Awww…Missouri Muslim refused service at Credit Union because she wouldn’t remove her headbag

Adiaratou Sall of Hazelwood says after ten years of banking with the Gateway Metro Credit Union she was refused service, for the first time ever, because she was wearing a headbag.  Tellers wanted it removed for security reasons.


KSDK  The credit union says it has had a policy for years of no sunglasses, hats or hoods. Because of recent robberies the credit union is enforcing the policy more strictly.

But Sall says she can vote, get a driver’s license and go through airport security with the same scarf and wants to know why banking should be any different. “I feel hurt, big time and violated,” says Sall. “It’s who I am.” (Oh, boo hoo)

“I don’t like doing it,” says Gateway Metro Credit Union President and CEO Larry Pixley. “But I feel like we have to protect our members and our employees.”

Sall was able to complete her transaction at another branch the same day and was confused by the inconsistency.


30 comments on “Awww…Missouri Muslim refused service at Credit Union because she wouldn’t remove her headbag

  1. She did not look really that covered up on her body as most of those brain washed women are didn’t she know she would be in the media when she did the interview?

  2. Could this refusal to comply with bank policies be the reason why JP Morgan banks suspended Closed Muslim accounts?

  3. At least she is not claiming modesty. Look how that devout muslim is dressed. Too many people commit crimes wearing headbags. If she doesn’t like it she can try Saudi Arabia where they consider her a slave. They would not let black muslim american soldiers pray in their mosques during the gulf war.

  4. Let’s rethink this…EVERY muslim should be required to wear a registered headbag, each marked (front and back) with three 6’s and a big scarlet red T for Terrorist. Is that too much to ask. I think not.

  5. I wonder how many robberies took place recently with niqab or burqa clad bandits why they began enforcing the hats and scarves rule?

    • Actually many, it is never reported in the cycles of the liars, known to some as news speakers of disinformation to a healthy society. OF course I know for sure what happens when one enters a banking institution, as I once innocently walked into my banking institution a few years back for a quick withdraw, wow, like white on rice, the guard was all over me, It was a simple mistake in a hurry to get moving to my objective, had a business to run and no time for anything other then to get it done and gone After a few apologies for screwing up, he understood, I was free to leave without charge, that’s how serious these people are about this type of behavior as they should be. Regards.

      Semper FI.

  6. When Muslims are few in numbers, “we’re from the religion of peace”. When Muslims are numerous, “Islam deserves special statues”. When Muslims outnumber those around them, “Islam or else?” At last they cut your throat with a blunt knife. This happened everywhere in the world.

  7. Now, had she been wearing a hijab (full face cover)…I could agree w/bank. I’ve known many women (my mom included) battling cancer—who choose to wear a stylish scarf rather than a wig. I have to side with this lady on this one….muslim women are not allowed to dress like this…regardless of country they’re in.

  8. Hurt feelings have nothing to do with security. Mozzies are not concerned about the security of kafirs. We must be concerned about our security against their jihad.

  9. Well done for the ‘gateway metro credit union’. They are setting a standard. Would they allow a biker wearing a helmet or a person wearing a balaclava even if it was a cold day to come into their bank? I hope not. If they allow a scarf then the slippery slope of allowing full face covered burkas are next. Let us support organizations that push back against the muslims. If they are willing to hold to this policy then we should all move our money into this bank/credit union because it will be safer.

  10. I smell a lawsuit. And who gives a flip how she feels. It is a rule for all people not just muslims. And you are unwelcome in our country. BOO HOO you twat. Peace to all non-muslims who agree.

  11. with the same scarf Sall says
    “she can vote,” – Even the dead vote, ALOT!
    “get a driver’s license” – Even illegal immigrants with no docs can do this.
    “and go through airport security” – they only target the elderly, the disabled, and the whites especially the kids.

    “She wants to know why banking should be any different.” Here’s why. Banks are run by a private industry. They are profit driven, must run their business in the black or go out of business. If they don’t take adequate measures to stop robberies, then they go bust.

    Furthermore the other things she’s listed are run by the government with federal oversight. They pick and choose the rules they want to enforce, and they don’t seem to worry that our debt is $16,900,000,000,000 or $53,000 per US Citizen ($148,000 per taxpayer)

  12. It is good business procedure to require people to come in without facial features covered up. It assists communications and trust. Muslims have no trust except for their false prophet.

  13. Dial CAIR Islamophobe Busters for help. When ARE we going to shut these people up and shut CAIR down? It’s all in the cultural jihad plans to win over the West. This type of Jihad is attacking the soft underbelly of a free democratic nation.

      • SUBMIT, ain’t gonna happen aussiegirl. There may be some gutless and clueless wonders here in the States among us as well I am sure you have the same problem with your version of the dhimmi’s in your neck of the woods but, submission to these demons of the flesh, in their dreams. Try that on this warrior and company, you’ll be ah meetn’ allah in person real quick like. I can speak for millions of us here, we are called Patriots and we don’t do islam, however we do offer free one way trips to Allah’s, la, la, land. otherwise known as hell, with the help and assistance of Mr. Kimber, Mr. Smith, Mr. Wesson, Mr. Taurus, Mr. Remmington, and Mr. m801/A1 Barrett.
        I, mohareb………………………………………………..approve this message.
        Semper FI. Remember keep them high, dry, well oiled, locked, loaded, racked, stacked and at the ready. Play-day is coming to a neighborhood near you soon, be ready, willing and able to enjoy some much needed payback best served cold and final.

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