Hundreds wearing dresses turn out to discuss the role of women in Saudi Arabian society today…

…but not a single attendee was a woman! The conference, at the University of Qassim, was attended by representatives from 15 nations – all girlymen in white flowing dresses and pastel pink hijabs.


UK Daily Mail  Segregation between men and women in the oil rich country is widespread due to the ultra-conservative Wahhabi sharia law. Restrictions mean they are not allowed to drive, they must use separate entrances at banks and offices, and a plan to build a city for female workers only has been announced.

They also need permission from a male relative or their husband to work, travel, study or marry and a woman’s testimony counts for less than that of a man in a court of law. In April, Saudi Arabia lifted the ban preventing women from riding motorbikes and bicycles, but only if they are accompanied by a male relative and dressed in full veil.