Israeli ‘LATMA’ Satire Star survives rock attack by Muslim terrorists

img430654You’ve seen some of the funny LATMA videos here that satirize the problems of living in one of the most hostile neighborhoods in the world. Ronit Avrahamof Shapira was in the car with her husband and babies when terror smashed through their window.


INN  (h/t Liz) Shapira told the tale on her Facebook page: “An Arab terrorist tried to murder us, tonight.

“We were traveling in our car in Samaria, at 10:00 p.m. Husband Leizi identifies rocks on the road, understands what is happening. He shouts to me, to protect our babies in the back seat, when suddenly, a large rock, something the size of a nice grapefruit, smashes the window next to me. “Pieces of glass everywhere. On my body, in every possible place, on our babies. They are in their car seats and a million bits of glass, large and small, cover them.


“I am injured. Blood. A little on the face, on the hands. On my baby’s leg. We flee for our lives. Scared to death that more rocks may be headed our way. I am not sure what is going on. Are we being fired upon? When the rocks hit the car, the noise is powerful, like gunshots. Plus the flying glass and the blood.

“Luckily, Leizi does not lose control of the wheel, as he shouted to me in time, I protected the children, so most of the pieces of glass hit me and I avoided getting hit in the head by a rock. “We made it to the checkpoint, where they debrief us and ask us a lot of questions. We clean ourselves, the children and the car from tons of broken glass. 

“In the newscasts tomorrow, people will once again wag their fingers about the ‘terrible terrorism’ in which walls are sprayed with slogans, and ignore – once again – an attempted murder, one of many that take place on our roads every day.

“Our so-called ‘partners’ in peace want us to die. That is what they want. One cannot make peace with murderers. The terrorists have our blood on their hands. Shalom.”

You probably remember the LATMA rendition of “We Con the World” which went viral after the Gaza flotilla fiasco. Ronit Shapira is the female commentator below: