FINALLY! An American media outlet, CNN, covers the strong ‘anti-Obama’ protests in Egypt that were going on at the same time as the anti-Morsi protests

No surprise, however, the CNN host covering this story is Jake Tapper, formerly of ABC News, recently hired by CNN to bring a more balanced brand of journalism to the leftist-leaning network.

NOTE: The reporter in Egypt says the anti-Obama protesters are unhappy with Obama’s support of Israel which is a pile of crap. But he’s an Arab so what do you expect? The only thing they are protesting is Obama’s support of Morsi.


17 comments on “FINALLY! An American media outlet, CNN, covers the strong ‘anti-Obama’ protests in Egypt that were going on at the same time as the anti-Morsi protests

  1. The new president said “”I look forward to parliamentary and presidential elections held with the genuine and authentic will of the people”.
    the key words “genuine” & “authentic”. Two characters which are absent from any elelction in Islamic country.
    The Muslim Brrotherhood should be abolished and deemed illegal, that is if any leadership is serious about peaceful atmosphere.

    Sadly, this is also, happened in the election of the fanatic Muslim obama. It is a disgrace such thing occur in the most democratic country in the world. I am sure, obama, will not let go of Egypt’s victory. The defeat of his buddies the MB is a huge defeat for him.
    The American people should learn a lesson from the Egyptians.
    WAKE UP AMERICA. Enogh snoooooozing

  2. Monday morning Anderson will go in crying if you put this on Obama will fall in ratings then me and my boyfriend will not be safe in America. Jake Tapper will be fired for being fair and balance. Jake get a boyfriend by Monday morning.

  3. Its good to see CNN even half heartly trying to bring a bit of ballance to their news media, but it will take more than just one reporter, reporting honestly, to change the decades of deception and dishonestly by CNN. That is CNN’s fault .. you reap what you soe!

  4. It would be nice to think that Turner’s Chicken Noodle News might finally grow a truthful spine, but don’t hold your breath. Morsi was Bammy’s satrap, just as Bammy is Soros’s creature. Soros’s & the Muslim Bro’hood’s.

  5. He played it nicely, artfully avoiding pointing out Obama’s ties with MB and blaming it all on Israel, of course. Washington is meddling in the Middle Eastern affairs to promote interests of Israel, which definitely include total annihilation by the determined and devoted to this “noble” mission MB. Of course Israel is very interested in having the MB vipers’ nest for the neighbor.

  6. This means that obama, the sitting “president” is guilty of Aiding and abetting the enemy, fraud, witholding evidence, perjury and TREASON!! The question is what will a cornered criminal do to get out?

  7. CNN had to report it, lies and all, because their dear leader was coming out with his slanted statement about his buddy morsi’s ousting. I will not watch CNN unless there is a weather-related event which is the ONLY thing they seem to do without prejudice.

  8. Bravo!

    The CBC (Communist Bullshit Coverups) covered this fairly well, and at length, then: “In the interests of balance.” they allowed headbagged MB (Morsi Bitch) whore to spout about MM being ‘democratically elected’ and should be allowed to finish his term, blah, blah, blah.

    Funny, I’m not aware of allowing Israel to comment after the CBC does one of their BBC-like hatchet jobs.

      • AMEN!!!! Most certainly I shun it where I live: TV (which I haven’t watched in many years now!!), radio (which I likewise shun), Internet – it’s all the same EVIL!!!!!

        I’ve now completely renounced the MSM, all corrupted, bought and paid for by the muzturds and their Communist allies…

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