Hate Crime? Or big fat Muslim pity party based on a lie?

imagesTICK TOCK TICK TOCK. Several days have passed with a never-ending media blitz over a Muslim woman’s tale of allegedly having been attacked by ‘fascists’ in broad daylight in Paris, causing her to have a miscarriage.

Muslims have been all over the media calling attention to this alleged ‘hate crime’ that has yet to be proven. No witnesses have come forth to confirm her story. No medical reports confirming that she had a miscarriage because she was kicked in the stomach several times as she alleges have surfaced. All the police are saying is that there are “inconsistencies in her story.” Reminds me of that huge media story out of San Diego last year where an Iraqi woman was beaten to death in her own home, allegedly by a Muslim-hater who left a note saying, “Terrorists, go back to your country!” A few weeks later we found out that she was murdered by her own husband. The media all but ignored reporting on this despicable example of Islamic deception – ‘taqiyya.’

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H/T Kevin C