UK: Swastikas and ‘EDL’ graffiti on Redditch mosque called ‘racist’ attack

What ‘race’ is Islam? Could be UAF far leftists trying to implicate the EDL (English Defence League) or Muslims themselves trying to implicate the EDL.


Redditch Standard  ‘RACIST’ graffiti including swastikas has been sprayed on the walls of a Redditch mosque. The damage at the Jinnah Road building, which is still under construction and has previously been targeted by offenders, was caused with paint taken from builders’ cabins on the site used to target the walls and at least half a dozen windows.


Offenders forced entry through a gate before breaking in to the main building. It is not yet known whether anything has been stolen. Police are currently guarding the site and carrying our reassurance patrols in the surrounding area and mosque representatives have been informed.

Supt Kevin Purcell said: “For as long as I can remember the relationship between the Muslim community in Redditch, the police and the wider community would best be described as excellent. “Due to incidents happening nationally targeted patrols have been put in place and these will now be further increased as we will not tolerate mindless attacks of this nature.


Rebecca Blake, responsible for community safety on Redditch Borough Council, said: “I am saddened by this mindless graffiti and damage, just as the majority of people are.

Karen Lumley MP has also spoken out to condemn what she called a ‘deplorable act of mindless vandalism’. “Relations between the Muslim community and the wider community have been excellent for many years and on my visits to the local mosque, I have seen first hand the contributions Muslims in Redditch make to our society. (Name one)