SHAME ON ABC! They can’t find any Americans with justifiable anti-Muslim sentiment to report on so they use actors to play redneck ‘Islamophobes’


John Quinones of ABC News did the same thing a few years ago. Inside a deli they have an actor pretending to be an anti-Muslim bigot berating and insulting an oh-so-innocent sounding Muslim clerk to see what the reactions of other people in the store would be. They even use an actor dressed up like an American soldier to stick up for the Muslim clerk.

images-1Hey John, how about showing how Muslims treat Christians in the Middle East, only you won’t have to get actors. I can send you footage of Muslims beheading Christians just for being Christians. Or how about Muslims burning down churches and raping Christian girls to force them to convert to Islam. I’ve got a ton of  true stories and can give you updates on a daily basis. Stop pushing propaganda you were given right out of the terror-linked CAIR playbook. You’re not fooling anyone.

Four years ago, ABC News pulled the same stupid stunt (below).