesn’t have to be “extremist” at all. Islam MUST be spread worldwide, and by force if need be. That’s the actual doctrine. Also Islam has NEVER been a peaceful doctrine. Just go from the 600’s onwards.

    Anyone who claims Islam is peaceful has never picked up a history book. Just because your neighbor is a good peaceful guy – means nothing – for every 1 Muslim who is just a Muslim and doesn’t put much thought into it there are at least 50-70 that take the doctrine, very very seriously.

  14. It’s exactly how Hitler did it back in the 30’s and even got a man of the Year award in 1939.(Didn’t Barry Soetoro get a Nobel Peace Price??)
    In Hitler’s “Enabling Act” everything done was perfectly “LEGAL” and that is the downfall of a democratic society when the Majority rules. If you have a Dictator in charge You ALL get what you asked for!
    Learn from History, or you are doomed to repeat it.
    Are WE prepared to give up 6,000,000 lives to a war which will cost devastation and destruction to even our own country?
    Are WE prepared to lose American lives?
    Or, ….is there a more Sinister plan going on to “reduce” the World’s Population down to just a few million so the rest can benefit from it all?
    After all, isn’t THAT what it is ALL about !!!???
    He with the most TOYS wins!!!???
    We all die…………..but maybe We don’t ALL go to Heaven.(If there is one)Another discussion….JC

  15. Belgium will be a good example of what the other European countries can learn from the take over of Belgium by muslims and their 7th century draconain laws, before it is too late. Belgium can become the 60th hell hole muslim controlled country in the world. Will Belgium do what needs to be done such as stopping all further muslim immigration, deport all illegal and convicted muslims and so on? I hope that they have the will. Since they still have a majority until 2020 with democracy they can still win to keep their country free.

  16. Why come to a country that you HATE and want to WRECK?

    Belgians and ALL Europeans have no need to commit national suicide.

    Why are we in the West inviting those who hate our values and system of law and system of government?

    • Because the West believes in “The community of ideas.” That’s actually a good thing. I love learning about new cultures and trying new foods etc.

      But, what most people in the West don’t understand is that Islam is not Cinco De Mayo, it’s not Buddhism or Yoga.

      There is no concept of collaboration and mutual learning in Islam – Islam is a totalitarian doctrine. It’s Islam or death, there is no in between.

      What people have to realize is the REALITY of Islam, it’s history and understand that you CANNOT absorb a non-tolerant, violent doctrine into the Western ideal.

      “Islam is compatible with the laws of the Belgian people.”

      No it’s not and it should be noted that a leader of Belgium doesn’t not consider himself Belgian, he can’t because of Islam which comes above all.

      Think about that long and hard folks.

  17. If Islam actually does succeed in taking over Belgium, it will go from being a first world nation to a third world nation within ten years of Islam becoming dominant.

    Belgium makes a good chunk of its money from wine and cheese exports and yes, also pork products. Tourism is also a big element in its economy. And because an Islamic Belgium will not be producing those things anymore because they are haram, it will lose much of its income. An Islamic Sharia Belgium, you can bet will not attract many tourists, with women dressed in hijabs and niqabs and public lashings and beheadings, no wine and pork products, with beaches restricted to males only and women all covered up if they are allowed on beaches — it would rather deter tourism, I would think. Just like Saudi Arabia…

    It is like World War II in slow motion. Hitler, early in the war, invaded Belgium and the Netherlands on his way to invading France…and guess which European countries are now most under siege with Islamism?…Belgium and the Netherlands! And then there’s Scandinavia. Hitler invaded Norway very early in the war too, and Denmark. Norway, Sweden, and Denmark have very strong Islamic elements, today. And unlike World War II, Sweden will not have the option to remain neutral. France and the UK were in danger. France was conquered by Hitler in 1940 and the UK was in great peril until the United States stepped up. Islam is pushing its way in France and the UK.

    I wonder what will be the “Pearl Harbor” or the “Lusitania” (World War I) in this slow motion war?

    • I thought that 9-11 with 3000 murdered, would be the turning point. Wrong. Perhaps an atomic bomb built and sold to terrorists by iran that takes out an American city will be the catalyst for the 180 degree turn around. I pray that we do not need a Pearl Harbor for all of America to wake up.

  18. i guess Europe is headed back to the dark Ages because of the refusal to stop immigration and bending over backward for muslims. they are a bunch of hypocrites they hate our way of lifeand demand to rule by their won laws but they are completely unhappy in their won countries yet have to piss on the rest of us.

  19. Repulsive. They must elect leaders who will legislate limits on Muslim family sizes. Allow one child per adult male and take any children over this limit from the families and ring them up as native Belgians. China did it and so must Belgium. And force families to send their children to nationalistic Belgium schools and require the children to join extra-curricular nationalistic groups like Air Cadets. Make scholarships for girls and make benefits to Muslims dependent on them promoting their daughters to be educated in western values. Get tough, Belgium!

  20. And the dominoes start to fall! I cannot imagine anything on this earth more horrible than living under sharia law. To actually be governed by satan!!!!!!! How horrible! HOW HORRIBLE! Pure evil in control!!