Another Muslim savage stabs British teenager to death in the street, then laughed about it, say witnesses

Crump-Raiswell Kieran, 18, was heading to look for a job when Imran Hussain, 27, walked up to him and without warning stabbed him four times in the chest.

Kieran Crump-Raiswell

Kieran Crump-Raiswell

Manchester Evening News  (h/t Susan K) Witnesses to the shocking scene in Whalley Range said Hussain appeared to be “sniggering” as he ran to his car and drove off, jurors heard. The killing was the second of two street assaults committed on total strangers within 12 days in January.

Hussain, from Bracknell, Berkshire, drove from his student flat in Coventry on January 4 and punched a man in the face in Nottingham and ran off.

Peter Wright QC, prosecuting, said: “It is the prosecution case that on this occasion, fortified by the apparent ease at which a stranger could be attacked, this time he travelled to Manchester armed with a knife and intending to kill someone.”

Mr Wright said: “Kieran crossed the road and then entirely without warning he approached him and he stabbed him to the front and back of his chest four times before running off.” He said the defendant initially denied involvement in either of the incidents when he was arrested days later. But he “changed his tune” when the evidence against him began to unravel.



123 comments on “Another Muslim savage stabs British teenager to death in the street, then laughed about it, say witnesses

  1. I am pretty sure that if you use common sense, you can tell there are left and right wing muslims and not everyone is like this. THis website is dumb. I live in India and here I have many muslim friends and they are very good people

    • Lucky you RS. Maybe.
      Maybe you will be one of the last echelon to feed the mohammedan crocodile.

      Are you a Hindu? You know that, according to the koran, you are lower than the ‘people of the book’ (Jews, Christians and maybe Zoroastrians), and they of course are ‘second-class citizens’ to the supremacist mohammedans.

      So, if you are NOT ‘of the book’ you are a third class citizen. You do not have the middle option of living as a dhimmi and acquiescing to your permanently inferior status. You only have the choice of uncoerced ‘conversion’ to mohammedanism or death, which, given the latter, makes the ‘uncoerced’ nature of the former, a tad suspect.

      I am not sure what the koran says, if anything, about taking friends from among the kaffir, but given its hateful warnings against Christians and Jews, I imagine mohammed never dreamed any of his followers would be so stupid as to ever even contemplate for one instant such a vile coupling, which would be like intercourse between allah and Satan.

      I hope you have studied your friends’ koran, in several translations, not a bowdlerized version for dhimmis and kaffir, but the ‘original-unadulterated-genuine-word-of-god’ as your friends call it.

      Of course, your friends, if indeed you have mohammedan friends, may be everything you say about them, just as the friends of the Boston Marathon murderers describe them practically as saints.

      And if you see NO connection between mohammedanism and Westwood Mall, the Boston Marathon, Fort Hood, the WTC, Bali, London, Madrid, Beslan, Bamiyan and 20,000 lesser acts of terror, maybe you need to investigate. Look at all the videos from the real koran-following mohammedans, here and elsewhere.

      Terrorism, murder, rape…to the cry of allahu akbar, without worldwide condemnation from the the so-called moderates.

      • I agree, Huck. Notice these idiots always start with, “I have Muslim friends who…” NO YOU DON’T. They hate you and are using your naivety for some nefarious gain to further the cause of their paedophile prophet.

  2. I have finally had enough of all this. We need to get organised and take it to them before its to late.
    PS the new Redditch mosque has been built with bacon laid in the walls!!!

    • why dont you do something about it then instead of talking from your armchair, talk is cheap, action is the way forward, and out of this mess the country is in.

  3. Maybe 3 years ago, in Realendo, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a goon went to a middle school and gunned down 14 innocent young kids, mostly girls. I don’t remember if he killed boys… The children who managed to escaped the slaughter ran out to search for police help. Luckily they found an officer in the neighborhood who came to the school and killed the goon on the steps of a stair going to the upper floor. He was armed to the teeth and was planning to murder more kids.
    When the police raided his house and his computer, they found among other things, letters and pictures of him with reference to Islam and meeting with 2 men with islamic names… There were pictures of the goon dressed in islamic garb..and his sister said he had frequented a mosque in downtown Rio. Yet after the investigation, the police concluded that the attack was caused by vengeance because the murderer had been “bullied” when he attended the school a few years back, but we, who know how Islam works on people, know better. The police just ignored this aspect of the crime due to ignorance or PC and closed the case.
    There is a big islamic colony now in the south of Brazil, in the area of the Iguaçu Falls, between Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay and the authorities in Brazil are ignoring the dangers of their presence, because they don’t want to” stir the hornest’s nest”and have them flying all over and start causing trouble . In other words, they are afraid of future possible problems.The Jewish center in Argentina was attacked/ bombed by members of this community and over 100 innocent jews were killed. The Brazilian magazine VEJA has reported extensively on the presence of Islamic radicals in the area of the Three Borders, and how the Braz. gov. is ignoring it. Islamic group was sueign the magazine. Islam is growing in Brazil and in the last 10 years the building of mosques have quadrupled, especially in São Paulo. Useful idiot women are converting to Islam, out of sheer ignorance, they claim Islam takes care of women..Islam is gaining converts in prison and in the slums/favelas.. Hezbollah and Hamas members live in the Three Borders area and Osama Bin Laden has a brother in the south of Br. and allegedly visited him more than once.
    You can find more about the subject in Youtube and also read The Massacre in Realengo. If you can read Portuguese you can read about it in the post of different newspapers: O Globo, Dia, Jornal do Brasil.

  4. Not for raping and killing a ‘worthless”woman…. Islam protects men and claims Hell is filled with women. Western women deserve to be raped because they don’t cover up and they are infidels and whores … And we see more and more of these creeps everywhere we go.It makes me sick.

    • Unfortunately, so many people today literally don’t seem to know right from wrong–and that includes the police, politicians, and courts in all western countries.

      Melanie Phillips is indeed right; the world has turned upside down, right is now wrong, and wrong is right. Pity she can’t seem to see that the EDL which she loathes appears to be the only organization with any guts and/or patriotism; I mean, who else is there?

  5. He needs to be killed. End of story. They can prove he did it, he took a life in cold blood like going to the store and buying a loaf of bread. This planet does not NEED of WANT people like that living on it. He would do it again given the chance. End his life and don’t think another moment on it. I don’t care if that is “playing God” or being cruel or inhumane. I am tired of giving these people the benefit of the doubt and a second chance when they are SO EVIL. And by these people, I am talking about people who murder and do harm to other people, regardless of what religion, culture or ethnic group they are from!!

  6. I am posting this here because otherwise it will be forgotten, it did not make the national news!!, I suppose we are now just expected to accept horrific crimes like this.

    A beautiful young woman was viciously violated and murdered and a innocent man spent 6 years in prison because a musloid decided to take what he wanted..
    What worries me is that in an area with many musloids the jury’s will also be musloid, is anybody making sure they are impartial? This piece of rectal fluid still may get off, he already has escaped once before.

      • Too be fair to plod, the DNA evidence only came to light after he was arrested for another sexual assault. The story is hard to follow as its not very well reported with a couple of pages on local news.
        That is why I put it here, just another victim to be filed away under the guise of Asian rape and murder, not musloid rape and murder.. As a English Hindu we are lumped in with these savages and their crime stats are watered down using our very low compared to the average, crime levels..

  7. Contact your politicians and congratulate them for being asleep at the wheel while sub-humans have been allowed to encroach unabated. I”m sure the valiant World War 2 English defenders are rolling over in their graves at the thought of their country being given up so easily.

  8. You know what, I’m wasn’t against Islam, but after these murders I’ve become fed up like the majority of working class British people, they say its the small ‘minority’, but it’s happening time and time again and it’s always Islam related, you never hear of Christians or Sikhs etc beheading someone in public, the only people in my eyes going in the right direction are the EDL and they get slated as racist thugs, watch that and everyone will soon change their perspective, believe me
    I don’t care anymore if I get called racist etc, THIS IS BRITAIN!!
    Our country, why do they need their laws in our country? Stay in countries where that law applies, come to England, follow our rules like other religions e.g Jews, Sikhs etc, stop playing the racist card, I’m fed up and so are most people, just a matter of time until another 7/7 or 9/11 happens, then everyone will be pissed off

    • @BAlleN,

      Your not a racist. Islam is NOT a race. It is a religious and lifestyle choice.

      The accusation of racist is the Left/Muslims default rebuttal when they refuse or are in capable of providing a cogent defense or argument.

      • They play the racist card to get away with everything, There is such a two tier system that applies, when it should be the same for everyone, we’re just letting it happen and the Muslim population is increasing at a far higher rate then any other in the UK, what we going to do about?? We can’t stay silent for much longer.

  9. What a sad sad world we live in. we will never accomplish anything by writing little comments like i am now. we as a nation need to come together and decend upon our goverment and demand change. not just a few thousand but all. take the day off work bring the country to a stand still. Go by the millions and beseige your local goverment or to whitehall london and demand change. they do not take notice unless they are losing money. stand fast stand strong together we will prevail. we have facebook we have twitter we have email and text messages. if your friend cant afford the journey pay their fare but most important of al WE MUST STAND TOGETHER.

  10. Because ALL MuSlimes are like that. Those that aren’t, are frightfully ignorant of their own doctrines. Don’t you read anything on this site? Or others? They do that crap because they’re commanded to. Read your pedophile false-prophet’s books and see for yourself.

    But then again, you labeling everyone here as a Christian shows some of that anyway, because not everyone here is a Christian.

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know what Islam is about, and what it’s up to. Domination, subjugation, and annihilation. That’s all it is, and all it ever will be. Go study something, or grow a pair and leave Pisslam. Because if you remain willfully ignorant as you are, even those pedophile worshiping ragheads will kill you just as quickly as they’ll kill all of us.

  11. one day soon I promise, Sikhs, Hindu, and Christian will unite and wipe a disease from earth called Islam

  12. Brits, start arming yourselves for protection. Your government, like mine,( USA) can’t protect you against feral pigs like this. Start carrying some kind of a defensive weapon with you. As the story shows, you never know when one of these apes will go bug fuck on you folks.

  13. What we must stop doing is thinking about what they are planning and doing to us. We are thinking like helpless victims and right now we’re not even capable of protecting ourselves. What we must start doing is thinking about and planning what we are going to do to them. I learned this from Roy Kurban who, I’m sure, learned it from Churck Norris: When you’re in a fight, you don’t think or worry about what the other fighter is going to do to you. You visualize and practice over and over and over what you are going to do to the other fighter. Of course, you must know your opponent, but you don’t worry about his stuff, simply perfect yours.

  14. jesus said Love your enemy,the more we show muslim we hate them the more some individual will feel paranoid and start comiting crime,the more we do our own jihad against muslim country the more crime will be comited,we should not go to muslim land and start imppsimg oir culture on them,we should not try to divide them by shaking hand of one group and fighting other , we should stop this divide and rule policy of ours,,it is a worst cult of ours which is goong to hunt us alot in the years ahead

    • True Jesus did say love your enemy but he did say for us to stand up to evil and fight it. If we sit at home and do nothing we are as guilty as the ones that do evil. One of the 10 commandments said’s thy shall not kill. Well they are killing people on London street’s in broad daylight. Cameron said’s you have to pity them because they lived with terrorism longer than we have.

      Because someone does evil you don’t give them a pass. Because you live with evil for so long you don’t surrender to it you fight it. You don’t end up going out on the streets killing people. The bible said’s in the end times there will be a battle with good and evil. Well the battle is upon us. We have to know what we are fighting.

      We are in a battle for our souls , we have to know whats right and wrong and see it for what it is. We now are witnesses to the truth. The Bible said’s things that’s hard to understand at times. But you read it and watch the evil things going on. Like the weak among us being hurt in ways that is cruel. Like the blind not allowed in cabs because a Muslim don’t want a evil dog’s in their cab.

      Why not have a dog in the cab? A dog gives love without question but they can see evil better than man. The bible said’s in the end we will lie in peace with animals. Look at how Arab’s torture them it makes me sick to see it. But I do as a witness to evil, It was said that Jesus went in the desert for 30 days and was temped by the devil repeatedly. One thing he was temped with was if Jesus forgot his father and followed him he will give him 70 virgins. Now were have we heard that before.

      Now it said’s the Antichrist will walk among us and be known with the sign of the beast. Obama is really the most hated man not only in the US but the world. Because of this they do more to protect him than they did to any other president. Because of this his car is so armored it gets 1 mile a gallon. The secret service calls it the beast.

      I see things that happens because of his lies. Yet people don;t want to believe its him doing it. He’s going after the weak among us first like Hither did, That’s why law enforcement are taking steps to watch hospital’s nursing homes malls and schools. These sites are being hit in other country’s, 1 reason they find unarmed people and lots of them. 2ND it’s to put fear in the rest of us.

      And BMI i know I go off track at times but things I say are done at the hands of Obama . This I feel is all in his plan. Seems the people of Egypt knows this and the brotherhood said its a plot by the Jew’s and Obama behind Morsi getting kicked out. But that was taken down off their site. Why? Obama reached out to them and told them to leave it alone now.

      They are still working on Syria and Libya. But now congress needs to ask Egypt generals to turn Morsi over to us so we can find out why he sent people to Benghazi Libya to kill our people.

    • Well, once we finish eradicating islam from the face of the globe, with the assistance of our allies…that’ll put an end to it. Christians turn the other cheek…Pagans, put their fist through an attacker. You better be glad we’re around, to do what we can to keep islam from wiping out all the Genuine faiths.

  15. The Muslims cannot even get along in their own country so I guess our governments needed to open our borders for this threat and terror. Send all of them back to their own country and allow them to kill each other. Leave the Christians to their own ideals and beliefs and get our troops home where they belong instead of trying to bring peace where there never was any in the beginning. We are not trying to force our culture or way of life onto the Muslims and they should not push theirs onto us!!!! More and more people really don’t believe that they have a threat living right next door to them so until they wake up more of these crimes are going to happen because they are walking through life with blinders on!

    • I think your right they should be sent back but can’t. If you try to send them back their own country will shut the door on them and no other country will allow them in. That is the game being played because of the UN. The Arab country’s want them here. The only way to do it is put them on barges and let them go at sea heading for the middle east.

      You can’t put them on a ship because they will take over and bring the ship back. It will be a war crime to kill them so make them people without a country. This is why git-mo is full they can’t go home. That is part of their plan of world conquest get people behind our lines.

      And when you got a command-in-chief like Obama we are in deep shit. Hes stopping police from doing their job. The Arabs caught at the Boston water supply was forced by Obama to be let them go. The plan is to poison our water supply. But the truth there is a way with one bomb too ripe out an entire state . The bomb can be a very little one.

      If the Arab get a hold of this information within a week the whole United states could be ripped out. But our government new appointees don’t know this. The F.B.I was afraid the federal court building was off the Boston harbor and a missile could hit the courthouse.

      They think big I look at the problem and think small. So because of their thinking we are not safe. The court house is on a dock . Take out the pile-on they sit on its gone. With a time they are gone watching it at home on tv.

  16. The Brits will not stand up and fight, their politicians have sold them out. Untill the Brits rise up and take back their country England is lost.

  17. You got to pity this guy for killing this kid he lived with terrorism longer than we have. The judge needs to go to a mosque for 6 months before he sits in judgement. Better yet he needs to be turned over to the a Sharia court like the one that killed the 81 year old woman . He was put on a plane out of the country within a hour.

    Well I personally feel this guy needs to be turned over to the EDL they seem to be the only ones in England that knows whats going on. To be honest think prince Harry knows whats going on and if it wasn’t for the queen he would be with the EDL. But if the people of England don’t wake up they will have this type of killings every day.

  18. KennyG you say if he was a practicing Muslim, he wouldn’t be in crime to begin with? You are a lying retard. All muslims are guilty of one crime or another. How many children have you thighed or just flat out raped? Everyone on this site knows about your taqiyya as well as the true definition of jihad. Go fuck your friends at tell mama.

  19. Join the EDL!

    BARENAKEDISLAM: UK: Military and police helicopters targeted by lasers coming from Birmingham, a predominantly Muslim area…at least one attack on a police helicopter came from the open window of a mosque…

    Indigenous Brits are targeted for MURDER for the sole reason they are non-Muslim.

    UK ruling elites have allowed inhuman Muslim monsters to wage CRUEL gang-rape war against many THOUSANDS of Britain’s non-Muslim defenseless children for about 20 years; allow violent Muslims to make thousands of barbaric death threats to Tommy Robinson, his children, wife and parents. The police then threaten Tommy they will arrest him if he re-tweets the threats he receives.

    NO warnings. No arrests of Muslims for making barbaric murder threats; ENCOURAGING Muslims to INCREASE their violence against hated infidels.

    Muslims are allowed to wage laser jihad against military and police helicopters.

    One can only come to the shocking conclusion that the war that Muslims wage against the indigenous British people has the full APPROVAL of UK ruling elites. They even pay jihad seeker’s allowance to EVIL Choudary and other Muslims so that Muslims can wage war against indigenous Brits 24/7.

    THE TELEGRAPH: Muslim preacher urges followers to claim ‘Jihad Seeker’s Allowance’
    A Muslim preacher is secretly filmed urging followers to take benefits from the state to fund a holy war.
    Anjem Choudary was secretly filmed mocking non-Muslims for working in 9-5 jobs their whole lives, and told followers that some revered Islamic figures had only ever worked one or two days a year.

    “The rest of the year they were busy with jihad [holy war] and things like that,” he said. “People will say, ‘Ah, but you are not working’.

    “But the normal situation is for you to take money from the kuffar [non-believers].

    “So we take Jihad Seeker’s Allowance. You need to get support.”

    He went on to tell a 30-strong crowd: “We are going to take England — the Muslims are coming.”

    Choudary, a father-of-four, claims more than £25,000 a year in benefits,

    Join Paul Weston’s political party, Liberty GB, Britain’s last great hope!

  20. this is an islamic jihad? in what part was he doing the “jihad”, stop giving words your own definition. This is a criminal for crying out loud who should be behind bars for life, if he was a practicing Muslim he wouldn’t be in crime to begin with, but looking at this guy his the same as any normal black or white guy who would have done the crime regardless of religion.

    • It is Jihad because the pedophile worshiper drove past numerous fellow bag heads and pedo worshipers to target this young white man, I know this is because I live in Manchester and know the area well, there are numerous take aways serving halal torture meat as well as halal torture meat shops and the numerous terrorist pedo worshiping mosques some only a stones throw from each other..

      • Shanker…..have you been in your local Tesco recently?At ours we have a large halal counter and pre-packed halal meat counter………coming to a store near you soon.

    • Gee Kenny…I’ll tell that the mother of a friend of mine killed by 3 muzzies a few days ago. She was on crutches while recovering from being hit by a truck…and they made sure to call her ‘Hindu kuffar’ and other things, as well as leaving a photocoped arabic note with a pic of the jihad flag at the bottom…stapled to her body.
      But, it’s ok right…after all, ‘it’s only a few’, right?
      And who cares if non-muzzies get abused and killed–so long as NObody dares raise a hand against a muzzie, it’s all fine.

      The last muzzie that assaulted me died in hospital from injuries sustained, and the EMTs thought they were are first dealing with a high-velocity vehicular hit-and-run victim.
      So, the world’s shy one of your pwecious muzzie-wuzzies…and things are ONLY getting started.
      You wanna side with them, fine…pack for somalia, bitch, because that’s where we’ll be sending islam’s sympathizers along with the muzzies.

        • Nope, now news about it, and the police ruled it as an ‘accidental slaying’…she was beaten and stabbed, multiple deep penetrating stab wounds to the abdomen. ‘Accident’ my ass. The Cops are making like good little dhimmis and keeping it, and other murders out of the news. This, isn’t a surprise and makes me want to head over there and go all-out War on Cameron. According to witnesses who spoke to her mother, and risked arrest for doing so they spotted her, made some comments about Hindu worship of cows and such–she ignored them and then they trailed, then attacked when she didn’t rise to their bait. They called out threats to the witnesses, and ran. One was Caucasian, English accent and plainly a Brit convert to that filth. The police are saying not a word to her mother, who we’re in touch with and her mother has been ‘advised’ that it would be ‘Legally Actionable Upon’ if she speaks to the media.
          By the way STAY AWAY from mosques, maddrassas, groupings of muzzies and muzzie businesses, and DO NOT ingest anything Halal, and be careful about that last one. This isn’t a joke…

  21. I can’t help relating this to the wave of black on white crime happening in the U.S. since Obama took power. Attacks of groups and even mobs of blacks on white individuals and couples have become very common throughout the U.S. As far as I know, no whites have been murdered yet but many have been left with permanent brain damage, internal injuries and broken bones. These reports are found only on the local news and on the Web, not in the MSM, because of PC. So, in UK it’s the Muslims attacking infidels and in the U.S. it’s racist blacks against whites, soon to be augmented by Muslims against American infidels I’m sure.

  22. Disgusting and brings my blood to a boil. Obviously the savages are feeling pretty comfortable about their status as the most special class in England. Why else would they be snickering as they gleefully attack English youth? How many more of these attacks will it take before people take to the streets, Egyptian style, and force change? How sad is it that Muslim dominated Egypt has it right and can swiftly out the Brotherhood in mass numbers but the English just twiddle their thumbs and look around nervously? My heart goes out to the innocent young man and his family.

  23. In my comment about the serial murders in San Francisco during the 70s, i forgot to mention that these are called “The Zebra Murders”, in case you want to look it up. There have been many articles written about this crime.

  24. G-d rest that poor young man. Supposedly he was walking down the street because he was out looking for a job. I wonder, if the same sort of things start happening here, will anyone in the media tell the truth about what really happened? That it was Islamic jihad? Doubt it!

  25. There must be a few men left in England and they must organize vigilante groups to hit back three for one. The government has complete failed them. Let the men take inspiration from the Egyptians. Bloody well revolt!

  26. It is a sad day when, an 18 year old is paying for the mistake of people his parents age, and older. The mistake of not doing something about the muslim invasion many years ago.
    England, don’t you know, as many muzzies have been quoted saying, “if it takes a hundred years, we will wait”. muzzies will kill you off one at a time, no problem.

    BTW, above,I think that is “snickering” not “sniggering”..

  27. Let me guess, the British Police (once they arrived) arrested the Keiren family for allowing their son to walk in public places that might upset Muslims.

    • sounds about right—make excuses for the Muslim hate murders!!!! Afraid to call it what it is!!! Horrendous stories and NEEDS TO STOP!!!!!

  28. In the U.S.– never be without your carry gun. Always be alert, even when going to the mailbox.
    In England, Canada, and Austrailia, always carry a policeman and a liberal member of your government. Use the policeman for protection. Use the liberal to throw in the path of the murderous muslim.
    OH! and don’t forget to thank the liberal as you throw him or her for keeping you safe from gun violence.

  29. I guess, this is not because of Islam either. The man was forced to stab an innocent bystander because our hatred for Islam made him see infidels everywhere. He must have felt persecuted because Britain didn’t give him a big enough house and enough money to spend on drugs.

  30. Throw all Muslims back to their homeland
    Otherwise they will take the whole of Europe without war and kill all Christians and who is not a Muslim
    Europe wake up!!!

    • Rami, there will be a war against Islam in Europe in the 21st century.

      There is a silent majority of Europeans across Europe that are getting fed up.

      There will an event that will be the tipping point and a side will have to be chosen by politicians. And because politicians are mostly cowards and grasping at the public sector teet, wanting to keep their place in government, eventually they’ll wise up and back the indigenous Europeans.

  31. The idea for blacks to randomly kill white people incubated in the 70s in San Francisco, conjured up by the devil incarnate also known as Farrakhan when he created NOI (Nation of islam). Within NOI was a group called Death Angels who were taught that the white race was created by a scientist named Yakub. The NOI teachings present whites not as human beings but variously as “blue-eyed devils”, “white devils”, and “grafted snakes”. Angels, according to the system, gained their “wings” upon killing four white children and five white women, or, if they preferred, 9 white men. Upon attaining this quota, a photo of the Angel was taken with a pair of black wings affixed to his back, The photo was mounted on a board along with other successful candidates, and the board was displayed on an easel at Black Self-Help Moving and Storage in Market Street in San Francisco.
    280 white people were known to have been killed in this horror case. In 1973 there were 15 divisions of the Death Angels in California alone, but as Noi had branches all over the USA the number of murders was actually much higher because many unaccounted for murders were committed by these “Angels”. The police were stymied because there seemed to be no motive. A break in the case came when one of the “Angels”, Anthony Harris, who worked at Black Self-Help decided to spill his guts because he wanted the $30,000 reward that was offered for his family. Seven suspects were taken into custody, three were later released, four were sentenced to life in prison. NOI paid for the defence of these four.

    This is Lesson Number Ten, from the lessons the Angels had to learn:
    Why does Muhammed and any Muslim murder the devil (the white man)? What is the duty of each muslim in regard to four devils? What reward does a Muslim receive by presenting four devils at one time? Answers: Because he (the devil) is 100% widked and wll not keep or obey the laws of islam His ways and actions are like a snake of the grafted type. So Muhammed learned he could not reform the devils, so they had to be murdered. All Muslims will murder the devil because they know he is a snake and if he be allowed to live, he would sting someone else.
    Each Muslim is required to bring four devils, and by bringing and presenting four ata time his reward is a button to wear on the lapel of his coat. Also free transportation to the Holy City, Mecca, to see Brother Muhammed.

    No law enforcement or government official opted to take NOI to task, because it was registered as a religion with thousands of members and even more suppoerters. As a religion, it was protected by a battery of constitutional rights. And besides this was the heyday of the Civil Rights Movement, and then, as now, if you are black, you will never be made to account for your crimes. And so the real cause of these murders was neither addressed nor uprooted,

  32. If/When the English get tired of their children being slaughtered in broad daylight, in public, on a daily basis, they could start listening to those who tell the truth.

  33. This is not the first time, neither are these attacks called racist which they clearly are. It’s a great shame the liberals force this onto us then deny justice through the death sentence. Instead they are let out to offend again, and again.

  34. Thats funny I hadn’t heard anything about this murder till just now, so then that’s Lee Rigby, Colin Greenwood, and this guy they killed, so that’s three scores over the Muslims we have to settle.

    Here’s an instruction that’s been issued by the Muslims, a with 5 ways to prevent attacks on their community. Anjem Choudray has left out the most obvious way to prevent us attacking them, the instruction to stop going out and murdering non Muslims wasn’t considered as a way of stopping the escalation of violence so they will deserve everything that is coming to them;

    • The only reason we’ve heard about Lee Rigby’s slaughter was the terrorist’s desire to put the “religion of peace” in the glorious spotlight. Had he not posed for the cameras, shaking his blood dripping machete while giving his improvised interviews to anyone who would listen, rest assured, the UK’s traitors’ in power would do everything possible to put this murder out of the public’s scrutiny, just like the other two that practically avoided publicity. Moreover, since the victim was a on the active duty, they would classify it as highly confidential military information, that would make the cover up even more effective. So, now it’s up to terrorists whether we’ll know about their heinous crimes. If they decide to keep a low profile, all police will be dealing with would be “single episodes of violence with NO obvious motives”.

      • Too true. And they’re still trying to downplay Lee’s murder. Insisting it has nothing to do with Islam. Edinburgh’s moderate muslim community helped five of their brethren flee to Pakistan after brutally murdering a 15 year old boy. I only heard about this last year. It happened back in 2005. Yet Stephen Lawrence’s murder was national news. Guess It’s not q hate crime if the victim is white

    • Same here eie, was it covered by BNI?

      “Student stabbed in heart: Man charged with murder of “caring and quiet” teenager at bus stop”

      I don’t see the word HATE CRIME anywhere. I must check a few dictionaries; I think that term only applies to ANY action or thought perceived as a crime by mohammedans. Anyone at cair to comment?

      There certainly wasn’t any connection made to the Rigby islamist murder, why not?

      And let’s go back to 15 March 2004 for another dot in this line:

      Murder of 15 year old Scot, Kriss Donald
      Three jailed for life for race murder of schoolboy
      · Asian [MOSLEM] gang members stab 13 times and set fire to innocent youth
      · Revenge attack sparked upsurge in racial tension, but NO reprisals

      This is the MOST SICKENING story of genetic islamic vileness EVER.
      One of the reports (Michael Coren) is down. The MOHAMMEDAN CENSORS at Facebook are at it again.
      I think it was his report which said the victim was castrated, and had his eyes gouged out, and when he was bound, doused with gasoline and set on fire he was still alive. His ‘crime’? He was indigenous = white. And leftards are schtumm!

      We need some new adjectives to describe mohammedan blood-lust and fury; calling them ‘animal’ just doesn’t cut it. Eventually we will refer to the most bestial acts (but FAR WORSE than any beast does) in islamic terms like someone was ‘islamized’ or ‘mo’d’. Certainly ‘koranimals’ fits those mohammedan bastards.

    • englishmaninexile…….don’t know if you’re aware or not but there was recently a young muslim woman in Doncaster I think it was,and she was beheaded by her boyfriend,so that’s another one for you.It was in one of the tabloids here.

  35. You British People need to rise up like the Egyptian people and kick that sorry no good Moslem loving Goverment and then put them on trial for treason deport all Moslems to the shit hole country’s they came from and no more immigration from Moslem country’s.

    • Why is it when one Muslim person does something u just assume that every Muslim is this way so sick of the title there was white man that destroyed many of people time and time again and we don’t say say should destroy all christians

      • because to be a good muslim you MUST obey it ! so therefore all muslims are buying into the radical side in one way or another ! and that makes muslims bad ! your whole religion is based on conquering the world with your religion !IT SAYS KILL ALL WHO DO NOT FOLLOW THE MUSLIM WAY. and thats what they are set on doing killing christians . and all other religions and their religitard followers !

      • Who doesn’t? Cause the jihadi’s are making a good job of it if you ask me..after the imams tell them that’s what the moongod wants, of course

    • Hello , crusader king .
      I agree with you 100% , I live in San Diego Ca , and my govt. is so muslim friendly it is sickening . Like England , if we even think to insult islam , all hell breaks loose but let muslims take over an entire city I.E. Dearborn Michigan and institute sharia law and not a damn thing is said . They are infiltrating this country and England and if WE THE PEOPLE of both countries don’t start getting rid of the pandering governments we have then both of these great countries will be a foot note in history if that history is allowed .

  36. Unfortunately I have a feeling this is going to become more common. If it does I will be curious to see what England does about this kind of thing.

    • I know what they will do: what they always do to play down Muslim violence ” this has nothing to do with Islam, research shows criminals come from all ethic groups ”

      However when Muslims complain about fake threats including “bacon throwing” at their homes and mosques, the worst crime imaginable of course,far worse than stabbing or beheadings, entire police forces are mobilised to find the evil perpetrator of this heinous ” hate-Crime”
      If the EDL so much as sneeze, the entire establishment media and police come down on them !
      This is Sharia no more and no less.I have no other explanation for it.

      • Well put, the dhimmi police will no doubt deny this as a hate crime sow this scumlim up in a pigs carcass and hang it out the nearest mosque

        • Nice one. We wish ! The day that happens will be the day of victory. The end of The moon god fascist cult ‘s grip upon humanity and their Marxist lackeys. the day freedom is born through the power of the people.

          It will be the day we show these savages that civilisation rules, truth and justice rule and no room for their raping, murderous and superstitious death cult worshipping a totally absurd entity whose only task seemingly is making heavenly wine and plastic non-menstruating FGM’d virgins for his male ” martyrs ” killing and raping in his name.
          That lefties respect , defend and protect this 7 th century barbaric extreme looney cult just shows the extent of their insanity.

        • But the head of a pig (except the ears) is often wasted… and leaving bloody pig heads at Mosque-building sites have often made the local Muslims say they won’t attend so their local leaders (Imam, the rich sheikhs funding it, etc) need to find & get permitted @ a new address. It depends on the sect but this works on MOST sects.

        • yes there are more racist killings in the UK by the fascist muslim rats, who from the brainwashing from their pedophilic imams and the real instigators of this evil cult, King of Saudi Arabia. By their mismatch of Pagan Moon worship, a little bit of Judasium ( to make it look like we worship the same God) a little bit of Christianity ( so that they can always throw at us, that they too believe in Jesus, but deny him being the son of God, and that he actually faked his on crucifiction, and was replaced with a look a like…WTF) and really all islam is, the jealous rantings of a man who wanted to be like Jesus, but had to force people, by the sword, to make them see his filthy and blasphemous ways.

        • Quite the contrary, 100,000+ are dead in Syria’s civil war, which is several TIMES more murders than occurred last year in the USA and EU COMBINED.

        • of course.. because if muslims commit a crime in their country they are beheaded.. so they come to europe instead so they can do what they want. we should slit all their throats and hang them with bowels hanging out!

    • The only way to end this is for every civilized person on the planet to learn how to protect themselves and prevail in armed and unarmed combat. Only that will reverse the trend. We must awake from our collective delusional multicultural sleep about how safe we are and become something we’ve not been in at least hundreds of years, warriors, aware warriors. I’m also talking about women and children here, not just males. It is obvious that Muslims are no more than murdering scum and if we don’t deal with that reality, we will cease to exist. Purchase a firearm, learn how to use it, get a concealed carry license. Take one of those combat courses gun manufacturers teach. Go sign up at a martial arts school today; karate, tae kwon do, ju jitsu, judo, aikido, mma, krav maga, whatever. Learn how to use ancient weapons also; bo, jo, sword, chain, boken, nunchaku, tonfa, spear, etc. You think I’m kidding? I’m as serious as a Muslim knife at your throat.

    • What the NGOs is going to do about this? They know there is a problem and they do nothing about it

    • I think we can thank some known person who seems to have made this stuff escalate with the crime in the US TYVM you know who you are, could this be your son too???

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