Is the TSA agent who told a 15-year-old girl to “cover herself” a Muslim?

imagesOne clue that it might be, the TSA refuses to publish his name. But if you’ve been through any airport lately, you’ll notice an unusually high number of Muslim TSA agents, no doubt an Obama-sponsored affirmative action program for third world Muslims.

TSA News (h/t Mary Lynn)  Mark Fraunfelder’s 15-year-old daughter was at LAX yesterday, (actual photo below) trying to board a flight with a group of other students on a trip to visit some colleges. Unfortunately, the U.S. government had decided ahead of time to hire tens of thousands of strangers to intimidate and abuse her (and others) as they blocked the girl’s safe passage to her airplane.


A male TSA screener, who should have been concentrating on checking passenger IDs and boarding passes, was instead glaring at the girl, mumbling. Confused and unable to hear him, she asked, “Excuse me?” He responded: “You’re only 15, COVER YOURSELF!”



For the record, she was wearing leggings and a tank top with a large red-plaid long-sleeved shirt. Most viewers would find her outfit unremarkable, but what she was wearing is beside the point. An adult male, who might easily be mistaken for an authority figure by virtue of the fake badge on his uniform, and who doesn’t even know this young woman, publicly shamed her with a creepy, sexist insult.

What this loser said speaks volumes about his attitudes: he sexualizes young girls and then blames them for his failure to conduct himself honorably. There is an implicit threat in what he said – cover yourself . . . or else? (In Muslim-speak, that means, “cover yourself or I might not be able to stop myself from raping you”)



Oh, the irony of screeners professing to be offended by a clothed teenager, after these amoral villains have spent years creating and eyeballing nude images of innocent travelers. Here we have a man who takes money to put his hands down peoples’ pants, who touches the genitalia of adults and children against their will, presuming to lecture a stranger on what is decent. (I wonder if the agent said this to her before or after he groped her?)



The TSA didn’t protect Mark Fraunfelder’s daughter. Instead, the agency dished out another dose of the sexual humiliation at which it excels (the only thing at which it excels). The TSA put this lowlife in a uniform and gave him leeway to harass women. This, along with everything else the TSA does, only makes us less safe.

I wish we could publish the name of this airport miscreant; we would if we knew it. Instead, we encourage you again to file your complaints during the last few days of the TSA’s public comment session, here. See what other people have already written, here. 





35 comments on “Is the TSA agent who told a 15-year-old girl to “cover herself” a Muslim?

  1. The name of the TSA agent is NNA ALPHA ONUOHA. He is a black man from Nigeria. People that supposedly know him said he had interest in Buddhism and likes to meditate. He was attending a church in Riverside, CA. He was in the vicinity of the church when he was arrested by the police.He lives around Los Angeles in a apartment for veterans.
    He posted in a blog and the police found a letter addressed to the parents of the girl where NAO questioned their parenting skills and that their daughter should look at the modest way the Islamic women dress and she should have them as models. ( red flags!!!!). When the girl’s parents complained to TSA about the way he addressed their daughter , TSA addressed the problem with him, and he resigned from his job. Then he started to threaten to bomb Los Angeles Int. Airport and sent threatening letters to different people… His threats were serious enough that the police started looking for him. He also created a blog page under a Muslim name , but he did not post anything on it. ( I obtained this info from different sources. ) I wonder if he is a sleeper-cell…. TSA did not release his name, but some news source did.

  2. Sorry, but my repulsion for Feminazism is no less strong than my contempt for Islam, for they are both working together in the effort to destroy Western Civilization. Underage girls are supposed to dress as underage girls, not as prostitutes.

  3. For any here who may be unaware Muslim TSA agents in our present Obamanation are no surprise at all.
    Obama was raised since birth as a Marxist-Islamist according to his purported autobiographies and the many conflicting, mutually-exclusive stores he has told about his sordid past since he first appeared on the national scene at the ‘04 DNC in Chicago.
    The autobiographies are Dreams From My Father and The Audacity of Hope. The best evidence indicates ‘60s radical Communist, unrepentant terrorist bomber of the Pentagon and a NYPD building, Bill Ayers actually wrote the books.
    In the books and other materials published with Obama’s approval, Obama has claimed or admitted he was born in Kenya, son of the Marxist-Islamist Barack Hussein Obama, a goat herder, according to Obama, resister against the British when they controlled Kenya, actually a student in the US on a temporary visa to study at prestigious US schools. His studies did not involve animal husbandry.
    He is the Marxist-Islamist who took the rap for knocking up Obama’s slutty momma as an unwed teen rebel. After he abandoned them in relatively short order, she hooked up with the Indonesian Islamist Lolo Soetoro. She took the baby Barack Hussein to Indonesia with her. There Barack Hussein Obama became Barry Soetoro.
    He was enrolled as a Muslim in school, and Lolo taught him at home and in regular attendance at masjid – mosque – to read the Qur’an in Arabic.
    Barack Hussein Obama Barry Soetoro learned also during his “formative years” as he called them that the Muslim call to prayer was “the most beautiful sound he ever heard.”
    Apparently Lolo was not Communist enough to suit Obama’s momma. So she got him back to HI to be mentored by Frank Marshal Davis, Marxist bi-pedophile, porn writer and photographer. She had met Davis at the home of her parents, BHOBS’s white grandparents, his grandmother a bank official, his grandfather investigated for Communist subversive activities while in the US Army Special Services during WWII and after returning to the USA from Europe.
    (Special Services involved handing out playing cards, games and such to combat soldiers on R&R, or hospital from combat wounds.)
    The Dunham’s, BHOBS’s white grandparents, had known Davis for many years, back to their time in Kansas. Davis and they showed up magically in HI about the same time. Obama’s momma met Davis at her parent’s home. She liked his love of jazz music and other things. An angry, rebellious teen she skipped school to visit with Davis, his old, white wife and others in a crib Davis ran for sex, drugs and heavy-drinking parties in HI.
    Chances are: 1) Davis is Barack Hussein Obama Barry Soetoro Davis’ real father, 2) in fact a natural-born US citizen, 3) who learned well Marxism, use of illegal drugs, heavy drinking and God, BHOBSD knows what else from Davis’ mentoring.
    It should not come as any surprise then that BHOBSD+ the name of the dead man‘s SSAN from CT he is using, known as Obama:
    1. is the greatest danger since WWII to the USA, all US citizens, visitors, and by extension, the world.
    2. has installed Islamic jihadists in his despotic, evil Marxist-Islamist regime, e.g., Valerie Jarrett, born in Iran, his closest and longest time adviser, Huma Abedin with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood as adviser to the US SecState, others in the WH, State, DoD, Homeland InSecurity, Transportation, as TSA agents, etc., and
    3. consults with Islamic jihadists often in the WH and favors them in all things in his so failed for the US domestic and foreign policies and actions.
    Given all this and more – there is much more I can and will share with any interested in learning more truth, facts, real history and current events about Obama, Islam and Communism – the only reasonable thing for loyal US citizens to do is get Obama, his handlers, and the henchmen and women out of power by any and all legal means available to us ASAP.
    Any who mark down my post or post in opposition to it are just as guilty as Obama and his cohorts of treason, being a traitor to the US as a domestic enemy of the US and our Constitution, or as foreign enemies, like Obama, his handlers, and henchmen and women.
    So please mark down my post, post in opposition to it, identify yourself. Then Federal, State, county and local law enforcement can better track, charge you with crimes, arrest, jail, try and find you guilty as you are.

    • Every dept. in the US government has to be “multicultural, equal opportunity. I know an Egyptian Coptic who fled his country with his family because of the persecution by the members of the religion of love and tolerance. He said the Copts are not allowed to have any jobs of power in the government. Everything has been taken by Muslims, police,public employees etc. Even during Mubarak regime, the Copts were harassed and murdered and the police would just stand there and look, offering no protection. Egypt USED to be a Christian nation. Now there is only 10% Christians… and the numbers are getting lower due to exodus to flee the Muslim persecution or death at their hands ( same in Syria).But the apologists say, no matter what , that the violent nuts are a minority, and they do not represent the true Islam…Just like in England and Europe, in general ,when the ragheads commit a crime, they do not say the name of the creeps.Brigitte Bardott warned about the Muslim invasion and the destruction of the French values. What happened to her?? She was fined , vilified and threatened to be thrown in jail. How about Geert Wilders? He is not allowed in England and was put on trial in his own country for offending Islam (hate speech is offense to Islam).. and the horror stories go on of patriots who are persecuted by their own dihmmi ( sp?)government for offending Islam

  4. BareNeked-
    I believe that the private sector is a much better avenue, in coordination with LE, to keep us safe and intact. TSA, DHS, et al are the equivalent of, in my opinion,(forcibly) tax payer subsidized goon squads…and almost as effective. There has to be a better manner short of a moratorium on immigration from certain regions of certain hemispheres.

  5. Our treasonous goverment is trying to” teach us a lesson” through the TSA. What lesson? That we must respect and obey our muslim masters. I sure hope this doesn’t irritate folks enough to go on a killing spree. Oh, wait a moment, it is the muslims who go on killing, bombing, and arson sprees. Look at those muzzie penguins in the picture flashing their immunity from search waivers for the camera just to remind you who’s running the show. Let me see if I’ve got his right…nineteen muslims hijack three airplanes to fly into buildings; killing three thousand innocent people and now THEY’RE in charge of airport security???!!! 1984 isn’t coming, it’s already here.

    • Traitor Bush said : We are not at war with Islam. Islam is a religion of peace…. as other traitor politicians echo the same words. Obama just praised Islam at the beginning of Ramadan as being tolerant…and other lies, which he is an expert as saying. I wonder if his nose started growing .

  6. Simple and effective:

    Here is the solution to all the controversy over full body scanners.

    Have a booth that you can step into that will not x-ray you,but will detonate any explosives you may have on your body. It would be a win-win for everyone and there would none of this garbage about racial profiling, and this method would eliminate a long and expensive trial.

    Justice would be swift.

    This is so simple, it’s brilliant. I can see it now. You’re in the
    airport and you hear a muffled explosion.

    Shortly you hear an announcement over the PA system. Attention stand by passengers. We now have a seat available on flight 91.

    Paging maintenance. Shop Vac needed in booth #5.

  7. If we persist with our consent to allow the terrorists to remain in our country and plot our annihilation, we will not even have a decade left for the USA. Our existence will be measured in a few years. Democrats, progressives and other leftists groups choose to ignore the real peril that now exists, for many, right-next-door. We the people appear to have set upon a perilous path that has every indication of leading to our end — which is precisely what the named terrorist immigrants to our country have vowed. 97+% of all terrorists are Muslims. The bed has been made and the only decision that currently appears available is if we choose to lie in it.

  8. If a bag head was to be ushered onto a plane unsearched and she then blows her self up at 20,000 feet, it will be Obama’s stupid fault then.

  9. At the rate we are allowing muslim immigration and with their inbred birth rates and multiple wives, we will become a muslim country by 2050. We can still stop this loss of our country by banning all muslim immigration and deporting all muslims convicted of crimes and so on.

    • cat, O told the UN that the USA will be a fully Islamic nation by 2016. Any Q’s about the administration’s agenda?

    • I hate to say, but the people voted The Muslim in Chief Obama in again….But since all sorts of scandals are surfacing , I wonder if the election was honest….

  10. Talk about gutter inmates overrunning the mother effing asylum…did I miss anything here? I didn’t think so. Any questions? No? Class dismissed on the UnTIED States until such time as the American people pull their heads out of their collective @$$es, and put a LEGITIMATELY QUALIFIED OCCUPANT in the Oval Office who has UNQUESTIONED — BEYOND ANY DOUBT — UNITED STATES CITIZENSHIP.

    @$$holes such as the TRAUMATIC SEXUAL ASSAULT (TSA) BRIGADE is why I REFUSE to fly in the US; the car is safer, and gives drivers more control over their environment.

  11. This is the first thing I thought, as well. His behavior marks him as a typical Muslim, and the fact that they won’t give out his name is another red flag. Personally, I have not flown and I will not fly until those perverts are gone. But I am also aware that many people have no choice but to fly. They need to stand up for their rights and demand that these people be dealt with, namely, GONE.

    • FI, I posted a story a few years ago about a TSA agent (white Christian) who had posted insulting comments about muslims on his Facebook page. EVERY News article that carried the story showed his photo and gave his name. He was then fired by the TSA.

  12. So let me get this straight: We need the TSA (MUSLIM GESTAPO) to protect us (U.S. CITIZENS)from terrorists (MUSLIMS) by using TSA agents (MUSLIMS) to grope and traumatize us (U.S.CITIZENS)…riiiiiiiiight…

  13. This can happen only in Obamullah Land………..Muslim jihadis attack USA by hijacking planes …..all passengers including non muslims, nuns, children , old
    geriatirc patients are searched for being potential terrorists..

    Then another Islamic jihadis puts bomb up his ass but fails to ignite it as
    passengers catch him in the act………….so the new law requires groping everyone including non muslims ………..? How insane is that ?

    Just when you think it can’t get worse… have Muslims as TSA agents !!

    This insanity can happen only in caliph obama land.

  14. I live right beside the border to US, but my friends in US have to come and visit me–I’ve been insulted too often. Will not cross into US again until Obama and his gang are gone and sanity returns.

    When white people are groped and humiliated and muslim women in their black ‘garbage bags’ are just ushered through without any search, as I have seen several times, you know this is an orchestrated plan; aided and abetted by our own traitorous dhimmi countrymen.

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