EGYPT: Sunni Mob savagely killed Shia cleric, Hassan Shehata, and four of his followers

hqdefaultProminent Egyptian Shia cleric, Sheikh Hassan Shehata, and four of his devotees have been killed in a brutal attack carried out by Takfiri Sunni extremists in Giza Province near Cairo.

(This is why we should stay out of all Middle East conflicts. Left to their own devices, Muslims will kill off each other)

ABNA The attack was carried out on June 23rd (before the coup) when a crowd of several hundred assailants attacked Sheikh Shehata’s home and then set it on fire at the village of Abu Mussalam. Brutal scenes of the crime were posted on the internet, showing men dragging Sheikh Shehata’s bloody body on the street and beating him as the Sheikh chanted “Allahu Akbar.” Dozens of other devotees at Sheikh Shehata’s house for commemorating a Shia holy day were also injured.


Sheikh Hassan Shehata, a prominent figure in the Shi’a community, two of his siblings and a student were dragged from a house, through the streets, and killed, while dozens were injured as a result of religious intolerance by residents of Abu Mussalam, in Giza.

Bahaa Anwar, a spokesperson for the Egyptian Shi’a community, said that local residents had cheered the deaths because they believed that Egyptian Shi’as were under the influence of Iran and attempting to convert Egypt’s Sunni majority. Anwar called for human rights activists and the media to “save the lives of thousands of Muslim Shi’as.”

It is believed this incident occurred days before 30 June demonstrations on purpose, as it marks one of the “worst sectarian incidents involving Shi’a Muslims in Egypt [in recent years]. The Shi’as believe that the Muslim Brotherhood is using them as a lesson to show all Egyptian citizens what will happen to them if they oppose the regime.”

From the comments section: “While apathetic Americans living a world away may think this has little to do with them, it is well to realize that all this is a prelude to the resurrection of the caliphate—the chief goal of Sunni Islam, whether for the Muslim Brotherhood or al-Qaeda. And the caliphate exists for one ultimate purpose: to expand, until, in the words of Koran 8-39, “all religion is for Allah,” interpreted to mean, until Islamic Sharia law governs the entire world.”