Australian version of Barack Obama, Prime Minister Julia Gillard, dumped by Labor, replaced with former PM Kevin Rudd

AUSTALIAN BNIers, what say you? How are Rudd’s chances against conservative Tony Abbott?


Channel4 (h/t Krista M) Kevin Rudd is set to become the prime minister of Australia – again – after beating incumbent Julia Gillard in a leadership challenge just three months before the elections.

Mr Rudd’s leadership challenge was a bid to prevent a catastrophic defeat for the ruling Labor party at the September elections, but whether or not it will make a difference remains to be seen.


The events mirror a similar situation three years ago, when Ms Gillard ousted Kevin Rudd as prime minister, drawing comparisons with Voldemort and Harry Potter: one must be destroyed for the other to survive. Ms Gillard confirmed after the vote that she will be quitting politics and asking Australia’s governor general to accept the politically resurrected Kevin Rudd as prime minister.

This is the third leadership coup mounted by Mr Rudd in recent months – one in 2012 and then another in March this year. And of course, Ms Gillard seized the Labor leadership and the country back in 2010 effectively from under Mr Rudd’s nose – almost three years ago to the day of this new leadership contest.


Andrew Greene, a political correspondent at ABC in Australia, told Channel 4 News from Canberra: “Kevin Rudd has knocked off the woman who took his job three years ago and he now faces the prospect of a tough election against the Conservative opposition led by Tony Abbott.

Elections are scheduled for Sept. 14th. “Almost no-one now thinks it would be possible for Labour to win the elections under either Julia Gillard or Kevin Rudd. The polling has been very bad for Gillard – Labour was looking at a loss of 30 seats. Rudd is expected to save a number of seats but it is still likely to be an electoral drubbing.”