GENERATION IDENTITAIRE Movement: First France, then Germany, now in the Netherlands

The Patriotic identitarian youth movement, started in France, is spreading across Europe. An affiliate of the French group is already in Germany. Now another surfaces in the Netherlands – ‘Identitair Verzet.’ They’re not political parties, but rather cultural movements started by the ‘twenty somethings.’


Islam vs Europe  The movement’s expressed goals are to protect the freedom and cultural heritage of the native people, including the family, the democratic government, to enforce a strict rule of law, to work against their country becoming a multi-ethnic society by limiting immigration and promoting cultural assimilation of admitted immigrants. They aim to promote entrepreneurship and economic growth by strengthening education and encouraging people to work, and limiting the numbers on welfare.

Recently,  GI (or IG) in the Netherlands, closed down an islamic school over there, after it was learned that Muslim students at that school turned out to have been able to steal and look into national, official exams *before* the official exam date, causing a fierce debate in the media and many people, amongst them politicians of several parties, calling for the school’s closure – which IG did by simply putting a chain lock at the school’s fence.

Cartoon mocks political and religious leaders who appease the Muslim immigrants who are the cause of social, cultural, and religious unrest, not to mention increased crime and rape
Cartoon mocks political and religious leaders who kiss the feet of Muslim immigrants who are the cause of social, cultural, and political unrest, not to mention soaring crime and rape rates

Some of GI statements in the video below include: “We have discovered that we have roots, ancestors, and thus have a future”…. “Our legacy is our country, our blood, our identity”… “Power to youth… “Our lambda flags carried high.”… “The lambda, which adorned the shields of the Spartans, is our symbol.” “Bored by your cowardice, we will not shirk any fight or any challenge.”… “We are the 25 percent unemployment, social debt, the explosion of the multicultural society.”… “You do not tame us with a condescending look, with ‘young people’ jobs and a pat on the shoulder”. And finally: “Make no mistake. This is not just a manifesto. This is a declaration of war! “