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CAIR-Philadelphia Job Announcement



Job Title: Executive Director

Start: Immediately

Salary: Based on Experience

Benefits: Full health benefits and generous vacation benefits (and all the barbarically-slaughtered halal meat you can eat)

CAIR-PA seeks an exceptional leader to fill the Executive Director position at its Philadelphia office. The candidate should demonstrate the ability and commitment to engage deceive the (infidel) community, partner and collaborate with other (Muslim Brotherhood-linked) organizations, as well as lead and inspire staff to achieve the CAIR-PA mission and vision (Islamization of America).

The successful candidate will work closely with the CAIR-PA Executive Committee to develop and maintain the (subversive) programs of CAIR-PA. He or she will develop impactful (dhimmi) relationships with media, community leaders, area congregations, and civil rights organizations;

The successful candidate will have demonstrated experience or expertise in civil rights (Anti-American) issues or leadership of non-profit organizations. An educational background in law is preferred (We sue everyone!);

The successful applicant will have a broad knowledge of Islam and Muslims (from CAIR-approved sources only)  and be able to present (whitewashed) information about Islam and Muslims in an educated, balanced, and taqiyya-engaging way;

The successful applicant will have experience dealing with (left wing only) print, television, or radio media;

The successful applicant will be an exceptional writer (BS artist) and (Obama-like) speaker who can articulately handle obfuscate sensitive political situations affecting the Muslim community. He or she will draft position papers on sensitive matters in coordination with the Executive Committee for review. He or she will feel comfortable providing, receiving, and adopting constructive feedback (in other words, we tell you what to say and you damn well better say it);

The successful applicant will demonstrate his or her capacity to be a proactive (smarmy) leader in the Muslim community, organizing Delaware Valley Muslims to make important social, political, and financial contributions, often in partnership with other (pro-Muslim and leftist) congregations or social groups; and

The successful applicant will also show an ability to prioritize work readily, and be able to manage the multiple demands of a small office with limited (mostly unpaid interns) support staff. (We get tons of money from Saudi Arabia but we don’t spend much on our staff)

The CAIR-PA Philadelphia Executive Committee will be accepting applications until June 30, 2013. In-person interviews will be scheduled sometime in July 2013. Please send a resume, a cover letter, and three professional references

Please check back online for more information as it becomes available: