DENMARK: Minister of Justice kept secret more than 100 arson crimes committed by Muslims


“Police kept more than 100 acts of arson secret from citizens in Albertslund (Muslim dominated area). And they did it for the sake of giving people a feeling of safety, says Minister for Justice, Morten Bødskov, in response to the Legal Affairs Committee.”

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44 comments on “DENMARK: Minister of Justice kept secret more than 100 arson crimes committed by Muslims

  1. Europe must wake up. the Islam will bring you only death.
    save yours beautiful countries and save yours self.

    the first target is Israel then you will become the target.

    you must act,now.good luck

  2. Sticking your head in the sand to avoid a problem only does one thing – exposes your neck. We all know what the Koran says about muslims, kuffars and necks as well don’t we?

  3. p morgan is one liberal leftard that I refuse to listen to. We can all boycott that leftard fool and if we do, then his numbers will go down and he will be fired.

  4. The question to ask is why is the government allowing this….
    Why is the government trying to pass off these animals as a peace loving. Every country is doing this. WHY…WHY….WHY

    • this must be a part of a bigger plan, becouse it is happening everywhere now, every country in europe, every country in asia, they are either trying to make us start a civil war between eachother soon or to import the worst of all muslims to take even more of our rights away in order to “maintain peace and safety”

  5. I just don’t understand these Danes. They were once Vikings & afraid of nothing.
    They looked for fights the world wide. Now they are nothing but balless nobodies.
    It must be that their wives wear their balls for earrings. These muslums are nothing but PIG shit & I find that more usefull then musl7ums.

  6. NO surprises here, once you know exactly who/what this person is:ødskov

    “Morten Bødskov (born 1 May 1970 in Bucharest) is a Danish social democratic politician who, since 20 November 2001 has been a Member of Parliament. He volunteered at age 15 with the Young Social Democrats, where from 1994 to 1996 he was the international secretary.” [Brainwashed at home/school/both?]

    “At the general election 8 February 2005, he was re-elected and became chairman of the Parliamentary Control Committee on Police and Defense Intelligence Services.” [Wow! That’s like having the Rosenbergs in charge of the CIA!]

    What’s he up to?:

    “Morten Bødskov has proclaimed that he wants more focus on biker and gang-related crime.”

    THAT should put a dent in mohammedan rape (excuse tautology) and thuggery!
    More recently he has shown his socialist sliminess by shutting down access to parliamentary records. [“Access to Information? Go f@ck yourself.”]:

    “A proposed new Danish law on access to documents has caused close to a political uproar. More than 75,000 citizens have signed a petition against the law. Protesters will literally take to the streets in Copenhagen in a last ditch attempt to prevent the law to be adopted by parliament.”

    “Refused 28 times

    Adding to this storm the government has made some rather bleak attempt to defend the proposal.
    Minister of Justice Morten Bødskov has repeatedly been asked to come up with one example of how the present law has been a hindrance for an efficient government, as he claims it has, but has repeatedly refused to do so.
    In a tv-interview for half an hour the minister avoided to give a straight answer to the very same question no less than 28 times.”

    Sounds like a good mohammedan, all barbary and no answers, a good mate for George Galloway or Eric withHolder.

    Any good Danish readers care to add to this?

    • XX “Morten Bødskov has proclaimed that he wants more focus on biker and gang-related crime.” XX

      I have experience with Hells Angels, Outlaws, and Bandidos.

      I KNOW who I would rather have as a neighbour.* And it is not a muslim thug.

      * (I have had ALL as neighbours, in my time)

  7. The public has a right to know so they can instruct their politicians who to deal with it.
    Transparency is essential to running a democracy.
    This attitude says: ‘The public is too stupid to know what is good for them!’
    Social engineers are the enemies of public interest.

  8. This is happening all over the West as the governments lie to the people about the phony “religion of peace”. Islam destroys everything it has ever touched. It is truly a plaque upon the land and humanity everywhere.

  9. “You can be full of kindness and love, but you cannot sleep next to a mad dog,” Ashin Wirathu

    Prophetic words spoken by Buddhist spiritual leader and hero who also is Time Magazine’s idea of a terrorist. It’s too bad the world won’t acknowledge real terrorism until we get into an Armageddon type situation.

    • Throughout the history Buddhists never fight back against the mercenary Muslims & died like dogs. This the first time in the history Buddhists are repulsing against their aggressors rejecting the Buddhas tolerance temporary. Islam is a great threat to the world peace. They systematically destroy the cultures, economy & religions of other people. If you don’t know the world history go & do some research to find out the atrocities done by Muslims against the ‘Infidels” including Buddhists & Hindus. The last 1400 years Muslims misunderstood the tolerance of Buddhists & destroyed Buddhism from Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Maldive Islands, Malaysia, Bhutan (mostly in Sri Lanka & Burma) & some more countries by power of sword. Islam is not a religion of peace, but a religion of hate. Islamism is a political doctrine that promotes the supremacy of Islam over all other religions & systems of governance & is based on Sharia Laws.

      • Allowing humanity to sink backwards by being converted or bullied into Islam is not being tolerant. Being tolerant is fighting against Islam in any way you can. If we are tolerant of Islam it will consume every human being on the planet and those enlightened cultures that exist will cease to be. That is not tolerance. Every Buddhist, of every persuasion has to “fight” in this battle.

  10. Exactly the same stupid game Cameron’s playing, now the native Danes have got 100 scores to settle at once, as well as an even bigger score to settle with the Government, who affectively held the box of matches when these 100 fires were set.

    It would serve the Government right if their native people rose up and killed all the Muslims first, and execute all the members of the Government after that.

    Which is what will happen here in Britain, if David the dhimmi Cameron doesn’t get a grip.

  11. All these fires and nobody ever thought of enquiring. I have a feeling most muslims knew but kept quiet about it.

  12. I hope that every citizen who has anything set on fire can and will sue the government for knowing that muslims are setting fire but refused to warn the people in the area so they could protect their property. This is so lame and unforgiveable. People need to know if they are in danger of muslim arsonists.

  13. Sounds a lot like that “minister of justice” in Denmark would fit right in in DC on the White House staff; where our Arselifter-in-Chief and his loyal —-ing dhimmis consistently cover for their muslime bros!!….THAT makes me think of a very old saying “There’s something rotten in Denmark!”…..In this case, the rottenness and stench would be from the muslime leeches and the dumbass dhimmis who cover for them!!

  14. This is the type of low standard leadership Europe presently has. They are scum & should be prosecuted for fraud, deceit, treachery. The same goes for the so called leadership of my own country Britain, especially England 9who have been extra specially betrayed). Be aware you have the same style of leaders in the US, the only thing preventing them crapping all over you is Guns, never let them take your right to own a fire arm away. As for Piers Morgan, we don’t want the snivelling treacherous snot nosed cockroach back, you can keep him or better still, send him to some third world country. He loves all that progressive liberal clap trap, then he shouldn’t have any complain t when living amongst the third worlders & their life styles.

      • Apologies for your suffering by way of Piers Morgan, but, we didn’t send him, he slimed his way over there, possibly on the basis of breaking into America, as all the pop stars do. You can get rid of the gobby tub of lard, send him to Mexico without a gun, No, We are keeping Douglas Murray, about one of the only media persons to be in touch with reality & willing to say so.

    • David, amen to what you say on the US’s right to bear arms.

      The citizens of the US need to be very vigilant in making sure this right is never removed, and boy, are they ever trying hard to do so (remove them, that is).

      The result of removing the right to bear arms in both the UK, Australia, and the EU has NOT been good.

      • Fire arms prohibition has been an absolute disaster for the common people of the UK, only the criminals have guns, apart from the other biggest gang in the country, the police. They aren’t to choosy who they shoot either. Been quite a few mistakes, where they shot the wrong person. The innocent electrician they shot on the train, was pumped with seven bullets to the head, using dum dum style bullet, of course nobody got prosecuted, as the police threatened to down fire arms, not provide protection, etc. Were we allowed fire arms, we wouldn’t have to be concerned when placed in this position. We’d just say, fine, off you go then.

    • Good point. I believe that a BNI reader has suggested a class action suit against the government, or a charge of treason or malfeasance or something!

      But how about bringing in the INSURERS; they have deep pockets!

      How much has that incredible act cost THEM?

      Or how about that otherwise USELESS mohammedophilic EU ‘government’? Maybe Danish citizens could take action through them. IF there is ONE honest lawyer in Hamletstan.

      When you think the loony left cannot sink any lower, they always shoot in the foot again. Trouble is, it’s not THEIR foot, it’s their victims’.

      • “Class action” does not exist in Europe (Wonder why?), and most, if not ALL insurance companys do not insure against “riot”.

        That was a big argument in Britain in the riots of the 80s.

        A “Riot” has to be declared by a magistrate. (Reading the riot act. LITERALY!)

        The insurance companys were all of a dither, because an obvious case of “Riot” happened, but the Chief Constable, and local Magistates, at behest of the “Government,” refused to declare the “troubles” as a Riot.

        • Were there riots, or were there cases of arson? And is there a difference? I think there would be, but I’m obviously not a lawyer or an insurer.

          In UK the term used to be ‘riots or insurrections’; there’ll be a shitload of those coming soon, thanks to all the governments concerned. And in turn, blame the universities and schools, subverted by socialists/communists, who turn out leftard clones as civic leaders.

          About your ‘non-riot’, the insurers should hire a good investigative reporter/forensic investigator or lawyer, or all three as a team to look into the ‘riot which didn’t bark in the night’. There could be big bucks in it for them.

          Good Luck. Holding breath.


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