CANADA: Somali Muslims claim ‘police brutality’ in raid which seized Somali gang members, drugs, and weapons

Days after dismantling a dangerous Etobicoke gang without firing a shot, police officers have come under fire from some Toronto Somalis who claim their community has been “vilified.”


SUN NEWS It takes a lot of chutzpah to put the blame for the failings of one’s own community on police when it is those brave men and women who prevented a disgusting situation from becoming deadly. But that’s what some so-called Somali-Canadian community leaders were trying to push in the wake of Project Traveller. Outraged Somali-Canadian community members are accusing Toronto police and tactical squads of racial profiling and unnecessary abuse of  ‘innocent’ residents during last week’s raids in the city’s west end.


A year-long investigation into gun and drug trafficking, dubbed Project Traveller, culminated last Thursday in a series of pre-dawn raids aimed at taking down the Dixon City Bloods. 

During the operation, 44 people were arrested on more than 220 charges, most taken into custody Thursday but some nabbed earlier in the investigation to prevent potential violence. Officers took 42 guns off the street and seized 175,000 grams of assorted drugs and more than $570,000 in cash.

Project Traveller Raids

Police spokesman, Mark Pogash, wondered why nobody at the news conference talked about those who have been victimized by the Dixon City Bloods, a gang that is allegedly responsible for shootings and possibly murder. He said the anger voiced by those community leaders was misdirected and they should be criticizing the accused gang members who used their parents’ and grandparents’ homes as “a sanctuary.”

SUN NEWS  “After the raids, many Somalian community members felt victimized and traumatized as a result of the ‘reckless’ manner in which the officers forcibly entered their homes,” community activist Mahad Yusuf told a news conference. “The community members are angry about the destruction of their property, the disrespectful comments made by police and the police brutality.”


How about all the lives they saved?

How about the 42 guns seized and the Taser?

How about the 100 rounds of ammunition?

How about the $3 million in deadly drugs found near the playgrounds?

How about the dismantling of vicious street gangs?

How about the 44 arrests and 220 charges?

How about a “thank you” for the Toronto Police? That’s what should have come Tuesday. Instead, for ending the buildup of a war cache, all police got was spit on.

What happens to a small town when Somali Muslims are put there by the government?