SUDDEN JIHAD SYNDROME in Tel Aviv as Sudanese man runs around stabbing people with large knife

A Sudanese man stabbed and wounded six people in broad daylight in south Tel Aviv on Sunday. One of the victims, a 67-year-old man, was in serious condition and the other five were treated for light wounds.


Haaretz  An Israeli woman working in a shop near the scene of the crime said that the Sudanese assailant came out of nowhere, pinned an older man against a window, and began stabbing him in the neck and stomach.

At least three of the wounded were migrants. The motives and circumstances of the stabbing are not yet clear: While police described the incident as the result of a quarrel between two Sudanese migrants, witnesses painted a different picture. 


The witness said the Israeli woman fled the scene and began screaming, causing him to run in her direction. Other people began to come out of nearby shops, she said, at which point he began stabbing at random.

“I called the police, and while I was talking to them, he went into a corner store and started fighting with another Sudanese,” the witness said. “It’s just not true that the whole thing started because of a quarrel. Whoever saw it unfold knows that this was a man who wanted to stab as many people as possible, like in a terrorist attack.”


“This area has become catastrophic lately,” she added. “It’s impossible to continue living here.”

Deputy Tel Aviv Mayor Arnon Giladi, who is running to fill his boss’ job in the October election, warned that the incident should be looked at as the “opening shots” of violence to expect over the summer.