EGYPT: Sunni Muslim savages killing Shia Muslim savages and Obama is planning to send in troops to help?

Help whom? Let them kill each other. Obama has been sending $$billions every year in financial aid and military equipment to the Muslim Brotherhood leaders in Egypt, let them help themselves.

Ahram (h/t golem bar) Angry mob kills at least 4 Shias in Giza village including a leader. Eyewitnesses say that Salafist sheikhs in Giza village led a mob attack on Shia families, accusing them of being infidels and spreading debauchery, leaving four dead and scores injured.

An angry mob led by Salafist sheikhs torched and attacked houses of Shias in the small village of Zawyat Abu Musalam in Giza governorate Sunday afternoon, killing four citizens including a prominent shia figure. Not less than 3000 angry locals attacked houses of Shias in the village Sunday afternoon after weeks of incitement by Salafist preachers, according to eyewitnesses. Five houses were set on fire during the attack. Police are evacuating the rest of the Shia residents from the village.

Several Salafist and conservative Facebook pages, like “The Muslim Coalition to Defend the Prophet’s Family and Companions,” also bragged of the murder of the Shias, claiming that that was just the beginning of ending Shiism in Egypt.