OFF WITH HER HEAD! She used the “F” word 12 times to a Muslim cab driver

Did he try to rape her? Terror-linked CAIR is asking Fairfax County to charge a woman for “attacking” an Alexandria Muslim cab driver from Somalia (home of the sex gang rapists who have been arrested in Minnesota, Tennessee, Ohio, and Colorado) in an anti-Muslim tirade. The woman, Jenny Tesh-Crabbe, is a former Washington Redskins cheerleader.

Jenny Tesh-Crabbe
Jenny Tesh-Crabbe

McClean Patch  Tesh-Crabbe was named in a complaint filed by Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR (Council on Anti-American Islamic Relations), which is asking the Fairfax County Commonwealth’s Attorney to pursue charges against her for making anti-Muslim remarks to a cab driver April 23 and poking him in the back during a trip near Dulles Airport.

“She committed a crime and she should be held accountable for that crime,” (Since when is name-calling a crime? Let’s hear what the Somali thug did to her) said CAIR attorney Gadeir Abbas, who is asking that Tesh-Crabbe be charged with simple assault. “Virginia law provides for bias enhancement (Oh, here we go, the infamous CAIR ‘hate’ crime charge); here we don’t need to guess as to why Miss Crabbe struck; she makes it very clear that she took offense at his faith.” (Yes, Muslims are very offensive to normal people. Women should NEVER get in a cab with a Muslim driver)

The driver of Jenny Tesh-Crabbe’s cab, Abdikar Aden, is a family man (how many wives?) originally from terror hotbed Somalia who lives on Belle View Boulevard south of Old Town Alexandria. Aden claims he was subjected to a tirade by a passenger identified in the police report as Jennifer Lynn Crabbe. A video of the tirade provided to Patch shows Crabbe using the “F” word at least a dozen times. 

Tesh-Crabbe ended up calling 911 when the cab driver pulled his car over. The cab driver began to record the incident when she called 911.