Oh, BOO HOO! China bans Uighur Muslim students from fasting on Ramadan

628x471China is very creative in dealing with its Muslim problem. When the Uighur separatists threatened to disrupt the Beijing Olympics, China shut down their mosques for several months prior to the Games. As it is, they are required to have State-approved imams in all mosques. The Chinese government loves to ban fasting during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, often force-feeding people if they refuse to eat. 

Uighur Muslim separatists often carry out terrorist attacks which only makes the Chinese government crack down on the whole community even harder

Uighur Muslim separatists often carry out terrorist attacks which only makes the Chinese government crack down even harder on the whole community 

OnIslam  Unlike millions of Muslims around the world, Uighur students returning for summer vacations in northwestern China are banned from fasting during the holy month of Ramadan. “They are extracting guarantees from parents, promising that their children won’t fast on Ramadan,” Dilxat Raxit, Sweden-based spokesman for the exile World Uighur Congress (WUC), told Radio Free Asia on Thursday, June 13.

Activists have also complained that Uighur students are being stripped of their mobile phones ahead of Ramadan. “After the students get back to their hometowns, those with cell phones and computers must hand them in to the police for searching,” said Raxit. “If they don’t hand them over and are reported or caught by the authorities, then they will have to bear the consequences.”

Guidance posted on government websites called on Communist Party leaders to restrict Muslim religious activities during the holy month, including fasting and visiting mosques. The government has banned any public religious activities by the region's Muslims

Guidance posted on government websites called on Communist Party leaders to restrict Muslim religious activities during the holy month, including fasting and visiting mosques.
The government has banned any public religious activities by the region’s Muslims

Students defying the restrictions are being reported to authorities for punishment. “They have also made groups of 10 households responsible for spying on each other, so that if a single child from one family fasts for Ramadan, or takes part in religious activities, then all 10 families will be fined,” Raxit said.

Ramadan, the holiest month in Islamic calendar, is set to start next month. In Ramadan, adult Muslims abstain from food, drink, smoking and sex between dawn and sunset. Religious officials have confirmed that Ramadan fasting is banned for Uighur Muslim students.

“The students and the teachers have to report to their schools every Friday, even during the vacation. “It’s like regular lessons,” he said, adding that the students would also be eating there.

The pre-Ramadan restrictions come ahead of the fourth anniversary of deadly Muslim riots in Xinjiang, which left nearly 200 people dead. Chinese authorities have convicted about 200 people, mostly Uighurs, over the riots and sentenced 26 of them to death.

Many Chinese citizens were killed and wounded in violence by the Uighur Muslim separatists

Many Chinese citizens were killed and wounded in violence by the Uighur Muslim separatists

Xinjiang has been autonomous since 1955 but continues to be the subject of massive security crackdowns by Chinese authorities. Rights groups accuse Chinese authorities of religious repression against Uighur Muslims in the name of counter terrorism. Muslims accuses the government of settling millions of ethnic Han in their territory with the ultimate goal of obliterating its identity and culture.

Analysts say the policy of transferring Han Chinese to Xinjiang to consolidate Beijing’s authority has increased the proportion of Han in the region from five percent in the 1940s to more than 40 percent now.

Many Uighurs accuse China's rulers of religious and political persecution, while complaining that their homeland is being inundated with the nation's dominant Han ethnic group.

Many Uighurs accuse China’s rulers of religious and political persecution, while complaining that their homeland is being inundated with the nation’s dominant Han ethnic group.

Beijing views the vast region of Xinjiang as an invaluable asset because of its crucial strategic location near Central Asia and its large oil and gas reserves.














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  1. Acctually China is doing the right things, I am a chinese, I know these people. Musilm are killing innocent every year, I saw the dead body my self when I was in XinJiang Province,But the BBC AND CNN just report how our polices man to order these crazy nuts. The police doing very well,. accutally IN china these muslim are well -treated. our goverment give them many help like jobs and money, china is want peace,but these muslim want war. this is the truth.

    • Gbone, so happy to hear from somebody from that region. I have posted a lot of stories about the Uighur Muslims there. Just enter “China” Uighur Muslims into the Search Box and you can see them

    • In China the CCP even gather beef and lamb from other provinces to feed Muslims in Xinjiang, yes they give meet to them for free! Feels like we Chinese don’t like beef at all !!

      Then guess what? Muslims are still unhappy, they don’t want to be a member of country, they want to rule—under the name of Allah.

  2. I am a Muslim alhamdulillah . Allah see everything you all non Muslim doing with us it’s bad. In Quran says once a time came all we Muslim brotherhood beaten up by non Muslim .and it’s gonna be end up so quicker . We Muslim will win. And we will lead whole world. Insha’ Allah on the day of judgement you all Muslim gonna be in hell, but we all Muslim can pray for you Islam mean peace not violence.

    • Save your Islam trash ideology, I’m Chinese, I’m for it. Many you people are just barbarian in china(there are few good muslim), besides Stealing and deceiving what can u do? Now some of you are bombing the cities, killing innocent people, this is what you deserve. In your hell dreams you will lead china, the government and the Chinese will beat the shit out of you. Next time muslim extremists try to cross the line, your mosque will be destroyed, trust me, the government will.

  3. Reveal what is in your hearts more and more, so the sleeping Muslims who have loved this world more than life in the hereafter would wake up.

    O you who have believed, do not take as intimates those other than yourselves, for they will not spare you [any] ruin. They wish you would have hardship. Hatred has already appeared from their mouths, and what their breasts conceal is greater. We have certainly made clear to you the signs, if you will use reason. (Qur’an 3:118)

    • How can a Muslim talk about freedom of religion? Do you Muslim have freedom of religion?

      What will happen if a Muslim wants to turn to another religion, is it allowed by Muslims? WHAT WILL YOU DO TO HIM? BEHEADING? What have you done to your non Muslim neighborhoods when you are the majority in community?

      Muslim is the exact group who give the least freedom of religion to themselves and others, YOU DON’T HAVE THE RIGHT TALKING ABOUT FREEDOM OF RELIGION

  4. Its been proven in history that those who hated Islam the most will embrace it when the truth is reveal before them. May God bless u and guide u from this valley 9f hatred

  5. As an agnostic who doesn’t believe any religion, and find them awfully dangerous for society, I read along your comments, and felt that I had to take side here. I scrolled down on comments with growing shame and disgust. You guys call yourselves human and made these kind of comments. You’re all shame of humanity. Double-standard so-called civilized hate-mongers, that’s what you are. If you can’t feel one’s suffer because he’s not like you, you monk their suffer because they have different choices than you… you can’t be human, regardless you look like one. Shame on you, shame on you all!

    • And in Australia as well. I know a Uighur girl whose parents are mid-high position communism party members, she got political asylum visa last year. She told me all her “brothers and sisters” here live on centerlink and take another secret job paying no tax.

      I have a job and I pay tax, every time when I remind myself that part of my tax goes to them I feel upset. They told lie about how we bully them, got a VISA, then not take my tax. Even in China her family is better than mine, she has communists parents! She is taking center link and looking for a house to buy!

      Crazy world and stupid western. They will turn for sure.

  6. How do you ban fasting? Do they force feed them? I can see banning gatherings or events, but fasting is an individual thing, impossible to control. I thought the Chinese were practical, but this makes no sense.

  7. I guess karma does exist. At least in Russia and china. These Muslims are getting the same medicine they have been using on everyone else. In fact the Chinese are being down right polite about how they treat these troglodytes. If the tables had been turned, the Muslims would have behaved far worse. The world must view Islam as a backward religion and discriminate against it just as it would any other dangerous cult. Only then can Islam be contained. Only then will they start behaving in a civilized way. They must realize that they will be punished for stepping out of line. F you cuddle them, they will go for your throat.

  8. “China The Police State”. Yep. That’s true (you can get arrested for being ‘rude’), but coming from a muslim that is just too sweet. Soooo sweet I may have to use it on my pudding in fact.

  9. It’s true that China doesn’t mess around nor does China care about human rights. They oppress if they want and don’t care what the world thinks. But China has come a long way and can be a great asset to the world if it continues. Still, the way it inflates currency to win an economic advantage in the world is worrying because of its essential criminality. Free speech used to criticize government in China is punishable under their laws, remember. No barenakedislam.com forum on rights abuses in a world governed by Chinese rule. But if China comes onside, it can be a great asset in fighting radical Islam.

  10. They should force feed them hoisin glazed barbecued pork ribs, at Ramadan as part of a toughening up policy.

    It doesn’t look like you get many Muslims in China looking for things to maon and complain about, that’s for sure.

    • PS Isn’t it strange when Muslims take to the streets in the west they look like there about to go into full ape shit Jihad syndrome, and carry banners say ‘Freedom and democracy can go to hell’. When they take to the streets in a communist country they look like butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths and carry banners saying ‘Democracy and justice for Uighurs’. And where all the ‘Behead all those who insult Islam’ banners? Maybe Anjem Choudray couldn’t get them printed in time for them.

      • Now there’s a thought eie. Let’s send ANDY (loves that nic) Choudary to Uighurstan with banners like “Chinese Police Go to Hell”, and pictures of a Hamas or Hezbollah flag flying over the Great Hall of the Peoples.

    • I get the impression it’s just about clinging on and surviving for them there. LOL at their lack of privileges. Fantastic. Your pork rib initiative would make for great interrogation. “Oooopen the mouth… Here comes Mr Porky!” If nothing else it would teach their unhappy souls the joy of real meat.

  11. Kudos to our Chinese friends. Who would ever have thought that China AND Russia would be our allies…….. thats OUR allies and not the spineless cowards in the government. I think I will have a Chinese takeaway later to celebrate!

  12. The Chineses and Russian know how to handle those islamoparasites!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The funny of the story, is that the democracy values depends of Russia and China!!!!…Just amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hope for the future lies with them! A wonderful future trying to survive in a G-dless totalitarian terror state where the govt controls EVERYTHING!! No first amendment! No second amendment! No amendments at all!

      Perhaps you would be content living in N. Korea?

    • Agreed Tony. Lets hope that when our dhimmi governments sees that this is how it’s done, AND IT WORKS, then maybe, just maybe, the west will follow suit. Thank you China and Russia for setting such an excellent example to the rest of us.

  13. Chinese are smarter and will survive long after europe and USA falls into
    pislamic hell…………unless the non muslims organise and politically
    stop the creeping islamisation.

    • Are ya nuts!!!???

      It is nice that they stand up to muslim aggression, yes, as the whole world should. But to have Chinese commies running our govt! It is bad enough with socialists/commie sympathizers infiltrating our govt and running amok on our constitution. There would be no constitution guaranteeing our inalienable G-d given rights and liberty with the Chinese military in control here. Just a G-dless totalitarian atheist state of abject terror, repression, and death. Death camps, re-education camps, starvation, slavery, massive property and resource confiscation, more torture than you could shake a stick at.

      The commies repress ALL religions, not just islam–Christians, Buddhists, and Falun Gong too. Tibetans used to have their own country, until the Chinese invaded and killed millions, millions in exile, and moved in so many Chinese that the Tibetans are an oppressed minority in their own country. Christians are arrested, tortured, and killed for praying in their homes. The Falun Gong are killed in such a way in prison so the govt can sell their organs for transplant. Many countries(including Israel) will not train Chinese doctors in organ transplantation because of this. And let’s not forget the genocide campaign against female babies.

      Think before you write!


      • Better Chinese than Kenyans. I’ve seen China, well a port anyway, and I’ve been to Africa many times. I’d take Chinese over Africans or Arabs any day of the week.

        Race matters. We can quit pretending it doesn’t. Did you know were are blacks rioting in China?

  14. To bad we can’t do this to the muslims in America. And cair cries when someone just says anything about muslims they don’t like. Peace to all non-muslims who wished their country did this.

    • You don’t do it to Muslims in America for two reasons:
      1. You pretend to be a liberal democracy and if you do that you will have to end your dirty hypocrisy and come out as the hate filled scum that you really are.
      2. Your leaders are to busy sucking up to the middle eastern oil sheikhs so they can not show their true hate filled colors.

      I as a Muslim I wish your governments would show their true colors then maybe all the uncle Toms will wake up, and their will be more of us. Your problems is you rely on brute force and we just rely ob the truth so I wish it would come out.

        • I was born in the west again for two reasons:

          1. As a mixed race person I would not have been born if white men had the balls to tell their daughters and sisters to not marry black men.
          2. Had your leaders not been so greedy for my father’s country’s oil he would have never met my mother.

          It is now impossible to live anywhere in the world without your dirty hands getting involved in everybody’s countries. Trying to choose who rules the people and what the people should think. I would get out of the west if I could find somewhere to hide from the west.

          I assure you the Uncle Tom you have in the White House is not a Muslim and again he is also the produce of the white man’s lack of balls with the women folk.

        • Ah shoot, no reply button for that Elephant post to me, so putting it here Bonni. Did you laugh as much as I did Bonni on what he said to me ?

          Hey Elephant, you’re right in that I master the English language well enough, considering it’s my second one, not first. That’s about the only thing you have said that makes sense, because the rest frankly is pure crap. So that it’s clear, your lessons and so-called eduction and other comments, you can shove them in your lifter’s ass, because frankly, who cares ? Oh, and as for that psycho you’re referring to ? His ego was so bruised by the US passing on his “offer” that all he could think of was pure revenge, full stop.

          Bring on all the upset and offense you want though and see if I care, and what your arrogance fails to let you understand is that when all of you lots will have bit the dust and fallen to oblivion, we however will still be going strong.

        • That is the reply I expect from a cowardly bully.So thank you, you have proved a point.

      • Hey Elephant asslifter, you wouldn’t know the truth if it hit you square in your lying face, to begin with. Then you would have us believe you know all about true colors, you the constant spewers of taqqiya ? And of course, can’t help turning tables huh, because when it comes to being hate-filled scums, that’s you obscurantists pricks who started on that one, you’ve been searching long enough so now you’ve found us, and only are reaping what you’ve been sawing and, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

        Now scram, us proud infidels have to patience for parasite scums like you.

        • I see you master the English language well, “obscuranists” is that one of your George Bush words. I pity you as a people with so much wealth yet so little education.
          Now let me educate you about the red neck drivel that is spewing out of you mouth.
          1. Taqqiya is a Shia concept who are only 10% of the Muslims.
          2. America went to war with the Sunni Muslims not the Shia.
          3. Bin Ladin was one of America’s agents, and the Bush family still do business with his family, the Bin Laden corporation.
          4. It is so easy to control an uneducated peoplem all your leaders have to do is say “those are bad people” or “those are Americas enemies” and you lot start shouting, screaming and hating without thinking. There is more reasoning in a flock of sheep than a bunch of red necks.
          5. Sensible Muslims do not beef with America their beef is with their CIA agent rulers.
          6. There is no need to fight a dying race most of your men are marrying each other and soon there will not be anymore white babies.
          7. I did not need to write a single profane word to reply to you and upset and offend you. do you know why that is?
          It is because my brain is superior to yours because my grandfather is my grandfather unlike your who is also your father.

        • So your second language is English, now I understand your another Uncle Tom sucking up to massa

        • As if I give a fuck you bunch of redneck ass hole sodomites. Go fuck yourself and your website and all the pricks who follow you.

  15. Well done China. The west can learn from your efforts to control the muslims. I doubt that they will but at least they have an example of what it will take to control the muslims

  16. When it comes to the treatment of Muslims, GO CHINA! I hope the Chinese immigrants to the US/Canada share this mentality…

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