KEEP IT UP, CAIR! The more videos you post about this University of Central Florida professor you want fired, the more widespread the support he is gaining

51ufl9wae7L-242x300“They (Muslims) procreate like mushrooms after the rain.” How wonderful it would be if more professors in American universities taught Islam the way Dr. Jonathan Matusitz, from Belgium, does.

In this video clip, you will see what a now well-informed group of students at the University of Central Florida is learning from this professor. If you want to contact him, check the links here: florida-professors-pushback-against-cair-thugs-who-want-him-fired-for-spewing-anti-islam-views-in-the-classroom 

And here: uh-oh-cair-has-its-panties-in-a-wad-over-a-professor-who-tells-the-truth-about-islam-at-the-university-of-central-florida