Awwww, “Grown men look like they want to hit me,” says Muslim convert Lauren Booth

alaurahaniyehFormer Prime Minister Tony Blair’s Muslim convert sister-in-law yesterday claimed she lives in fear of being attacked when she takes public transport wearing traditional Islamic dress, following the cold-blooded slaughter of soldier Lee Rigby by a Muslim in the streets of London.

I’ve got news for you Lauren, men want to hit you whenever they see your big fat terrorist-loving ass dressed like the enemy.

UK Daily Mail (h/t Maurice) The half-sister of Cherie Blair made the comments on television as she attacked Tony Blair for ‘overseeing a war where a million people who are Muslim have been killed’. Her appearance was immediately mocked by viewers, who accused Booth, 45, of being an ‘attention whore’ for suggesting she could be a victim of the terror attack in Woolwich.

Miss Booth, who has also been criticised in recent weeks for marrying a Muslim man before he divorced his wife, appeared on ITV’s Daybreak to argue there had been a change in how Muslims in England are treated in public since Drummer Rigby was killed.