Mohamed ElBaradei named Egypt’s interim prime minister

n_melvin_1egy_130706.vembedlarge456I’m pretty sure I don’t like him but can’t remember why. Probably because he was affiliated with the UN for a long time which should make Obama happy.

NBC Egypt’s National Salvation Front announced the appointment of an interim prime minister Saturday to run the country during a transition period in the wake of President Mohammed Morsi’s sudden ouster. Former United Nations nuclear agency chief Mohamed ElBaradei was scheduled to take his oath of office at 8 p.m. local time on Saturday. ElBaradei, 72, is poised to join an interim administration headed by Adly Mansour, chairman of the supreme constitutional court, who was sworn in as interim president Thursday.

A Muslim Brotherhood statement said that the movement’s leader Mohamed Badie – who appeared at a rally on Friday after his arrest was ordered earlier in the week – was calling for people to “remain in the public squares of every governorate and every city until power is restored to him [Morsi] as the rightful ruler of Egypt.”