CAIR wants woman who was panicked by Muslim taxi driver to be prosecuted for a ‘hate’ crime

Jerry laughsTerror-linked CAIR is asking prosecutors to bring ‘hate’ crime charges against a woman whose anti-Muslim rant and alleged finger poking of a Virginia Muslim taxi driver was caught on 911 recordings and on the cabbie’s tablet computer.

cairvi-viThis is the second time CAIR has sought hate crime charges for an ‘assault’ on a Muslim cabbie in that state. In the most recent case, a woman shouting obscenities called 911 claiming she was afraid for her life because the taxi driver, Abdikar Aden, was “very Muslim.” The driver reported to CAIR that the woman poked him repeatedly in the back during the incident.

Aden said the woman, identified in the police report as Jennifer Crabbe of Ashburn, Va., reportedly claimed that Muslims come to America and work as taxi drivers to save money so they can blow themselves up. He said that when the woman poked him and threatened to have him deported, he pulled over and called 911.  The woman, who used the F-word more than a dozen times, was recorded saying, “I have some Muslim guy, which I am very scared, who is our taxi driver.”