ONLY 13 years in jail for Muslim illegal alien who broke the neck of young British ballet star in violent street mugging?

article-2347505-1A7C033B000005DC-779_306x423Mohammed Mohamoed (photo right), a MUSLIM illegal from Egypt, was jailed today for breaking the neck of a young ballet star in a violent street mugging. Doctors feared Jack Widdowson, 19, would spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair after being robbed for his mobile phone on a night out. He was found unconscious on a canal path and paralyzed after being targeted in the robbery of his iPhone.

UK Daily Mail  His attacker Mohammed Mohamoed, 27, was jailed for 13 years after being found guilty of attacking Mr Widdowson. Egyptian-born Mohamoed will be deported from the country when he is released from prison. (Yeah, I’ll believe that when I see it)

article-2347505-1A7C0DAD000005DC-775_306x463Miraculously, nine months later Mr Widdowson (photo left) – an apprentice with the Bern Ballet in Switzerland – had fought back to full health due to his extreme fitness, strength and flexibility. Judge Justice Wyn Williams told the Muslim: ‘You are a dangerous offender. You caused Jack extremely serious injury and he was very fortunate he didn’t suffer permanent, devastating effects. ‘You left him lying in the street which was callous in the extreme. Much credit is due to the young man who came across him and helped him and the medical staff who treated him afterwards. ‘You will be subject to an automatic deportation when you have served your sentence – that will be in the hands of the home office.’

Mr Widdowson, one of the youngest apprentices to be taken on by the Swiss company Bern:Ballet, was attacked while visiting his brother who is studying at Cardiff University. The day before the attack he had his ‘big break’ when he was called up as an understudy for a leading ballet role.

But Cardiff Crown Court heard his night came to a violent end when he was attacked by Mohamoed who took his Apple iPhone and left him for dead in the street. A jury was shown a video interview with the rising star, from Bath, Somerset, as he lay in a hospital bed wearing a neck brace after the attack.


The court heard that minutes after the alleged attack Mohamoed was seen laughing and joking in the city centre, even kicking a football around with a group of boys. Unemployed Mohamoed was later arrested at his home in Splott, Cardiff. The court heard Mohamoed was born in Egypt and his parents, who are farmers, still live there.

He drifted through Europe first moving to Italy before settling in Cardiff where he falsely claimed to be a Palestinian refugee. Mohamoed lied to the UK border agency giving them a fake name and date of birth – he later tried to mislead the police in the same way.

Prosecutor Michael Mather-Lees QC told Mohamoed: ‘You broke his neck, then you lied to police because you realised you had committed a dreadful offence.’ Mohamoed was caught on CCTV prowling Cardiff city centre looking for a victim to attack.

Mr Widdowson was one of the youngest apprentices to be taken on by the Swiss company Bern

Mr Widdowson was one of the youngest apprentices to be taken on by the Swiss company Bern

He admitted meeting Widdowson and stealing his mobile phone which he later used to make a call to a friend in Italy before selling it at a market. But he denied attempted murder and told the court the young ballet dancer was unharmed when he left him in the dark alleyway in Cardiff Bay.

Mohamoed, who admitted theft, was found guilty of grievous bodily harm and jailed for 13 years. After the case his parents Julian and Celia, who have since set up a charity called the Dance Again Foundation, praised Jack for his recovery.

‘Amazingly Mr Widdowson, who is such a talented young man, has made a full recovery and we are delighted that he is back dancing again.


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  1. Hopefully his inmates will fix it, so he never sees his Islamic shit hole he crawled from ever again.

  2. I think our authorities should just arrest everyone named Mohamad in the UK I bet 90% of them are criminals/terrorists anyway. Like all these rape gangs a large % of the names – Mohamad or its various versions ie Muhamad etc-
    They really are taking on the prophet’s name and character.

  3. I don’t get it! How did this pig break the neck of such an athlete? I’ve seen male ballet stars tear a phone book into! They literally have muscles of steel! 13 years? Perhaps the lads in prison will take care of justice?
    Oops! FB won’t let me post this!

  4. A member of the Neturei Karta group, was viciously attacked by a Muslim.
    The reason, according to the group? Israel’s existence

    A member of the anti-Zionist Neturei Karta group, whose leaders claim to have excellent relationships with Muslims, was viciously attacked by a Muslim in Amsterdam over the weekend. The victim, Yosef Anteby, has lived in Holland for many years, and is a well-known anti-Israel activist.

    • Maria, Neturei Karta ‘Jews’ are worse than Muslims. They live in Israel yet don’t believe Israel as a Jewish state has the right to exist. In fact, many of them are paid by Iran to protest against Israel at every pro-Israel rally. They would prefer to live under Muslim rule and they hate Israel as much as Muslims do. I won’t read that article but would hope the traitor was killed in the attack.

  5. I still cannot for the life of me understand why immigrants in general and illegals in particular are not deported automatically for the commission of any serious crime.

    This person did not steal a snickers bar. He brutally injured a human being so that he could take a piece of plastic from him.

    And he is allowed to remain in the country, cell or not – on the British tax dollar.

  6. I’m so glad he not only survived, but is making a full recovery. As for (d)avid (c)ameron’s “cultural enricher,” he is sub-human. He should be treated as such. I like Ben’s idea above, of live burial in a pig’s carcass. In fact, the same should be done with (d)avid (c)ameron and his ilk. All islamo-trash deported out of the West, and while we’re at it, send the islamo-pandering politicians along with them too. The destination? The bottom of the sea for all I care. Good enough for Bin Laden, good enough for them. They’ll just have to make do with 72 virgin mermaids in Poseidon’s Realm instead of 72 virgin houris in allah’s celestial bordello.

    I betcha Osama is still going bonkers trying to figure out how to fornicate with fish tails, lol!

    “Muahahahahahahakbar, moe-fo!!”

  7. Nothing but another inbred SAVAGE POS! What, he didn’t get a “free cell?” I’m sure the emperor would give him one!

  8. Sounds insane I know, but why the heck send to to the recruiting grounds for Muslims to convert other prisoners to become islamists, a fact not fictional
    Go back to the old days of putting them in stocks in the center of towns, instead of tomatoes have pigs innards, pigs blood in balloons, and make them eat the koran soaked in pigs blood or starve to death, he will do well in prison all take care of, free accommodation and a prayer room
    Make them take a long walk off a short pier built over the cliffs of Dover

  9. Wasn’t there a law in sharia along the lines of, a hand for a hand and a broken neck for a broken neck? I would love to break his neck. Following sharia of course, it’s their god’s law after all.

  10. Grievous bodily harm?
    No. No. No.
    The intention was to kill Widdowson.
    Therefore, the charge is attempted murder.
    Another miscarriage of justice, courtesy of PC MC

  11. Anyone bearing the name ‘mohamed’ should have it tattooed on its forehead as a danger sign for us. In this case, it’s a double Mohamed, even more dangerous.

    This Mohamed will serve one-third of his time, be deported, and come back again as an illegal. U.K. benefits are too attractive to keep these flies away.

  12. In 13 years he will be married inside and claim that needs to stay in England. I would be surprised if he is successfully deported in 2026. He will be 40 years old. Deport him now and tell him if he comes back it is life in prison. There is no win in this battle against the muslims.

  13. SOME coverage on the MSM (Mohammedan Socialist Media):

    Sorry we are unable to accept comments for legal reasons. [Tell Mama will sue us.]

    Read more:

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    [Doesn’t have comments, or turned off?] Perp named as: Mohammed Ali Mohamoed

    O/T: Cab driver who raped female passenger jailed for seven years
    Unlicensed cab driver Mohamed Hacene-Chaouch raped woman who was drunk after friend’s birthday party in central London

    • The MSM is a real joke nowadays – so much for unbiased news coverage.

      Control the news and control our understanding of the world around us – the zombie populace only seem to care for celeb stories anyway. Is it me or was the world and media completely different a generation ago?
      I blame lack of proper education – History being airbrushed and promotion of EU – instead of teaching our kids computing we should teach them PHILOSOPHY and other lessons in critical thinking – stop promoting celeebrity obsessions.

      Our ancestors will trully be ashamed of this new myopic generation!

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