British TV Channel 4 submits to sharia, will air the highly offensive (to non-Muslims) Islamic Call to Prayer

A British television station will broadcast the Muslim Call to Prayer every morning during the entire month of Ramadan to give a voice to Britain’s Muslim minority, which has faced a minimal backlash since the barbaric slaying of a British soldier by a Muslim savage on a London street.


REUTERS (h/t Roy)  Channel 4 on Tuesday announced it would be the first mainstream national broadcaster to air the call, issuing it at 3 a.m. daily from July 9 for the entire Muslim month of fasting. The publicly-owned broadcaster, set up to appeal to minority audiences, will also interrupt its programming four times on the first day of Ramadan with 20-second films to remind viewers of the call to prayer.


Ralph Lee, Channel’s 4 head of factual programmes, said he expected the station would be criticised for focusing attention on the much reviled Muslims. But he doesn’t care. Channel 4 has a history of controversial programming: in 2008 it asked the president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, to deliver an alternative to Queen Elizabeth’s annual Christmas message.

Insulting the intelligence of every citizen who understands what a sick cult Islam actually is, Prime Minister David Cameron called the savage Woolwich attack “a betrayal of Islam and of the Muslim communities who give so much to our country” (It was not a betrayal of Islam, killing unbelievers is commanded in the quran. What exactly have Muslims given the country beside criminals, rapists, and entitlement whores?)