UNBELIEVABLE! Left wing thugs assault Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll; Tommy and Kevin get arrested

The EDL were on a charity walk in London and were assaulted by the pro-Islamist left wing fascists. Police were there and saw the whole thing but did nothing to the fascists, instead arrested Tommy and Kevin. 


Tommy told police, if you don’t want us to walk on this route (which would pass a mosque), tell us which route to take because we are raising money for a dying child and need to finish this walk. The fascist police put the handcuffs on Tommy and Kevin and took them away. This is England, folks, sharia law being enforced.

EDL UPDATE: Although Tommy & Kev are being held in custody there is enough evidence to suggest that the Met Police are now enforcing Sharia Law and are enforcing Non-Muslim NO GO zones in our capital city London, This will add to our reasons for our National Demonstration in Tower Hamlets East London Saturday 24th August, We hope they are both released ASAP, Keep calm all, No Surrender!