TENNESSEE: Muslim man kills wife, flees back to Egypt with his two young daughters

Guess it was time to get the girls genitally mutilated and perhaps the wife didn’t want it done to them. (In Egypt 70 – 80% of young girls are)


FOX News  (h/t LaH) A Nashville Muslim man who fled to Egypt with his two children was charged on Thursday with criminal homicide in the death of his wife. The body of 27-year-old Madiha Roshdy was found last month by a highway mowing crew in Kentucky, but authorities were unable to identify her until this week.

She was not reported missing until June 20 after a friend learned that family members in Egypt were worried about her. Roshdy last reported for work at a Nashville hotel on May 25. She was last seen by neighbors on May 26.

MADIHA ROSHDY (left) Alaa Youssef (right)

MADIHA ROSHDY (left) Alaa Youssef (right)

Police searched the couple’s Nashville apartment and the car belonging to the husband, 39-year-old Alaa Youssef. Police believe it is likely that Roshdy was killed at the apartment a few days before her body was found May 29 along the northbound lanes of Interstate 65, north of Elizabethtown, Ky. That is some 115 miles north of Nashville.

She died of blunt force trauma to the head.

Youssef, who worked for Tyson Foods (notorious affirmative action employer of Muslims from Africa) in Shelbyville, flew out of Nashville with the couple’s two young daughters on June 7. They arrived in Cairo on June 8.



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  1. Under Islamic Sharia Law, the guy has no problem in Muslim Brotherhood Egypt supported by Obama.

    Thanks for all this carp goes to the false prophet Muhammad and his false god allah. Islam (founded by Satan) has turned these people into murderers.

  2. Oh btw BareNakedIslam, you are a piece of crap and a disgrace to bloggers who actually use facts to prove their point. You have no business posting crap about others when it’s all just your opinions and lies to incite hatred. Any blogger who cares about the truth and telling their readers the facts doesn’t trail together different stories about a race, culture or religion. But in your case, you just seem to want to spout BS instead of actually telling the truth. The story about the woman’s death has nothing to do with any surgery to female children and it’s a horrible affront to your readers to pick and choose your comments. I know that this will never be seen by your readers and that’s fine. You just keep telling yourself and your readers that you are sincere and caring and want only to keep them informed. That should make you all feel better about your bigotry, racism and hatred. Karma is a bitch and she carries a big stick. Watch your back you piece of crap. She will get you in the end.

    • Let me guess…you’ll kiss the asses of your Muzzie captors, BEGGING ON ALL FOURS for your life, only to be BRUTALLY GANG RAPED by them before they behead you to finish you off and upload it to YouTube…

      Enjoy HELL with your newfound ‘friends’…

  3. Well I certainly hope none of you profess to be Christians or even human for that matter. Just another piece of shit journalism meant to incite and cause more hate. If you don’t have all of the facts, get a life and stop accusing all immigrants of being pieces of shit. And by all means, boycott Tyson but do it for a logical reason. If you believe that all who work for them should be punished for the deeds of some, you’re as bad as the Muslims or any other culture that mistreats their people. I’m not at all for their customs but that doesn’t give me the right to belittle all of them. I’m not a Catholic but I don’t put their religion down even if I don’t agree with it. The Catholic Church and others are responsible for more wars and deaths than anyone will ever know. Should we all start boycotting and protesting and lumping all of a religion together because of some ? If so, every religion should be included. This is supposed to be the land of the free and home of the brave but maybe we should change that. If all we have is distrust and distain for people from other cultures and other countries then we don’t deserve the liberty and freedom that we take for granted. You can all spout your hatred of someone that is different or of a different religion but that makes you no better than those that you have hatred for. If your life is so perfect and your religion so wonderful, by all means rant til your head falls off. But if you think you’re so perfect, better watch where you’re pointing fingers because for the one that you’re pointing at someone else is pointing four back at yourself. This is just like so many other stories that get posted and shared and they are incomplete and most of the time, inaccurate. I’m sorry for the children of this woman and for the rest of her family but that doesn’t change the fact that this happens all the time and it doesn’t necessarily just happen to Muslims. Every day you can read a newspaper and find a similar story that affects good ole white folks. It just doesn’t make as good a copy as when it is done by a foreigner. Too many guns, too much hate and too many who are just crazy. I’m a white woman, wife, mother and grandmother and I was taught to love people for who they are, not what their color or religion is. You might want to reevaluate your attitude, spend more time trying to help the situation rather than just bitch about it and see people and yourself for what you are. Your hatred will eat you up and then what will you do ? I won’t be checking back so you can call me names and say whatever you want about me because I don’t care. I choose to spend my time trying to make a real difference in the lives of my family and friends. The only reason I even read this post is because I am from TN. You might try thinking about the log in your own eye instead of the splinter in others. Ye who are without sin, cast the first stone.

    • Ooohhhh…must be that time of the month for you…bitchy mouth, and a poisonous shot as the door slaps you on your fat ass on the way out… Life’s a bitch on a Monday, isn’t it??? ***

  4. Has noone noticed something – these people do actually look evil – check out all of the paedo savages in the recent cases in the UK – each and every one of them looks exactly what they are – evil , ugly and mean – We should pay more attention each and every one of us Christians , Jews , Hindus etc to things going on around us in our neighbourhoods , cities and streets when it involves a muslim especially when young christian girls are involved – i wouldnt hesitate to finish off anyone harming a child or a woman in no uncertain terms.

    They know how to deal with the muslims in Eastern Europe believe me – they are not like lily livered brits – Eastern Europe and Israel are our only hope of a strong defence against the muslim horde!

  5. As a Marine, I took an oath, and that oath included protecting people who couldn’t protect themselves from human monsters, other assorted bogeyman, and things that go bump in the night…all of whom should roast in HELL, along with their lawyers (can you say terror-front CAIR?, among others…)

    Leaving active duty DOES NOT release one from that sacred charge, for that is an ongoing lifetime responsibility that is carried, until The Lord Jesus Christ PERSONALLY taps them on the shoulder and tells them to stand down, saying, “I’ve got it from here…”

    • I’m ashamed of someone who served this country and has so little regard for the freedom of anyone and especially when you spew your lies about the President. I hope that you will some day learn that you can’t always have your way just because you were a Marine. You’re entitled to your opinions and so many before you fought and died so that you could have the freedom to perpetuate lies to fit your opinions but be aware that you are not always correct and if you don’t believe in God, Karma has a special deal for your kind. I hope that some day before it’s your time to leave this life, you will have the correct answers and if you have lied or misspoke about others, I pray that you will get your just reward.

  6. So, first he listened to a sermon by that imam spewing hate speech in Tennessee?

    Don’t worry – the Egyptian government will refuse to hand him over, and Obama will give Morsi another billion$ as a reward.

    • The Egyptian savages will NEVER hand him over; remember, Obama is Morsi’s bitch, and he’ll give Morsi’s another ONE BILLION DOLLARS just to kiss his @$$ one more time…

      Don’t forget that Muzzie cab driver in Dallas who slaughtered his teenage daughters before flying the coop for…you got it…Egypt…that cowardly bastard…another disciple of Ovomit…

  7. We started the Tyson boycott when they got in bed so to speak…with the Clintons back in the 90’s. We now have yet another reason to avoid their products. I don’t trust food products that are manufactured by employees who are committed to killing us all.

    • agreed. food prepared by people who bang their heads on the floor and wear headbags and beards is not very appetizing

  8. It must have been time for this jackass to go see uncle morsi. I hope he gets what is coming to him. The safety of the girls will maybe never be known.

  9. Another confirmation of just how sleazy these Muslims often are. Do the math.The daughter was 13 and the mother 27. So she got pregnant at 13 or 14. If married
    at the time the mother would have been a child bride. And, if in this country at that time, it makes him guilty of a number of crimes. Not the least of which would be rape. Enforce the law. To the max. Starting immediately.


  10. We do not want the savage back. It would save us a lot of tax payers dollars in trial costs, paying for lawyers and then years in jail. Let egypt have him. In fact make it known that any muslim criminal can go back to the hell hole they crawled out of to avoid jail. Save our tax dollars. It is one way to deport criminals. Give them a choice, years in jail or go back to the hell hole they crawled out of for muslim on muslim violence.

  11. Clitorectomies are blasphemous because this says God did not know how to create women — He created them as He thought best, but Moslems think they can improve on God’s design. Muslim men are so terrified that their wife might long for another more decent man, so they preclude this by making sex (which God created) unbearable and painful. All Muslims are blasphemous because they do not know the truth of God’s word and follow the hogwash filtered down to them through the imagination of the alter-ego (the non-existant Allah) of the psychopath known as Mohammed.

  12. On the horns of a dilemma. Should we insist on extradition to assure justice or just do nothing and be thankful it has left the country and will not return.

  13. Sorry ! Back on track.
    How did this raghead ever come to be in the U.S. in the
    first place ? Was or is he another product of our SLITWH * bringing in hordes of uneducated, unskilled, uncivilized (but democRAT voting) headbangers and butt wavers ?
    * Serial Liar In The White House

    • Sweet OBob, the more uneducated, completely illerate OB can get into this country, the more votes! Try to enforce our voting laws and watch the democRATS scream All non citizens should not be allowed to vote, but people are arrested if they try to clean up the voting rolls of the dead who still vote, ..Obama goes around our constitution, it gets in his way of carrying out what his “handlers” have in store for this once free and great nation. As for Tyson chicken, reading about their filthy conditions and how they got a pass during Clinton’s rule (because of campaign contributiions and support) was enough for me. It’s .nasty. I wouldn’t buy that brand for anything! We have to realize that our current adm. hates America by his actions, not by his speech. I pray that God opens his eyes to see that Islam teaches hate, at least in the muslim countries. I have muslim friends, they don’t practice the hate we see from the terrorists…but they are also afraid to say what they really think for fear of the radical terrorists . Most of them turn to Christianity when they hear the true gospel. We need to pray for our leaders for the blinders to be removed.

  14. Quite a while,(two or three years ago) I saw a picture of a billboard in Mexico directing illegal aliens to go to Albertville,Alabama for employment with a Tyson Chicken processing facility located there or close to there. If anyone out there has a copy of that post, I would love to see it again. I haven’t bought
    a Tyson product since then. Now, with the advent of Tysons evident preference for Somali muslims at its Shelbyville, Tenn. plant, it’s easy for me to continue my boycott of their products.
    If anyone out there knows of another company, or companies, who deliberately ignore the laws of the United States, as Tyson did and does, please tell me. I’m sure I can find a way to be able to live without their products too.

    • S, I agree. We can all vote with our wallets and boycott Tyson’s products. I already boycott any and all muslim associated businesses, taxi’s, stores, cashier lines and so on. I refuse to deal with anyone hiding behind a burka or wearing gloves for fear of touching pork and so on.

  15. Nice fail of failed US government, wonder what Great George Washington would be thinking of his country.. Getting more and more terrorists.

  16. I thought you had to have some kind of ‘guardianship document’ to travel with minors? There have been so many cases of parents ‘kidnapping’ their own children, when they don’t have custody of same.

    Did some mohammedan TSA or Border Security functionary look the other way? How about the appropriate government department look into that, and see if any rules were violated, just so we all know.

    We know that if a mohammedan is involved, nothing will happen because Holder “looks after HIS people”.

    BTW, how old are the kids? If they’re out of diapers, he can sell them to some 50-year-old lecher.

    BTW2. Will cair be whining about this? Why was this koranic exemplar forced to flee his home of convenience?

    BTW3. How come this fine upstanding EGYPTIAN islamist was in the US? He’s obviously not any kind of refugee, or seemingly a rocket scientist. WHO let him in, and WHY?

    Does anyone know if he ululated the great mohammedan benediction “Awadhu Akbar” as he gave his wife her halal send off?

    • Who we should be worried about is the children were
      They born here We are worried about 10 million illegals they could actually belong

  17. tyson foods contributed greatly to clinton’s campaign. For that reason I am boycotting them for life. PS. Foster Farm chicken products are non halal.

  18. I should care but this is Islam- kill, sex kill, sex, kill………and they still claim they are the religion of peace. Deporting them would solve the problem. Anything else is a waste of time. Where is the budhaphobia, hinduphobia, sikhphobia, christainphobia. No these Muslims must go, attempts to talk to them is pointless. Deport them. No need for hatred or violence before the whole thing explodes and real hatred and violence towards muslim really starts.

  19. This mutilation should not be referred to as circumcision (cutting around) but rather as clitorectomy (removal of the clitoris).

    • That’s actually only in some cases. Traditionally it’s worse than that. They remove the clitoris and the labia, then they sew them shut leaving only a small opening for urine and menstrual blood. On their wedding night they’re to be forcibly penetrated. Is freaking nothing shot of horrific. These ”people” are mentally insane.

        • Tyson started all this when they CANCELLED Memorial Day AND Labor Day to accompany Muslim holidays for these savages.

          They SCREWED all who served our country and fought for freedom these head bangers seek to ASS-RAPE us of today, so they can behead us tomorrow.


          When THEY come to the USA, they play by AMERICAN rules, or they GTFO and go back to their third-world shitholes. They can behead each other over there; elimination of the stupidest…

          If they don’t like it, they can STFU. This is what happens when corrupt companies crawl into bed with corrupt-as f*ck presidents (or impostors in Ovomit’s case)…remember, it all started with Clinton…

  20. All news about Islam is bad news.

    Moslems are ‘nice’ only when they don’t practice Islam. They are ‘nice’ when they are non-practicing ‘hypocrites’ who have genuine friendship and love with the dirty kafirs.

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