EGYPT: Deadly violence breaks out after Morsi’s nearly 3-hour speech does nothing to appease the opposition

Violent clashes across the Egyptian cities of Alexandria and Port Said have left three people dead, one a U.S. citizen, and more than 70 others injured.


al-Jazeera  Clashes broke out on Friday between pro- and anti-government protesters in Alexandria’s Sidi Gaber neighbourhood, outside the local headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party (FJP). Local health officials said that two people were killed, one of them an American citizen who was stabbed, the other an Egyptian who died from gunshot wounds.


The offices of the Freedom and Justice Party, the political arm of Mr Morsi’s party, were also set on fire during the confrontations. A Brotherhood member was also killed overnight in an attack on a party office at Zagazig, in the heavily populated Nile Delta, where much of the recent violence has been concentrated.

Some interesting signs seen today at anti-Morsi protests:



The rallies in Cairo remained calm, but tensions are clearly running high ahead of nationwide anti-government protests planned for Sunday. On the outskirts of the pro-Morsi rally, rows of men armed with batons and metal rods checked IDs and frisked attendees.

Sunday’s protests, which organisers hope will draw millions of Egyptians to the streets, will demand that Morsi resign and cede power to a transitional government. The rally on Friday was intended as a preemptive strike, a chance for organizers to show that Morsi still commands majority support.


Marc Sievers DCM of US Embassy Egypt ‘inapproproate’ to call about dead American

Mark Sievers is the U.S. Embassy Deputy Chief of Mission. Apparently, when Marc Sievers was contacted, he felt it was inappropriate because it was 10pm or something.

“You are a really inapproproate to be calling me about this at 10 p.m.” U.S. No 2 in Mark Sievers, about possible dead citizen.

Sorry. Blinded by anger Marc Sievers cannot be called at 10 p.m. about a dead American, not Mark Sievers.