Mosque supremacists whine that the town of Chino, San Bernadino County, CA is “very anti-Muslim” (Uh, yep!)

20120531_032403_SanBernardinoTileGet used to it, Muslims, it’s becoming an epidemic in towns and cities all over America. Proponents of the proposed Al-Nur mosque in an unincorporated area near Chino claim residents are fearful of Muslims coming to their community. (EVERYBODY is fearful when Muslims move in)

Daily Bulletin  Neighbors of the proposed Islamic center have been in a legal battle with members of the Bangladeshi Sunni (al-Qaeda) Muslim group over the building of a 7,512-square-foot mosque on 1.5 acres.


A court ruling earlier this year found the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors’ approval of the project was justified but still ruled the Muslim group would have to certify the facility’s septic system to comply with county and state environmental codes.

The group is allowed to use the center — at 4797 Phillips Blvd. — in an unincorporated area between Ontario and Chino, as a temporary prayer center, with no more than 30 people using the site for daily services.

Proponents of the center say the neighbors have an bias against Muslims and will continue to fight the expansion of the building. “I believe that the issue is not the septic tank but rather Islamophobia,” said Rashid Ahmed, the chairman of Al-Nur Islamic Center. “They think Islam is coming to their neighborhood and it’s going to destroy their culture. (With good reason, Islam destroys every culture it infiltrates)


“This neighborhood for some reason doesn’t like us; (for SOME reason? How about 1,000 reasons?) otherwise, why are they filing one lawsuit after another, wasting their money, appeal after appeal?” Ahmed said.

But the legal counsel for the neighbors, who formed Save Our Uniquely Rural Community Environment, said the Muslim group’s claim of Islamophobia is “ridiculous.” (Hating Islam isn’t a phobia, it’s self-defense)

“It has nothing to do with religion. (Yes, it does, but they aren’t allowed to say so) It was the mosque’s lawyers who made it about religion. From day one, they were threatening to sue the county under RLUIPA,” said Vic Otten, an attorney representing the Chino residents said, referring to the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act.


“Our clients never made this about religion, they simply don’t want a commercial establishment in their rural neighborhood.” (It IS about the religion) Federal law protects individuals, houses of worship and other religious institutions from discrimination in zoning laws, according to the U.S. Department of Justice’s website. Otten said the mosque’s expansion would be like “putting a 7-Eleven next to your house.” (But a lot noisier)

Even with the temporary-use permit to conduct daily prayers, Otten said the mosque is exceptionally busy during the month of Ramadan. “And they do it without a permit, and the county looks the other way,” he said. “Let’s take religion out of there. If you were living there, and you wanted to have a party, it wouldn’t be unacceptable. But here again the mosque is allowed to do whatever they want without any ramifications, and we have to run to court and ask an impartial judge to make them follow the law.”

Otten said his clients are filing another lawsuit this week based on the permit and sewage issue. “The end goal is to have them follow the law, and they can do what they want to do and that’s fine, but they need to follow the law, particularly (state) law that is designed to protect the environment,” he said. Ahmed said the mosque had tried to arrange a sewer connection from Chino but later found out the city could not provide those services because the project did not meet the city’s standards.

To help with the mosque’s legal battle, members of the Pomona Valley Chapter of Progressive Christians Uniting have raised almost $10,000 in support of the mosque. (Oh here we go, leftist Christians contributing money to the people whose religion orders them to kill unbelievers)

“If this was an Episcopal church, we would not have this kind of problem,” (Damn right!) said Father John Forney, chapter organizer of the interfaith group that equips individuals and communities for leadership in the 21st century, according to its website.

He too said the neighborhood is afraid of Islam and that’s either because they don’t understand it or they hate it. (Idiot, it’s because they DO understand it that they hate it)

The mosque has been the site of vandalism when three pig’s feet were seen thrown onto the center’s driveway in August 2012. A security guard said he saw two women throw the feet. Members of the Muslim religion are forbidden to eat pork. Group members called the act a “hate crime.” (Muslims call EVERYTHING a hate crime)


images From August 10, 2012 The thugs from terror-linked CAIR (Council on Anti-American Islamic Relations) are asking for a federal inquiry into an incident in which pigs legs were thrown onto the driveway of a proposed mosque site in Southern California.

The incident at the intended location of the Al-Nur Islamic Center occurred shortly before 10:00 PM on Tuesday, as about two dozen people were holding late-evening prayers under a special permit in connection with the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

The construction of a mosque at the location was approved earlier this year by San Bernardino County officials but has been held up by a lawsuit filed in April by a group of homeowners, who say it would be out of keeping with the rural character of their neighborhood and are demanding an environmental impact report.