EDL’s Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll released on bail, after being arrested for walking in the street

1372525175-english-defence-leagues-tommy-robinson-and-kevin-carroll-arrested_2204809Two English Defence League leaders have been released on police bail after they were arrested by police in Central London. Tommy Robinson had shouted, “You are enforcing Sharia law” at officers who held him on suspicion of obstructing police as he tried to enter the London borough of Tower Hamlets.

ORIGINAL STORY/VIDEO HERE: unbelievable-left-wing-thugs-assault-tommy-robinson-and-kevin-carroll-tommy-and-kevin-get-arrested

SKY News  (h/t Maria J) The EDL had previously announced plans to walk through part of the capital before gathering outside Woolwich Barracks, near where Drummer Rigby was hacked to death in broad daylight. But the Metropolitan Police put conditions on the march which demanded that it ended at Old Palace Yard, opposite the House of Lords.


As well as planning to lay flowers in memory of Drummer Rigby, Mr Robinson and EDL co-leader Kevin Carroll, who was also arrested, were walking to raise money for a young girl fighting cancer.

Sky Correspondent Tom Parmenter said: “They’d walked six miles when they were arrested outside Aldgate East underground station. “Police had been tracking the walk across London and had regularly spoken to them about their route. “The EDL leaders had been warned not to go past a large mosque in east London or enter the borough of Tower Hamlets.

“As they approached the boundary of the borough they were warned again by officers who told them they may be arrested.” Mr Robinson and Mr Carroll repeatedly asked if they would actually be arrested before another man approached the pair and assaulted Mr Carroll.


Parmenter said: “As police officers tried to deal with the situation the EDL leaders continued to walk forward and then a senior policewoman placed the pair under arrest.” The pair, who were wearing T-shirts bearing the words “support our troops”, were led into a police van in handcuffs.

At the start of the walk in Hyde Park, Mr Robinson had said: “There’s two of us doing a charity walk. “They’re (police) saying it (Tower Hamlets) is a Muslim area but to me there is no Muslim area, there are just areas of my capital city that if I have to walk from A to B then you have to walk through.”

Scotland Yard said the conditions were imposed because of fears the march and the gathering would result in “serious public disorder” and it had warned that a breach would lead to arrest. (They were afraid Muslims would act like the savages they are and start slashing people in the street)

The only think they should have arrested Tommy for is his shorts!  LOL

The only thing they should have arrested Tommy for is his shorts! LOL

The statement claimed “negotiations” for their release were taking place and that the pair still hoped to walk to Woolwich to lay flowers. Mr Robinson earlier replied to a tweet asking him what weather he was expecting for Saturday: “ill be in a cell by lunch time so won’t matter. Ha ha”



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  1. And yet we allow scum liek Anjem CHoudary , the hook preacher and Qatada to preach hate and a brave guy like Tommy gets arrested – the British government are so scared of the muslims and they know a race war is on the verge of happening in this country and Europe!

    I am ashamed to be called British!

    • David don’t be ashamed mate it’s the mp’s and EU common purpose machine, for some reason our ‘elite’ want this country to become Islamic so it will. I used to think that they (mp’s) were supposed to serve us but it seems to be the other way around even though it’s you and me who put them in power.
      Guy Fawkes had right idea, we can only hope for a massive earthquake right under the Commons at PM’s questions.

    • In hindsight (wonderful of course) the best option would have been for Tommy and Kev to try to arrest their attackers themselves and “ask the Police to assist”. They could not have refused this – although they would of course – but then Tommy and Kev could have had legal redress against the Police.

  2. Via Tommy Robinson’s twitter feed:

    @EDLTrobinson These are the two that attacked Tommy and Kev yesterday in the red is Dan Cole and the one in green cap is Richard Pursell

    “David Smith ‏@daveinupton 5h @EDLTrobinson Tommy, do you think that guy in the blue that threw the punches was a undercover policeman? Or did you see him get arrested?”……….”Tommy Robinson EDL ‏@EDLTrobinson 2h @daveinupton yes I believe he was a government agitator no police grabbed him they let him walk off? Reports say he was arrested though?”…..”police allowed him to do it. More video to be released of us arguing earlier with them, then police let them walk with us???

    This is why Tommy has every reason to believe the assault was by a government paid agressor/agitator:NCAFC March #Nov9 2011 – Police Undercover Snatch Squad or Agents Provocateur ? quote:

    “Video catches two plain clothed guys have a brief word with uniformed officers before staming into the crowd, barging into a young guy, spinning him around, lashing out at him, then as uniform approach they flash a warrant card behind their back. The uniformed officer turns away, the 2 guys escape into the crowd.
    The crowd shouts “agent provovacteur” and points as they make their way pushing through..
    Briefly the video loses them, but in the final section we see 2 (other) plain clothed guys helped over police barriers by uniformed officers and they join 6 other officers detaining one young guy. 2 of the 6 already present are the ones we originally saw causing trouble. (coincidentally, one resembles Richard Purssell)
    Snatch squads, or a bit more than that? Agents Provocateur?
    You decide.

  3. Tommy also expresses his sense of humor on twitter:

    It’s ok Scotland Yd have been in contact,the senior officer who arrested me done so on behalf of the fashion police pic.twitter.com/t9m2lZuqB4

  4. Tommy’s twitter feed adds the following bit of speculation:

    @daveinupton yes I believe he was a government agitator no police grabbed him they let him walk off? Reports say he was arrested though?

  5. Chamberlain peace in our times, appeasers everywhere, i luv the Myanmar solution. it works the best, just bring weenies and marshmellows

  6. What do you expect if you have a corrupt criminal government, then you will end up with a corrupt and criminal police.

    So much tax payers money goes towards feeding and clothing, more than 2.5 million Islamic benefit scroungers that they’ve announced more cut backs in the police force, just the other day.

      • I wish this video could give me heart. Really – It justs adds to the resentment and disdain I have for our traitorous ruling political elite here in Britain (and yes including our selfish royal family). I have many, many ancestors that died fighting for the way of life and freedoms of the British nation. Nearly every member of my family, male and female have served in our armed forces. Those great events in our long and illustrious history, our previously indomitable spirit has been ruthlessly supressed to allow the most foul totalitarian ideology that has ever existed to gain control of Britain. I constantly boil with anger and frustration. I struggle to contain myself and refrain from only speaking about the take over of our nation every time I open my mouth to speak, with every person I speak to each day. But the sad, disgusting, shameful truth is that no one wants to hear, no one really cares. It is like almost every person in Britain is blind to the gun pointed at their heads whilst they are busy focusing on self gain. There will be no opportuity for self gain when our entire nation and culture is destroyed.

        • I understand the frustration, one of the problems is the vast majority of native Brits live a charmed life as I do, where there isn’t a Muslim for miles. I’ve not seen a Muslin in the flesh since I moved from the Islamic Republic of London nearly four years ago, and most people only worry about problems that affect them directly.

          Look at Tibet the Chinese haven’t destroyed the Tibetan culture, it survives in exile in India and Nepal.

          I’m interested as you seem to be, in what the Royal Family make of all this, it could split the family in two. I wonder what Prince William and Prince Harry make of their father being a bit of a dhimmi on the quite. Could the impending civil war in Britain become two army’s facing each other fighting for one of two sides of a divided Royal Family?

        • Basically, your comment says it for me. My wife and I love England and would like to see more of it, sadly we will not do so. The importation of millions of the absolute dregs of the human barrel is ruining beautiful little England.

          England is becoming too dangerous to visit now it’s filling up with sub-humans who take offence at anything and everything, and that, combined with the fact the police are no longer to be relied upon just makes it a country to miss. I realize the muslim rabble are not everywhere (yet) but was disgusted to see “garbage bag” clad women in two of my favourite small towns, Skipton and Ilkley.

          Nor is England the only country “rolling over dead” to muslim thugs, a few weeks ago a Norwegian woman was gang raped in broad daylight in Bergen. My question: Where are the Englishmen, the Norwegians and others? If there are muslim gangs, why are there not gangs of indigenous Europeans? And yes, it must come to violence; the only thing muslims understand.

  7. Seems that IRA must be reactivated!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It’s really time to start the fight for our freedom!!!!
    In power already the Nazis, disguised of democrats!!!!!!
    The demofascists are allies of islamofascists!!!!!!!!
    It’s really shame that our grand parents did dye to get the freedom back, from hands of nazist ( germans ), and just 70 years after, the same ideology, masqueraded it’s already in power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Tom and Kevin are the real democrats with the soul of freedom fighters!!!!
    Tanks Tom, Tanks Kevin!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Thank god there are people like Tommy and Kevin with guts. Wish you all the best in the fight with the devils of Islam and the uk political clowns.

    • I would like to make a recommendation for the edl- next time take a lawyer with you so you don’t get arrested for doing something legal. You need to make the police look like it really is , and that is they are breaking the law not you.

  9. England has turned into a big petrified chicken of Muslims who want to drag the country into their 7th century caves! England is a coward, a chicken and turkey , a crap, a shit!

    • Yes that’s the sentiments that are shared by your friend Anjem Choudray as well, anyway mustn’t keep you you’ll be of to the Mosque soon, once you hear the call to prayer.

  10. It just shows the pure apathy of the general public when an English man
    cannot walk down any street he wants to in the nations capital.
    The Queen should invite him to the palace and have a long talk with him,
    just so she knows exactly what is going on in her realm.
    As I have said before, there is too much Saudi money tied up in the UK.

  11. Winston Churchill is NOT just rolling over in his grave, he’s digging himself out of his grave, and getting ready to “kick” some spineless political leaders A**es

    England … Britian the country that once stood for freedom against all odds, has fallen lower than low!.

  12. http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2013/jun/29/english-defence-league-leaders-woolwich

    “No comments allowed”


    “Sorry we are unable to accept comments for legal reasons”


    “No comments allowed”


    “No comments allowed”

    Yet other articles have plenty of comments on their other stories who is orchestrating these comment blackouts?

    What is surprising is that the Huffington Post is a well known leftist newspaper but read the comments most people are backing Tommy here in…1,583 comments!


    Sorry for all the links BNI……

  13. Papers are reporting that the two involved with assaulting Kevin Carroll today were also arrested. Casuals United reveals (with screen shots) the identity of one of these two men . . .Richard Purssell (Purcell) and Fat man.
    Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carrol have since been bailed till August. Begs the question – what about Richard Purssel and Fat Man? Have they been charged with aggravated assault and battery yet? If not, why not?

  14. The Yahoo site seems to be overloaded. There are 1,994 comments within the last few hours and none seem to be good for the police or government except maybe 3 comments from ‘mohameds’.

    There’s one non-muslim guy that lives in Tower Hamlets and he says he is not allowed to walk past the mosque to get to the hospital.

    This is excellent because even anti-EDL people are now reconsidering their position.

    • Check out the postings at the Sky news link Susan. You have your last comment confirmed, with several postings from folk who claim not to support EDL, then go on to speak in Tommy’s defence, and saying the UK is turning into a police state.

  15. Evidently the police in England do NOT support the British troops. These Keystone cops support rabid muslim’s.
    How long did it take for them to arrive on site where Drummer Rigby was beheaded? And how long after that to arrest somebody?
    By the way, I’m not buying that crock about restricting the walk to 6 miles. Someone should have played one of those sub-human sounding “call to prayer” recordings just to see how many of the cops would hit the ground and bang their heads on it.

    • I think this was a staged event the, two so called UAF members who assaulted them were probably plain clothes police, and the farce was performed beneath the lenses of a crowd of news photographers.

  16. The BBC and Garudian do not have a monopoly on the news. Is there not an honest reporter in the UK who would look into stories like this and have it published, in a way that the rest of the OGP (Official Government Press) COULD NOT ignore it?

    I’m thinking along the lines of W5, 20/20 or The Fifth Estate. I don’t remember the differences between those programs, or if there are others; there should be. I remember in depth looks at serious stories which had otherwise been swept under the carpet, or not even acknowledged.

    To me, the most GLARING recent items are that a free born Englishman is not allowed to walk in certain parts of his own country, and that ‘denial of rights’ is enforced by the same police who are normally expected to stand for his right to “pass and repass” (but not to ‘loiter’).

    Next is the vomit inducing hypocrisy of the UK’s Theresa May who

    Sees No Evil, Hears No Evil and Speaks No Evil

    when it comes to allowing mohammedan HATE BROADCASTERS (excuse tautology), both British born (but will NEVER be British) and alien, but sees fit to blast (LIE) and block entry of those from an ally, who speak out, because they quote original sources and facts.

    I believe that Russia TV (RT) could do something like, but I don’t know if they have anyone with the tenacity and connections to pull it off.

    Everyone remember that there are THOUSANDS of mohammedan police in the UK, with their own subversive organization NAMP.