EGYPT: Sunni Muslim savages killing Shia Muslim savages and Obama is planning to send in troops to help?

Help whom? Let them kill each other. Obama has been sending $$billions every year in financial aid and military equipment to the Muslim Brotherhood leaders in Egypt, let them help themselves.

Ahram (h/t golem bar) Angry mob kills at least 4 Shias in Giza village including a leader. Eyewitnesses say that Salafist sheikhs in Giza village led a mob attack on Shia families, accusing them of being infidels and spreading debauchery, leaving four dead and scores injured.

An angry mob led by Salafist sheikhs torched and attacked houses of Shias in the small village of Zawyat Abu Musalam in Giza governorate Sunday afternoon, killing four citizens including a prominent shia figure. Not less than 3000 angry locals attacked houses of Shias in the village Sunday afternoon after weeks of incitement by Salafist preachers, according to eyewitnesses. Five houses were set on fire during the attack. Police are evacuating the rest of the Shia residents from the village.

Several Salafist and conservative Facebook pages, like “The Muslim Coalition to Defend the Prophet’s Family and Companions,” also bragged of the murder of the Shias, claiming that that was just the beginning of ending Shiism in Egypt.


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  1. Murderers have no faith in Allah and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and Hereafter. if they had little faith never work like ignorance era. Allah curse the killers and punish them with most grievous doom in the Hereafter.

  2. King Abdullah is the Custodian of the Twin Mosques in Saudi Arabia, Sunni and Shia. What’s the problem. the king can control what ever he wants. So what is the real reason? Are we looking at the beginning of the Caliphate control of Saudi Arabia by the new Caliph?

  3. I see where Obama is sending U.S. troops (targets?) to Egypt. God help them because we all know Obama will not.

  4. What Obama and Cameron are two pig shit ignorant to realise is, if they keep sending their troops to be killed in Islamic shit holes such as Egypt then eventually there will be a revolt in the Military. And that will be the final ingredient in the mix for a civil war or a Military coup.

  5. How long before the Sphynx is blown up and its dust added to the sands of Idol history?
    What I would like to know is where is all the money coming from to fund all these skirmishes? Not just on about UK government who imposed austerity on it’s population yet still adds to the oversea Aid budget yearly – The US borrowed what $3 trillion from China? Yet she still promotes these proxy wars and sends $ and arms to the so called rebels?
    Where does this money really go? Who is profiting from this?
    You can guarantee that someone is getting rich off of this global misery.

    • Nungy, what the pyramids and Sphinx have on their side is the low intelligence of most inbred muslims. They probably lack the knowledge to build a bomb strong enough to take down such structures. But I’m sure they will try as promised.

      • They will – Buddha statues were blown to dust regardless of thier historical significence an idol is an idol. When it happens the world will murmur for a bit then roll over and carry on as before while history blows in the wind.

  6. This is what a ‘tiny minority’ looks like when it becomes a large majority.

    Prior to 9/11 Muslims in both Europe and America were dormant and offering an image of fitting in.

    Now they’re gaining in power via demographics and political influence we see episodes such as the Dearborn attacks on David Wood or the uncontrolled rapes in Europe.

    If unchecked this will morph into the scenes such as this.

    Obama wants one world.

    This is what it looks like.

  7. I’d like to see some incontrovertible evidence that BHO is planning to send U.S. troops to Egypt, because IF this is true, it is another whopping amount of smoke from the smoking gun that BHO himself is a Muslim Brotherhood agent and the most treasonous bastard that has ever made it to become a POTUS.

    Somehow I think many separate threads will come together: the ghost Columbia student, the fake birth certificate and many other aspects of this fraud that has been perpetuated against the citizens of the U.S. that the guy occupying the White House is a far cry from who he claims to be, and he needs to be criminally tried. When will this country come to its senses and demand the truth?

    • SS, did you see proof that he sent 4500 troops to Jordan? No? Well he did. He’ll do the same to Egypt and you won’t hear much about it because the media won’t cover it. He never gets the OK of Congress to send our troops into harms way, he just does it.

  8. Has anyone seen Obama? He was slammed rightfully by an Irish councilwoman who saw the putrid slobbering of the Irish media, lapping at obama’s arse like the dogs they are. She labelled him a war criminal and asked the Irish leader of the ruling party his stance on the weapons being given to the Syrian muslims by the muslim in chief. If you haven’t seen it, she is PISSED!
    Where is he now? I bet he is plotting his next move with Islamic leaders to establish Islamic rule in the U.S. and around the world, deceitfully of course.
    Liberals don’t realize what they have done.

  9. I always stand in awe of the muslim’s extensive vocabulary: “allahu akbar” repeated endlessly, repeated endlessly, repeated endlessly, repeated . . . . .

  10. Our Commander in Chief has made all Americans look like assholes. Our troops should be getting on the first plane home & fuk obumma. This country was build by the people for the people & not the assholes of the world. Shit he gives our tax dollars to these shitheads when we have troops who come back with missing body parts. They should be getting those dollars afterall they are tax paying AMERICANS

  11. If this continues, Iran will be aroused to begin a counteraction.

    This proves Islam is incompatible with pluralism. Only one political party can be ‘correct’…the ‘others’ are all heretics or blasphemers who should be crushed.

    Islam cannot co-exist even between Moslems. All differences must be crushed with violence and death threats.

  12. The Sunni versus Shia feud is one of the longest lasting feuds in religious history. Muhammad died in 632 of the Christian calendar and 2032 will mark the 1400th anniversary of Muhammad’s death and this feud started almost immediately after Muhammad died (poisoned, according to Hadith, by a Jewish maid servant he captured as war “booty” — pun intended.) The feud is fueled in part by both theological differences as well as the central claim as to the right of succession of the prophet Muhammad. And they have never settled this dispute in 1400 years!

    And they say this religion is a religion of peace!

  13. american troops are going to do what ? watch? a dozen planes and 1000 troops are being sent to Jordan and if no one stops obama it is our own DAMN FAULT of course they will obey.

  14. This underscores what is *really* going on in the middle east: sunni’s(saudi arabia) trying to wipe out all the lesser muslim/other religous sects(see: syria).

    • MMM, and all those stupid leftists who claim if only Israel weren’t there, or if only Israel would give up most of their land, there would be peace in the Middle East. HAH!

  15. Look how peaceful they are. What great neighbors they would make. I’m sure the liberals would love to have their daughters raped and stoned by these fine upstanding young men. See how carefully they drag that poor mutilated murdered man down the street while other fine outstanding men pay tribute with sticks and stones. These Muslim moderates would sure love to live in America and Europe. I’m sure they would obey our laws just like our fine upstanding criminals. We should find them homes in liberal houses whom I’m sure would love to pay them tax and lick their feet. I’m sure they won’t mind the bloodstains or the forced conversions. Liberal women would love any excuse to shun the sun and wear those very attractive sacks while having their clitoris torn from their bodies with no anesthesia. Yup must be sensitive to their culture.

  16. What a bunch of SAVAGES! My god! Just savages – and the POS in the WH calls this the ROP! oh that’s right, he’s ONE of them!

  17. STUPID OBAMA why helping barbarian Muslim ? Why not let them killing each other. Muslim like rat need to reduce their population.

    • Obama is out to BANKRUPT the USA by throwing money away on causes hurtful (or which at the minimum won’t help it!!) to the country while making sure that not a dime gets spent on anything that can benefit America in any way whatsoever!! That most certainly is part of his strategy of destroying his “adopted country” and turning it into a Communist dictatorship meant to totally repudiate everything it was supposed to be – and very likely reduced also population-wise, to that it will be perhaps a tenth or less of what it is now!!!

      [You may know that he’s also prepared to unilaterally disarm the USA so as to leave it prey to the Russians, Chinese, North Koreans, Iran and all the other hostile nuclear powers on one hand, on the other as being totally at the mercy of the Arabs and other Moslems – you have GOT TO DEPOSE HIM!!!! He’ll otherwise leave America not even as a Third World country but as the lowliest of the poor like Bangladesh!!!]

      He’s not stupid: he is simply Satanically EVIL!!!! I wouldn’t be surprised if he proves to be THE Antichrist!!!!!

      [Off-topic: a budgerigar (“budgie” for short) is a small parrot, very popular as a pet (especially with apartment-dwellers) and who can be every bit as much of a chatterbox as a cockatoo or others in that particular family of birds.]

      Ceterum censeo delendam esse islaminem! “Besides, I think that Islam must be destroyed!” – paraphrased from Cato Censor regarding the ancient city of Carthage…

      Truly, DEATH TO ISLAM – and ALL totalitarianism, period!!!!

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