MINNESOTASTAN: Blaine City Council gives approval for Islamic Jihad Indoctrination Center which teaches students to memorize quran

01muslimCity officials gave their blessing to a small (soon to be gigantic) Islamic school in Blaine on Thursday despite fierce opposition by local residents who said they wanted the plan rejected because of traffic, noise, and congestion concerns. But some (correctly) believe the real issue was fear of having Muslims in the community.

Star Tribune  “That’s probably the underlying concern,” said Blaine City Council Member Wes Hovland, who represents the area where the school is located in an office building at 8710 Central Av. NE. “The idea of having people whose beliefs and holy books teach them to hate you wandering through their neighborhood bothers them, and I don’t understand why,” said Hovland. “I don’t want to make it into this kind of issue. You can’t look at this based on race or religion. But concerns over traffic and property values are all valid reasons.”


Although the opponents reprised their petition Thursday, dhimmi council members voted 5-0, with one member abstaining, to approve the permit. Muslim supporters also turned out Thursday, filling the chamber with about 150 people in favor of the school.

Mohammad Zafar, who served in the Marines and is a Muslim, told City Council members: “This is about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” (No, it isn’t, it’s about Islamic supremacism and shoving it down our throats)


But John Blucher, who has lived in the neighborhood 40 years, said he signed the petition against the school because he’s concerned about more traffic and “there are personal issues. … We don’t want an Islamic center in the neighborhood. That’s the personal issue. There doesn’t have to be a reason. It’s just the way the voters feel in the neighborhood. We don’t want a school there. We don’t want a church there. It’s an office building and it should be run as an office building.”

“It didn’t take very long for me to figure out what the issue really was,” he said. “My sense is that they were upset with the issue of having a Muslim center in their community.”

CAIR thugs send in Muslim female litigation jihadist to lecture Americans on freedom of religion. She has the nerve to try and compare her barbaric death cult posing as a religion to real religions that have suffered discrimination in America in the past.