FRANCE: Muslims terrorize and drive out of business a butcher because they were offended that he sold pork

dep_3591282-French-butchers-signIn the Italie shopping centre, in the Blosne district of Rennes, the butcher-processor has finally closed its doors at the end of April. “Worn out by the Muslim intimidation,” the shopkeeper sold his store. At the beginning of June, in renovated premises, a halal butcher will move in, the second in this site which has fifteen shops.

Islam vs Europe  In eleven years of operation, the butcher has had his window smashed a dozen times. Why? “Because I had the misfortune to sell pork!”, assures Jérôme. A few years ago, a message of about fifty centimetres was engraved by knife on to a wooden door in the back of his shop: “Death to the pigs, we will bleed you.”


“As in previous cases, I filed a complaint at the police station. As in the previous cases, the police refused to come here to take note of it. I am bitter.” According to the man in his forties, the intimidations even went as far as physical threats.

“Three years ago, one evening, a dozen MUSLIM thugs came into my shop. They told me that if I cooked galettes-saucisses [tn: sausage pastries, a delicacy associated with Rennes] outside, as has been the tradition since forever, it would end very badly. Right away, I stopped making galettes-saucisses on Friday, a day of prayer for Muslims. I made them on Saturday in the early morning, when the troublemakers in this district are still asleep.”

Evidenced by the anti-Muslim graffiti on this Muslim halal butcher shop, not everyone in France is running away, some are fighting back
Evidenced by the anti-Muslim graffiti on this Muslim halal butcher shop, not everyone in France is running away, some are fighting back

Shocked by what they consider “racist” acts, the inhabitants have circulated a petition to denounce these actions and show their solidarity with the butcher. Several hundred signatures were collected. “Nothing changed,” Jérôme admits publicly. “I tried to resist, but I’ve given up. Today, I’m abandoning the ship. However, my business is doing well.”

In the district, the butcher’s misfortunes are known to everyone. All the more so as they do not appear to be isolated. There is a growing problem of Muslim intolerance in France, and they only make up 10% of the population at this point.