FRANCE: Muslims cry wolf so often, no wonder there is skepticism about a woman’s claim that ‘Islamophobes’ caused her to have a miscarriage

Two years after France passed its burqa ban law, a Muslim woman claims that two ‘fascists’ tried to pull off her Islamic headbag, then kicked her in the stomach, causing her to suffer a miscarriage at four months. French media aren’t exactly buying it.


This follows another incident, in the same Parisian suburb, where French police had to use tear gas after a group of Muslim sympathizers tried to stop a burqa-wearing woman from getting arrested.

Some Muslims at her press conference sharply criticized the French media for using unsubstantiated anonymous sources which cast doubt on the victim’s story. (You mean like the unsubstantiated claim by this Muslim woman? Where are the witnesses?) They also asked why the victim herself had not been interviewed by any French press. Iranian-owned Press TV, however, interviewed the victim shortly after the attack. They also asked why the French coverage was skewed towards the sensational aspects of the crime, instead of relating them to the larger issues of repeated attacks and why they continue to take place.